Dell Social Media w/ Cory Edwards


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Dell Social Media w/ Cory Edwards

  1. 1. Dell’s journey to becoming asocial businessCory Edwards, Director of Social Media & Corporate ReputationTwitter: @coryedwards Global Marketing
  2. 2. Today’s Dell Our Purpose  Delivering technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow and thrive We make technology that works in service of our customers  We make the complex simple  We make the powerful easy to use  We drive out inefficiency  We deliver superior long-term value We give customers the power to do more2 Global Marketing
  3. 3. By the Numbers $56.9 billion 95% 180 total revenues Fortune 500 countries 107,000 10 million $5.2 billion small business revenue in China employees customers $1.6 billion No. 4 2 billion revenue in India pc manufacturer customer conversations/yr. $1.8 billion No. 1 120,000+ revenue in Brazil server provider systems shipped/day 60,000 No. 1 retail locations Healthcare services3
  4. 4. Market Dynamics Converged Connected Data Emerging Data Center Cloud Devices Explosion Markets Global Marketing4
  5. 5. More than 7 years of social media experienceFebruary 2006 March 2008 June 2009 DellMichael Dell asked February 2007 Accepted Solutions Global Twitter namedWhy don’t we reach out and help revenues of Altimeter IdeaStorm launched launched on Community recognized Dell the No.bloggers with tech support issues? $6.5 M A voting based site allowing Dell France begins Online with “Open 1 most customers and others to Community Outreach submit ideas for Dell. May 2008 Leadership Award social Dell Outlet achieved for Innovation and brand Execution” October 2007 $0.5M in sales via Twitter Michael Dell quoted in Business March Week 2010 December 2006 In response to Jeff Jarvis question around Dell Ratings and whether companies want to be part of the online conversation: ”My argument is you joins reviews launched January 2009 absolutely do. You can learn from them. You Sina on can improve your reaction time. And you can Dell Organizes June 2009 Weibo be a better company by listening and being into four involved in that conversation.” $2M+ Sales in December 2010 customer via Twitter China Social Media focused Listening business units Command Center launched 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 July 2006 Direct2Dell launched June 2007 2009 Social Media & Today Direct2Dell exists in Dell joined Twitter June 2008 Dell TechCenter Community English, Spanish, Norwegian, Channel University (SMaC U) Japanese and Chinese. EmployeeStorm blog Spring 2009 launched launched January 5,000 team 6 Awards for the launched Members of December Internal Blogs Launched 2008 members trained by Social Media Listening for Employees. Community 2009 Dell aligns end of year Command Center and Huffington organization Conversations Post Blog January 2007 for success StudioDell launched deployed B2B pages on November 2007 within each of Dell’s video and podcast site, with Facebook helpful tips and tricks. Eventually DellShares the new DellAugust 2006 expanding this into the YouTube launched Business unitsBlog outreach channel making sharing easier. The first investor April 2008expanded beyond relations blog by a Inside IT launched public company. Blog focused on business June 2010tech Support customers, and Cloud CAP Days launched Computing. In-person events for vocal online customers 5 Global Marketing
  6. 6. Success today…but it wasn’t always so rosy Recent Dell Awards Awards for Dell Customers Red Cross co-won the 2012 Clemson University won Dell’s was recognized for In late 2012, Dell was Dell received a 2013 Digital PR Team of the Year the 2012 Innovation in Best Use of LinkedIn by awarded an ITSMA Marketing Silver Award from The from the PR News Digital PR Education Award at the BtoB Magazine’s 2013 Excellence Award for Learning Awards for Awards for their social media InnoVision Technology Social Media Marketing Generating / Nurturing Social Media for Awards for their Social humanitarian and digital Awards. Leads and Marketing with Learning – Program of fundraising efforts. Media Listening Center. Social and Interactive Media. the Year. Past Dell Awards Dell’s social leadership cited in more than 60 books In 2011, Dell Dell’s Social Media In 2011, Dell’s Social Dell Social Media and was awarded Listening Media Listening Community was the No. 1 Social Command Center Command Center recognized by the Brand on the won the 2011 was presented with Society for new Social Brands Innovation Communications the Forrester 100 List. Research for the 2011 Award from Cebit Groundswell Award Best Social CRM Australia. Strategy. Global Marketing
  7. 7. “The social webamplifies ouropportunity to listenand learn and investourselves in two-waydialogue, enabling usto become a bettercompany with moreto offer the peoplewho depend on us.” – Michael Dell Global Marketing
  8. 8. Do your favorite businesses listen to you?8 Confidential Global Marketing
  9. 9. Understanding is the new listening Does your organization have a handle on the hundreds or thousands of conversations about it each day?9 Confidential Global Marketing
  10. 10. the perfect storm Dell hell Laptop fire Battery recall Global Marketing
  11. 11. Social media: Gasoline or water during a cr11 Confidential Global Marketing
  12. 12. Dell Hell2005 Timeline August 16, 2005 University of July 11, 2005 Michigan study BusinessWeek, Dell responds Computerworld, on Dell’s and give Jarvis and countlessJune 21, 2005 customer service otherMedia consultant refund ratings publications and& blogger Jeff blogs cover theJarvis chronicles ACSI scores drop experiencehis significantlyexperiences withDell products &supportHe reports everyconversation forweeks Global Marketing
