Tourism and Hospitality


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Tourism and Hospitality

  1. 1. Journals Tourism and Hospitality Journals pages 226-228 Books page 229 International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research Advances in Hospitality and Leisure International Journal of Event and Festival Management Tourism Social Science Series Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology Tourism Review Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes
  2. 2. Journals Tourism and Hospitality Journals International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management ISSN 0959-6119 Volume 21 Number 1 2009 The International Journal of Contemporary • IJCHM is consistently ranked in the top ten International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM) aims to journals in the Emerald Fulltext database in terms Hospitality Management communicate the latest developments and of usage. thinking on the management of hospitality • IJCHM actively encourages and supports the operations world-wide. A multidisciplinary publication of work by first-time authors. journal, it covers issues relevant to operations, Sample articles marketing, finance and personnel and ISSN: 0959-6119 Online distribution strategies and competition: encourages an interchange between hospitality are the global hotel companies getting it right? Volume: 22 managers, educators and researchers. Gabriel Gazzoli, Institut Hotelier César Ritz, Print Issues: 7 Combining innovative international academic Le Bouveret, Switzerland, Woo Gon Kim, International Internet Issues: 7 thinking with practical examples of industry best Center for Hospitality Research, Florida State Online archive practice, IJCHM provides information and ideas University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA and Radesh Abstracts 1989 - date for those seeking to raise standards. Palakurthi, School of Hotel and Restaurant Full text 1994 - date Administration, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Coverage includes: Oklahoma, USA Editor Annual review of trends; applied research; effective Vol. 20 No. 4, 2008 marketing; hospitality methodology; management Dr Fevzi Okumus Hospitality workplace problems and poor styles, methods and principles; techniques and University of Central Florida, training: a close relationship USA innovations; and strategic management. Jill Poulston, School of Hospitality and Tourism, AUT Benefits and features University, Auckland, New Zealand • IJCHM is regarded as a leading journal in the field Vol. 20 No. 4, 2008 by key figures within the hospitality industry. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research ISSN 1750-6182 Volume 3 Number 1 2009 The International Journal of Culture, Tourism and • IJCTHR integrates multidisciplinary perspectives in International Journal of Culture, Tourism Hospitality Research (IJCTHR) focuses on describing, explaining, predicting, and influencing and Hospitality Research building bridges between theory, research and tourism and hospitality behaviour within and Published in association with practice across the interrelated fields of culture, across cultures. tourism and hospitality. International in scope Sample articles and grounded in “theory-into-practice”, the Going where the Joneses go: understanding how journal seeks to provide breadth, depth, others influence travel decision making ISSN: 1750-6182 provocation and passion in reporting the Russell R. Currie and Franz Wesley, University of Volume: 4 nuances of humans’ lived experiences relating to British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada and Paul Print Issues: 4 culture, tourism and hospitality. Sutherland, King’s Christian School, Salmon Arm, Internet Issues: 4 Canada Coverage includes: Online archive Vol. 2 No. 1, 2008 Tourist culture and behaviour; marketing practices in Abstracts 2007 - date Examining the dimensions of a lifestyle tourism Full text 2007 - date tourism and hospitality, and how these relate to destination cultures; consumer behaviour and trends in tourism Michael J. Gross, Chris Brien and Graham Brown, and hospitality; destination culture and destination Editor University of South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia marketing; and international tourism and hospitality. Professor Arch Woodside Vol. 2 No. 1, 2008 Boston College, USA Benefits and features • IJCTHR is the only journal to link explicitly the three connected disciplines of tourism, hospitality, and culture, edited by a leading figure. • IJCTHR makes explicit links between theory and good practice, exploiting useful marketing analysis, trends and practices for successful tourism and hospitality strategies. 226
  3. 3. Tourism and Hospitality Journals International Journal of Event and Festival Management Journals ISSN 1758-2954 Volume 1 Number 1 2010 The International Journal of Event and Festival Coverage includes: International Journal of Event and Festival Management (IJEFM) provides a forum for Event Marketing; Event Planning and Design; Event researchers and practitioners to discuss, analyse Management Logistics; Event Evaluation; Strategic Management and shape the event and festival industry. The and Creative Leadership; Sponsorship and event industry is a rapidly growing segment of Fundraising; Volunteer and Human Resource virtually every sector of society. Events are part Management; Event Professionalism; Event of public, not-for-profit, charitable, private, and Innovations; Event Programming; Event Risk ISSN: 1785-2954 corporate sectors. This industry is being used as