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  1. 1. Storyboard
  2. 2. Black screen The voice of a male can be heard in the background – “Have a good night?”
  3. 3. Cut to a shot of the woods with a couple walking together
  4. 4. … the girl then says… Where are we?... Where is the tent?... Where is everyone?! We should probably get back to the tent The boy says…
  5. 5. THIS YEAR Beat of a drum!
  6. 6. A shot of a tree… … then a lifeless face pokes around the corner of the tree
  7. 7. Where are we? I want to go home! New shot of the couple next to a tree Slow, scary music playing in background (Violin solo preferable)
  8. 8. The lifeless person looks out from behind the tree
  9. 9. Black screen Scared girl saying “It’s them – It’s our friends”
  10. 10. Music speeds up, more bass, more drums A chase scene between the main couple and the rest of the lifeless friends following
  11. 11. The girl falls over The couple call for each other in two different shots EDWARD?! AMY?!
  12. 12. Close-up shot of Amy’s face as she breathes heavily Then zoom out to show zombified friends standing behind her Zooming out…
  13. 13. Shot of Amy meeting a member of the group that we have not seen before. Music starts again, slow beat.
  14. 14. He says… Help me. Help. Me. Hellllp… mm. mm. meeeee Aarrhghghghgh! Before falling to the ground… Music is a slow beat getting faster
  15. 15. Then getting back up to reveal he has transformed into a lifeless being The beat gets faster and faster – A big loud long note is played when the lifeless person is revealed
  16. 16. BIDDULPH The title of my movie is shown with a black background A loud singular drum beat is heard – This fades into a single note of music that fades out as the title does
  17. 17. New shot. No music. Shot of a character we have not seen before (A male character) is seen urinating on a tree. The camera approaches him… Slowly When the shot is a close up of his head and shoulders, the viewer sees a hand extended to touch the persons shoulder. The persons face is not seen for ‘scary’ reasons – This puts the viewer in the role of the character
  18. 18. As soon as the hand touches the persons shoulder, the screen again cuts to black (With only the text “Not shown in 3D” – No music. This is the last part of the trailer… Not shown in 3D