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Idm slideshow feb23


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Idm slideshow feb23

  1. 1. Innisfree Digital Media One Year
  2. 2. 17 Social Websites 85,815 Website Visits
  3. 3. Vanity Website Performance$67,892 in sales on referred
  4. 4. 12 Facebook Pages 22,357 Facebook Fans Total Weekly Reach as ofFans Have 7,373,999 Friends February 15th 546,100 5,242 Facebook Updates Record 7926 Customer Comments Weekly Reach 187,105 (Hampton OB)
  5. 5. Brand Audience Reach & Engagement (BARE) % of Engaged Fans BARE drives Reach. Reach drives Sales.Our fans are more engaged than Lady Gaga’s. HIR .06% Fish House .02% Hilton PB .18% Margaritaville .007% Hampton PB .13% Hilton Sandestin .014% Hampton OB .23% Oreo Cookies .008% HGI .26% Lady Gaga .015% HIX .27%
  6. 6. Facebook Engagement Strategy Talk To UsVirtual Concierge Random Acts of Fun
  7. 7. Content Production (Visual and Written)47 Blog Posts
  8. 8. Twitter Stream404 Twitter Followers 1446 Tweets Klout Score 50 Go Pensacola 23 MacQuires 14 Hilton Sandestin 23 Alabama Beaches 41 PNJ 41 Visit Pensacola 44 Hilton Brand 59
  9. 9. Stephen Levy, WiredMagazine: “The startlingtransformation of standardGoogle Search into anamplifier of social contentmeans that no matter howyou cut it brands mustparticipate in Google+.”6 Google+ Brand Pages319 People Have Us in Their Circles 1 Customer Interaction
  10. 10. Visual MerchandisingFlickr Stream Custom Channel 1989 Photos 1 VideoUploaded, Edited,Posted and Tagged5733 Photo Views
  11. 11. Claimed, Populated & Implemented Best Practices 9 Trip Advisor Pages 9 Yelp Pages 7 Google Places Pages 2 Urbanspoon Pages 8 Foursquare Accounts
  12. 12. Emergent Social Platforms Im officially addicted to Pinterest. Shit. ;)
  13. 13. Structuring an Innisfree Marketing Campaign Coordinated Creative Innovative Focused Efficient Strategic
  14. 14. Strategy is Always the Same:Reach & Post Views Differentiate with Organic Search. great guest Generate Leads. experience & fun times. Conversions. Innovate, test, Awareness. tweak and repeat. Loyalty. 3rd PartyRecommendations.
  15. 15. Random Random Presence Acts of Fun te, Test, Tw Acts of Fun on Emergent Talk ova ea Social Channels to Us nn Events I k, s: Events Rep Tactic te, Test, Tw Social ova eat nn ea Media Differentiation Virtual Deals & Fun Concierge I te, Test, Tw k, Content s: ova Rep Tactic Curation ea nn Virtual eat I k, Concierge s: Reach Social Random Rep Tactic Content Deals Acts of Fun Brand eat Creation Loyalty Strategies Content Creation Facebook Ads Facebook Contests Content Events Keyword Curation Goal te, Test, Tw Research ova ea Review Site nn Best Practices I k, s: te, Test, Tw Rep TacticTraditional ova ea SEO Organic Sell Rooms nn eat I k, s: Content Search Facebook Rep Tactic Creation Contests Brand eat Awareness te, Test, Tw Content ova ea ova te, Test, Tw Random Facebook Curation nn nn ea Acts of Fun Ads I k, Google + Google s: I k, Content s: Rep Tactic Places Rep Tactic Talk Creation eat to Us More eat New Leads Content Conversions Curation Review Site Social Media Deals Best Practices Facebook Ads Content Reservation Landing Page Content Creation Curation Efficiency Optimization Facebook Contests Website Optimization
  16. 16. End of the World Campaign
  17. 17. End of the World ROISales Sales Total Room NightsHilton Pensacola Beach $3,751.00 22Hampton Pensacola Beach $3,420.00 34Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach $12,969.00 131Hampton Orange Beach $3,960.00 43Hilton Garden Inn Orange Beach $1,918.00 21Holiday Inn Express Orange Beach $1,544.25 16Totals $27,562.25Ad Spend Spend Post Views Clicks Cost Per Click (CPC)PNJ Print Ad $468.75 39,000 0 0PNJ Digital Ad $390.00 30,000 90 $4.30Gambit Digital Ad $600.00 80,222 111 $5.40Gambit Email Blast $800.00 8,876 60 $13.33Graphic Design & Contest Management $932.00 0 0 $0.00Facebook Paid Ads $2,019.42 6,662,265 3,175 $0.64Totals $5,210.17 6,820,363 3,436
  18. 18. Food ForThought.