Management; Financial Management of Events; Volume: 1 a way of stimulating economies, increasing Clients and Concepts; Business Relations; Print Issues: 3 tourism, developing community awareness, Conferences; Public Relations; Festivals; Internet Issues: 3 increasing public involvement and generating Conventions. Online archive revenue. The journal seeks to advance Benefits and features Abstracts 2010 - date knowledge in the field of events and to enhance • Each issue contains a section that provides Full text 2010 - date the uptake of such knowledge by academics and practical perspectives on the articles published. practitioners in the field. Editor • Reviews of event tools and software rather than more traditional book reviews. Professor Leo Jago Victoria University, Australia 10 ch 20 w Laun Ne Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology ISSN 1757-9880 Volume 1 Number 1 2010 Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology and tourism; IT control and preparation for disaster; Journal of Hospitality and (JHTT) serves as a scholastic platform in the IT in medical tourism and travel; Virtual reality Tourism Technology fields of Hospitality Information Technology and applications; Word of Mouth: Social Web, Consumer- E-Business. It seeks to serve as a bridge Generated Media; Technology and Law: Copyright, between academia and industry through Brand Protection; Global Positions Systems (GPS); intellectual exchange of ideas, trends and Biometric applications; Business intelligence visualization; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) paradigmatic changes under way in the two ISSN: 1757-9880 important and related domains that it addresses. applications; Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) of business systems; Space Hospitality; Technology in Volume: 1 Coverage includes: New Product Development. Print Issues: 3 Internet Issues: 3 E-Marketplaces, electronic distribution channels; Benefits and features Internet or m-commerce business models; Self- Online archive service technologies; E-Procurement in supply chain • JHTT is the only journal dedicated solely to Abstracts 2010 - date research in technology and e-business in tourism management; Social dynamics of communication on Full text 2010 - date and hospitality and tourism. the Internet; Relationship Development and Retention: CRM, E-mail Marketing, Personalization; • JHTT promises quick reviews and publication of Editor Electronic governance; Security of transactions and articles, essential in a field that is always in a state Dr Cihan Cobanoglu information; Mobile/Wireless technologies; Terrorism of flux and change. University of Delaware, USA ch un La 10 w Ne 20 227
  4. 4. Journals Tourism and Hospitality Journals Tourism Review ISSN 1660-5373 Volume 64 Number 1 2009 Tourism Review (TR) aims to contribute to a • TR further aims to link the world of scholars and Tourism Review deeper understanding of tourism as an practitioners together by providing an insight into interdisciplinary phenomenon and to pressing issues in one or both of these worlds. The official journal of the AIEST provide insights into developments, issues and Sample articles methods in tourism research. As the official 4L tourism (landscape, leisure, learning, and journal of the International Association of limit): responding to new motivations and Scientific Experts in Tourism (AIEST), it promotes expectations of tourists to improve the ISSN: 1660-5373 an exchange of scientific concepts and research competitiveness of Alpine destinations in a Volume: 65 findings across different cultures and language sustainable way Print Issues: 4 barriers. The journal is targeted at a broad Mariangela Franch, Umberto Martini, Federica Buffa, Internet Issues: 4 audience including scientists as well as Department of Computer and Management Sciences, Online archive policymakers and managers. Faculty of Economics, University of Trento, Trento, Italy Abstracts 1946 - date and Gerardine Parisi, eTourism Research Group, Coverage includes: Faculty of Economics, University of Verona, Trento, Full text 2007 - date Aspects of tourism demand (consumer behaviour) Italy Editors and its development in a socio-economic context; Vol. 63 No. 1, 2008 managing and marketing tourism products and Destination networks and induced tourism image Professor Dr Christian services in a destination network with its social, Raquel Camprubí, Jaume Guia and Jordi Comas, Laesser and Professor ecological and economic interrelations; and markets Management & Product Design Department (OGEDP), Dr Thomas Bieger University of St Gallen, and their institutions in transition. Faculty of Tourism, University of Girona, Girona, Spain Switzerland Benefits and features Vol. 63 No. 2, 2008 • TR is edited by two highly-respected Editors based in a leading institution, within the hospitality and tourism fields. • As the official journal of AIEST, TR seeks to prompt discussion across disciplines and research The official journal of AIEST streams on a global level. