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How to analyse a film


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Published in: Education
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How to analyse a film

  1. 1. How to Analyse a Film When analysing film there are two methods that can be used; genre theory and auteur theory. Most analysts group films into genres such as comedy, horror and action and then look at the codes and conventions of this style of film. The codes and conventions are different for each genre for example a teen comedy would usually be set in a high school and include parties and themes of growing up whereas a horror would often be set in an haunted house and include props such as knives. Some movies do not follow codes and conventions and are usually directed by an auteur director; this means their productions are less conventional and he challenges accepted genre conventions. By breaking conventions the films often attract a cult audience instead of the wider audience that conventional films attract. The films that I am going to compare are Quantum of Solace and Leon. Leon is directed by Luc Besson who is an auteur director, unlike the film Quantum of Solace which is directed by Marc Foster. There are some clear differences in themes between the two films including product placement, in The Quantum of Solace you see lots of branding such as Aston Martin and Audi cars as well as Omega watches and Sony Vaio laptops. It is rare to see product placement in auteur movies as the brand could be damaged, for example if Napoleon Dynamite was to drive an Aston Martin in the film the brand would be recognized for this but not from the intended audience of the brand. Conventional crime/action films portray the protagonist to be smartly dressed and smooth talking as you see in Quantum of Solace, Leon however is not like this as an auteur director doesn’t follow conventions. In the James Bond saga he has a signature drink; vodka martini, shaken not stirred whereas Leon chooses to drink milk throughout the film. Another distinct difference is the setting; Leon is set in a lower class part of New York, mostly in small apartments or rooms whereas Quantum of Solace has much more interesting settings. James Bond films are often filmed in luxurious locations like Sienna, Italy or huge casinos which is why the protagonist dresses smart and drives expensive cars to further appeal visually to the audience. Unlike James Bond, Leon does not wear smart clothes or drive nice cars, he wears the same clothes throughout the film as well as an old looking beanie hat and circular sunglasses which are iconic to the film. At no point in the film do we see Leon driving a car; he walks everywhere which suggests he doesn’t travel much. The representation of females is very different in these films, Quantum of Solace and most other conventional films from this genre use beautiful women that get close to the main protagonist and often fall in love with him or die trying to help him, again this is visually appealing for the audience. In Leon the only female representation is a young girl; Mathilda, which is very uncommon, throughout the film we learn that Mathilda is in love with Leon which is conventional of this genre of films but the age of the girl gives a strange mood and creates an on- going wonder for the audience about what will happen between them.
  2. 2. Pulp fiction Whilst viewing the film use your genre analysis sheets, considering the genre of crime thriller mainly character. We also need to consider narrative conventions in pulp fiction and how these are broken, towards establishing how tarantino can be classed as an auteur director.