  13. 13. Dell: global battery recall2006 Timeline August 24 August 15 Apple becomes the Dell Comms outreach second company to blogs reacting to to issue a battery Dell’s recall news recall—10 days begins after Dell August 14 • 11 additional Dell Mobile Exec Alex • Outreach efforts companies issued Gruzen announces the resulted in hundreds recalls weeks and worldwide battery recall of posts linking months later of 4.1 million Sony customers back to batteries in a the Dell Battery Direct2Dell post timed Recall site and theJuly 13 with the press release Battery Recall sectionLionel Post got 90,000 views, of Direct2Dell thatMenchaca initial media reaction centralized all theblogs was negative battery recall-about the related postsFlamingNotebookin Osaka Global Marketing
  14. 14. Dell laptop explodes in flames Our fabric• June 21, 2006 is changing – A Dell laptop suddenly bursts into flames at a conference in Japan – Gizmodo, Engadget other report and share pictures – During the next few days other reports (many false) surface – Didn’t matter that we had recalled them – No one seemed to report that Apple & Dell both had these batteries• But this time we responded differently – Leveraged the web and social media – Relied heavily on customers to help us better understand the situation – Set up a site focused on this and blogged extensively about how it happened (blow by blow) and what to do.14 Confidential Global Marketing
  15. 15. Listening to become a better business Listening to become a better business15 Confidential Global Marketing
  16. 16. From monitoring to listening to understanding Understanding is Listening 2.0 2007: 4000 posts per day about Dell2013: 25,000 posts per day about Dell…in English Global Marketing
  17. 17. Customers inneed are criticalopportunitiesSocial Mediagives them voice& for your 41% Demoter to Promoterbusiness… Conversionopportunities17 Global Marketing
  18. 18. Social Reputation Management Emotional 1 Financial Products Workplace Leadership Confidential CSR Appeal 8 Perform. and Services Environ. Social media impact across all drivers Global Marketing
  19. 19. Early warning system for hot issues SUMMARYWhen Dells Black Friday deals went live, the key deal from Dells offerings (the $299 Inspiron) did not appear on the COMMENT TWITTER Black Friday page and wasnt listed on the TIMEFRAME POSTS holiday laptop sales when they went live. S REACH Customers had to go to the PC 256 32 doorbusters page. Within minutes of the From 11/22/2012 to 62,819 sales going live, went down and 1.2% of 2.1% of 11/23/2012 <1% of total customers were left seeing server down total total pages. Customers have been lighting up Dell online with extremely negative mentions.​ SAMPLES “@Dell very big fail on Black Friday sale servers down 14 z no chance of buying it no chat available FAIL” @famousmormons “RT @buffyjhamilton Well, so far my online "doorbusters" of the last 24 hours with @Macys and @Dell have been a big fat fail. #customernoservice #sadface” @buffyjhamilton “what a horrible dell site today. The server was unavailable to purchase the laptop. what shame??” Raji Nalam on Facebook “RT @kkozlen : Trying to get the @Dell 14z but their site Marketingmuch down. Global is pretty #DellDisaster” @kkozlen “Come on Dell get your site working. All
  20. 20. 20 Confidential Global Marketing
  21. 21. Customers and businesses are in this together…21 Global Marketing
  22. 22. … and employees are your company’s rock stars22 Global Marketing
  23. 23. Social Media &Community University Principles Policy Governance Training, Certification & Tools Global Marketing
  24. 24. Creativeapproaches toenhancing youronline reputation Global Marketing
  25. 25. Building an Online Influencer Relations Program1. Influencer identification2. Map target influencers to a continuum3. Identify & enable your SMEs to engage online (alerts)4. Create campaigns or programs that aim to move influencers through each phase – Online relationships only go so far…5. Benchmark progress EMOTIONALAWARENESS CREDIBILITY LOYALTY ADVOCACY CONNECTION Global Marketing
  26. 26. Mapping programs to influencer progression Rockstars Program Customer Spotlight Events Social Think Tanks CAP Reunions EMOTIONALAWARENESS CREDIBILITY LOYALTY ADVOCACY CONNECTION CAP Days Dell Debates Dell Insiders (Dellegates) Influencer Days (DAAC, etc.)26 Confidential Global Marketing
  27. 27. Dell’s CAP Days & Social Think Tanks Outside In Inside OutCustomer Customer Influencer InfluencerFeedback Feedback Dialogue DialogueCustomer Customer Influencer InfluencerFeedback Feedback Dialogue DialogueCustomers giving feedback on Dell’s business Dell facilitating topic-based discussions & brainstorms with influencers not customers Global Marketing
  28. 28. Taking online relationships off-line & in-person Global Marketing
  29. 29. Growth of CAP Days & Social Think Tanks 2013: 8 Events so far 2012: 20 Events 2011: 5 Events2010: 2 Events 29 Confidential Global Marketing
  30. 30. Creating advocates 30 Global Marketing
  31. 31. Ongoing Relationship Management• Monthly e-mail updates to attendees / stakeholders with progress against feedback• Buddy-system between attendees and Dell attendees – One-on-one communications via twitter & e-mail – Identifying ongoing opportunities to partner (guest blogs on Direct2Dell & The power to do more site, ongoing sharing of positive company news)• Reunion Events31 Global Marketing
  32. 32. Back to the beginning32 Confidential Global Marketing
  33. 33. Thank you Global Marketing