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Get your motors running! 1% !


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Get your motors running! 1% !

  1. 1. The Following is a Presentation of analytics pertaining to the Linked-in Network. Jack W. Intrator is now a member of the top 1% for all Linked-in Views! Jack W. Intrator CPM, RAM, ARM Retail and Restaurant Leasing Specialist Franchise Development and Advisory Services /
  2. 2. Here is what you can do to increase your visibility Join The Linked-In Group The Prestige Referral Network Use this group as a forum and all your other groups to post your opportunities and availabilities If a group will not allow you to post an opportunity or decides to move your opportunity into a job post when it’s not, Leave that group like a hot potato and join a forum that will be welcoming. Use Slide share and all use opportunities, to market yourself. The Site Selection Source is another web site that I have created and we want to create action. There is another group I will highly recommend and that is the Broker List. It’s run by one of the brightest Gals in the industry Linda Day Harrison. Whatever you do, do something and keep on doing it, and again if you get push back from group leaders who won’t allow you to post or dictate how and what you must post. Leave that group and Join the Prestige Referral Network.
  3. 3. Calling all Franchisors/ Owners and Landlords! What I do works! How I do it works as well! If you would like me to represent you and make my efforts to work for you contact me! If you’re an owner and have a property and would like my help to list and market your property then give me a shout. Jack W. Intrator Retail and Restaurant Leasing Specialist MPN Realty