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School Magazine, Front Cover Stages


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Published in: Business, Technology
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School Magazine, Front Cover Stages

  1. 1. School Magazine, front cover By Jack Barlow
  2. 2. Stage one Stage one was choosing what border I would use for the final product
  3. 3. Stage two I chose a picture to put on the front cover and then put the border around it and cropped anything from the border that did not need to be there
  4. 4. Stage three For stage three I did the basic writing for the next layer of the magazine, this included adding a masthead and a headline of a chosen topic. Note: the fonts I have used are custom
  5. 5. Stage four The next stage was similar, I added an effect (tilt) to the headline, and added another headline for the picture I have used as the background
  6. 6. Stage five For this stage, I added more text at the bottom and moved the headline at the top so it is not right at the side of the page