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Your Dental Marketing, Clinically Delivered


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A step by step guide around what private dentist owners can do to increase the number of enquiries they see through their websites. This covers buyer personas, search engine targeting & email marketing automation.

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Your Dental Marketing, Clinically Delivered

  1. 1. Your Dental Marketing, Clinically Delivered. How to double your online enquiries through effective marketing > Dental Marketing Professionals.
  2. 2. Building trust online is key to adding value to your site visitors and turning them into customers… Your future customers will only buy from people they trust! > Dental Marketing Professionals.
  3. 3. Google now measures your efforts to do this, including: Your number of page views, time spent in your site, enquires & bounce rates! > Dental Marketing Professionals.
  4. 4. > So how can I improve this? We wanted to give some tips which will improve the response through your site. > Dental Marketing Professionals.
  5. 5. 1) Understand who you’re targeting. To build trust with your site visitors you need to provide them with the information they’re looking for, in a clear and concise way. Helping your potential customers through your site content like how to videos or FAQs you can show them your industry knowledge and credibility. Creating Buyer Personas or a breakdown of your target audience allows you to understand the ‘who’ behind clicks on your site and social media traffic. (We’ve created a couple of example personas on the next page) What are my site visitors interested in? e.g. Dental implants information & bookings Where else can they read about this online? e.g. Health websites, news pages, competitors What questions are they asking? e.g. Timescales, costs & benefits How do we tell them this information? e.g Blogs, Newsletters & Video
  6. 6. Persona 1: Aspiring professional with disposable income Jenny is a professional, in her early 30s, interested in fashion & frequently on social media Key buying signals: Quality of results Timescale for completion Interest in specific brands e.g. Invisalign Persona 2: Young family with limited budget Sarah is head of a young family & in her late 20’s. She spends her limited time online reading family information Key buying signals: Finance/payment options Safety of treatment How long results last for
  7. 7. 2) Focus on growth. Google My Business (also known as Google Maps, Local or Places) is the first starting point for your practice if you’re not already using this free service. All you need to do is provide your company name, details and address then Google will post you a verification code. If you have your Google My Business pages set up then there’s loads you can do direct which increases your rankings against the map and in page 1 of Google. These include: Fully update company information Structure company info with mark ups in your site Frequently add new pictures and videos Encourage customer reviews
  8. 8. As you can see below these activities have a great result on page 1 of Google for a generic keywords with strong competition. Local citations are also essential in achieving this and wider organic search results. Therefore something we strongly recommend to see traffic growth. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  9. 9. When these tactics are adopted then you can see the impact this has across the local region and further, currently at the top of the natural list (after ads in yellow).
  10. 10. 3) Converting visitors. Focusing on turning your traffic into enquiries has to be amongst the most important aspects in your digital strategy. We wanted to give you an effective landing page structure which you can bring into your site to help achieve this goal with your traffic: 1) Your Unique Selling Point (USP) 2) Aspirational image or video 3) Key benefits on offer 4) Social proof like testimonials or reviews 5) A single conversion goal or route to the next phase of enquiry 1 2 5 3 4 4
  11. 11. 4) Speak to your customers. From the customers first visit to your site, research to making a booking could be 6 months and numerous visits to your site and your competitors. Ensuring that your brand is at the forefront of their mind is key to getting that booking! You should be emailing them a range of ongoing information to keep them feeling loved and in touch. This way when its time to take up a treatment you’re one of the main contenders. Email 1: Welcome email Email 2: Facts on dental implants Email 3: Special offers on implants Email 4: Implant aftercare Email 5: Review & feedback Email 6: Extra special offers
  12. 12. 5) Keep speaking to your customers. This process can be automated through a range of professional tools which start from free of charge, depending on your number of customers. This is known as remarketing or email automation. Mailchimp is the most cost effective option starting from free of charge. It allows you to automate emails so you can automatically send appointment reminders. You can also send a range of marketing emails. Infusionsoft provides all of the key features about around automating emails, with additional features allowing you to use it to manage your client relationships as a CRM database and create contact forms to grow your email marketing list. Hubspot is a professional solution which offer the full range of benefits associated with a top level marketing automation platform. This does all of the email tasks above and also shows you exactly who is reading emails and other site content. It is more in depth but also more expensive.
  13. 13. The results… We’ve done this for many dental practices across the UK. We wanted to show you what’s achievable to provide some motivation to get started on your strategy! Traffic has almost doubled June 2014-2015 600% increase on monthly web enquiries monthly
  14. 14. > Need help getting this going? Jack Dotchin Digital Strategist 0151 426 9977 > Dental Marketing Professionals.