  19. 19. 2012 Predictions Worthy of Our AttentionSocial Media marketing will just be called marketing. Moved from growth to saturation. Dominant form of online content.
  20. 20. So Lo MoThings that make you say hmmmmm. 42% of American hotels Products like PayPal Wallet reservations were made will connect location, deals with a mobile device in and purchasing through 2011. your phone.iphone sales just surpassed 86% of Americans the global birth rate. access mobile internet while watching TV. ipad user spends 6 times more time with your content.
  21. 21. Facebook WinsSocial Commerce. You will buy Hotel chains will grapple with stuff on Facebook. social engagement on Facebook where big brand scale is a hin- Facebook data will determine drance. Last month Holiday Inn overall direction for content introduced a Facebook landing development and marketing page that directs users to campaigns. regional portals. Content marketing & customer First Facebook marketingengagement will consume 65% conference is tomorrow. Expected of brand marketing budgets. to announce Timeline page forFacebook will be primary platform. brands. Timeline will demand an increased focus on visual merchandising. thanks for liking us!
  22. 22. Find Your Female Peeps People who are most Female demographicpassionate about what is key to social you’re doing are the campaigns. They dominate new ‘influencers.’ online communities60% of Facebook users and have the most will post about your influence. product for a deal.
  23. 23. Get SmartSocial Media Wild West Engage wherever, is settled. Brands will whenever and however.start to demand smart strategy & ROI. Social data will be stored, mined, Digital content bought & sold.sharing, conversations & professional Social engagement networking will will be rewarded be vital to B2B. within traditional loyalty programs.
  24. 24. Blazing a Trail; Getting it Done Organizations with more than 500 employees: 16 full-time digital team members6 people outside the core team working part-time 8 outside contractors 24 digital properties Innisfree: 1 full-time team member 12 social media coordinators 6 management supporters 2 outside contractors 40 digital platforms
  25. 25. Right Here, Right NowEvery Website/Facebook Combination needs: Social media coordinator for 8 hours/week. Daily facebook updates. Daily Google Plus updates. Engage & respond to all comments. Content curation. Content creation; visual & written.Implement Talk to Us, Virtual Concierge & Random Acts. Help organize & host events. Keep GM’s and sales staff informed. Participate in & contribute to Basecamp discussions. Attend training sessions and strategy meetings.
  26. 26. Can be anyoneas long as they have: An instinct & passion for social media. Amazing instinct for content curation. Great communication skills. Long-term commitment to Innisfree. Access to a mac desktop computer, web cam, speakers & smart phone or tablet.
  27. 27. Sales Department Participation Each Sales Department Needs To:Facilitate digital reservations. Thoroughly review and quickly approve graphic materials.Learn to carefully track ROI from digital campaigns. Handle incidentals like sudden arrival of influencers. Participate in the creation of social media deals. Day to day support of social media coordinator. Work on generate leads with Linked In.
  28. 28. Executive, GMs, DOS: Participate in quarterly campaign strategy meeting. Define ROI goals. Support sales teams & social media coordinators.
  29. 29. Resilient Structure Five Year Vision Monitoring Content Production Display (visual and written) Ads Public Community Relations Management Marketing & Engagement Campaigns Director Content of New Media Curation SM Coordinator $$ SM SM SM $ SM Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator $ $ Coordinator $ SM $ Coordinator $ Strategy Development The Social Ark - CEO, Executive Director of Strategy, Regional Director of Operations, Property General Manager, Director of Sales Graphic Design Marketing Analyst Sales Funnel Optimization $$$ SEO/Analytics Development Manager $$ Intelligence Gathering Technical Market Development Assessment $$$ Paid Leads & per-click Conversions Reputation Advertising Management