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes ISSN 1755-4217 Volume 1 Number 1 2009 Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes Benefits and features Worldwide Hospitality (WHATT) provides thematic reviews of the major • WHATT takes a considered look at how academic and Tourism Themes challenges facing the tourism and hospitality analysis might assist practitioners in a meaningful industry today. Combining empirical data with way. secondary research and views of senior • Each issue is themed and addresses a significant practitioners in the field, each issue will provide hospitality/tourism challenge. practical solutions to challenges faced by the ISSN: 1755-4217 • The outcome from each theme issue is practical industry world-wide. and implementable. Volume: 2 Each thematic issue contains: • The journal makes a practical contribution to the Print Issues: 5 Internet Issues: 5 Answers to a strategic challenge facing the tourism sustainable development of the world-wide and hospitality industry, via empirical research hospitality and tourism industry. Online archive articles; a summary of relevant literature on the Abstracts 2009 - date Example theme issues: theme; discussion/“thought pieces” with practitioners Full text 2009 - date What are the contemporary human resource responsible for dealing with the specific industry challenge; and implementable and practical issues for talent management in hospitality and Editor management action. tourism? Dr Richard Teare International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Global University for Lifelong Examples of themes relevant to the journal Management (A WHATT special issue) Learning, UK include: Vol. 20 No. 7, 2008 Human resource development in hospitality and What contribution will hospitality and tourism tourism; tourism development; hospitality trends; make in securing sustainable economic growth in travel and tourism marketing; sustainable India? development and international tourism; management, Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes service improvement and business performance in Vol. 1 No. 1, 2009 tourism and hospitality; climate change and the 09 nch tourism industry; and talent management in the 20 ent Lau hospitality sector. c Re 228
  5. 5. Tourism and Hospitality Books Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research Books ISSN: 1871-3173 Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Coverage includes: Research (ACTHR) broadly seeks to increase The series focuses on examining individuals’ and understanding and description of human households’ lived experiences and their cultural behavior, conscious and unconscious and personal antecedents and consequences. The meaning, and implicit/explicit decision objective of the series is to promote synergies processes applied to living and making major among culture, work, leisure, tourism, and and everyday choices – from where to live, hospitality scholars. Series Editor how culture affects thinking and actions; Benefits and features Professor Arch Woodside marriage, children; work choices and behavior; • Most papers appearing in ACTHR offer Boston College, USA leisure pursuits; holiday destination; travel advances both in theory and in empirical behavior; making trade-offs among work, play, evidence through empirical reports which sleeping, and necessity behaviours; deciding, include interpretive, positivistic, or mixed using, and evaluating short- and long-term research designs. accommodations; decisions and behaviours regarding assisted living and death. Part of the Business, Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection Advances in Hospitality and Leisure ISSN: 1745-3542 Advances in Hospitality and Leisure (AHL) Coverage includes: publishes annually and seeks to deliver Since its début in 2004, AHL has published a refreshing insights from a host of scientific variety of conceptual and empirical articles investigations pertaining to hospitality, contributed by tourism, leisure and hospitality leisure and tourism, while rendering an scholars across 14 countries. The themes of academic forum to stimulate discussion on those research papers cover a broad range of current literature, contemporary issues and issues such as consumer behaviors, economic Series Editor emerging trends essential to theory impacts, environmental impact, human resource advancement as well as professional management, marketing, natural disaster, pricing Professor Joseph Chen Indiana University, Bloomington, USA practices from a global perspective. Its main strategy, product development, risk management, focus is to divulge the innovative methods of service quality and terrorism. inquiry so as to inspire new research topics Benefits and features that are vital and have been largely neglected. • All papers submitted for publication undergo peer review. Part of the Business, Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection Tourism Social Science Series ISSN: 1571-5043 The books in this Tourism Social Science Coverage includes: Series are intended to systematically and It further aspires to assure each theme a depth cumulatively contribute to the formation, of coverage only possible in book-length embodiment, and advancement of knowledge academic treatment. Each volume in the series is in the field of tourism. intended to deal with a particular aspect of this The series’ disciplinary framework and increasingly important subject, thus to play a treatment of tourism include application of definitive role in enlarging and strengthening the Series Editor theoretical, methodological, and substantive foundation of knowledge in the field of tourism and consequently expand its frontiers into the Professor Jafar Jafari contributions from such fields as University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA new research and scholarship horizons ahead. anthropology, business administration, ecology, economics, geography, history, Benefits and features hospitality, leisure, planning, political science, • The series significantly favours state-of-the-art psychology, recreation, religion, sociology presentations and works featuring new and transportation. directions. 229