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strategic consulting services

  1. 1. strategic consulting services Defining and solving complex business the marketplace including: problems is a vital step in improving • Business case analysis, gap analysis, process organizational efficiency, increasing customer reengineering and competitive intelligence service and reducing costs. The LPS Strategic • Real-world credibility and operational Consulting Services (SCS) team is a solutions- experience based customer support organization that helps • Deep industry expertise in program not only to define, but also solve, complex management and systems integrations business problems, helping mortgage bankers • Proven ability to assist servicers with today’s Strategic Consulting maintain profitability and mitigate risk. Making Home Affordable (MHA) challenges Services is comprised of three main practices: The SCS group is comprised of multi- Included in each engagement, consultants • Mortgage Servicing disciplined subject matter consultants, each can provide staff augmentation to supplement and Default with more than 20 years experience in your current resources; strategic consulting • Origination Services management and operations with some of the to improve process efficiencies; program and and Solutions nation’s top lenders and servicers, as well as project management to ensure on-time and on- • Strategic Analytics Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). budget completions; and system integration to optimize technology solutions. Examples LPS is one of the largest providers of of services SCS supports include: technology, processing, data and outsourced • Vendor management services to financial institutions across the • GSE and portfolio investor compliance nation. The SCS consultants help mortgage reviews companies design and implement solutions to • Operational assessments business problems by combining LPS products • Proven ability to assist servicers with today’s and services in a meaningful way for the most ever-changing regulatory environment effective results. Regardless of your particular need, LPS can Strategic Consulting Services is comprised of design a specific solution for you. three main practices: • Mortgage Servicing and Default Practice Vendor Management • Origination Services and Solutions Practice LPS’ SCS provides multi-faceted solutions • Strategic Analytics Practice including the oversight or establishment of a vendor management program covering the Mortgage Servicing and vendor selection process, risk management Default Practice tracking, business process definition, onboarding of vendors and management reporting. LPS Strategic Consultants partner with you to review the current industry environment, SCS also partners with many industry- as well as your internal business environment, leading vendors to provide a full against best practices to identify needs, and scope of supplemental resources then recommend both immediate actions and to help mortgage bankers long-term solutions. The SCS team is well optimize their operations. positioned to provide a differentiation point in LPS takes great care March 2010 • SC04
  2. 2. in selecting vendor partners, and performs a recommendations that may be considered comprehensive due diligence risk review prior for operational improvement to approving them for partnership. • Review best practices, including streamlined process flow as well as mortgage banking Compliance Reviews business efficiencies Consultants will develop quality control (QC) • Assist in the implementation of MHA programs spanning all investor types, which processes and technology achieve the following: • Perform an evaluation of client’s current Origination Services and servicing QC programs and provide Solutions Practice recommendations to develop a robust, sustainable QC program for the servicing SCS performs best practice and business and default operations consulting reviews for originators. Origination • Develop methodology for creating action Services are focused on assisting lenders with plans for identified findings prioritized by business process reengineering designed toward levels of risk exposure implementing automated tools to eliminate • Develop processes for implementing action manual or paper-intensive processes common plans to clear findings with originations. LPS’ consulting services can • Create MHA process compliance reviews help improve a lender’s business performance in that include recommendations and a number of ways: assistance with implementation • Identify and prioritize opportunities to reduce costs and increase performance with Operational Assessments operational assessments. LPS consultants LPS consultants will review procedures and can manage the process of integrating these provide best practices recommendations. changes for you, or assist your staff to ensure Consultants will perform the following as a successful implementation part of an operational assessment: • Ensure your team is organized appropriately • Review operational goals to ensure to achieve your business objectives with alignment with high-level corporate goals organization alignment reviews • Ensure operations are structured to be • Minimize portfolio runoff and retain high- successful within the current economic quality customers with portfolio retention environment strategies • Ensure credit losses are minimized by offering • Augment your staff with fulfillment partners all possible and available workout options managed by SCS • Perform a technology review to assess the • Keep up with the MHA refinance changes use of technology to increase productivity with LPS’ RediRefi, designed to assist and lower costs lenders with this program • Provide a detailed report of findings which • Identify process change business can serve as an actionable plan, including requirements and technical requirements a risk assessment as well as specific for process redesign.
  3. 3. Strategic Analytics Practice LPS Strategic Analytics Consultants to existing models or propose new models to have extensive experience in designing replace underperforming tools. At this point, and implementing modeling strategies in LPS consultants can apply the most predictive servicing organizations and can apply proven modeling available to your portfolio and devise methodologies and analytics, to supplement the strategies to target your biggest pain points. current analytics/modeling capabilities in your organization today. Turning Analytics into Actionable Intelligence SCS can complete this review as a one-time Once you have predictive analytics in place, you engagement and/or as an ongoing periodic can begin leveraging this intelligence to improve review of champion/challenger strategies. your business processes and strategies to offer Each client has unique needs and goals so limitless opportunities. LPS customizes the solution to meet your unique needs. Reporting Assessments The Strategic Analytics Practice offers a Applying Analytics reporting assessment where consultants will For lenders and servicers that do not have examine a client’s current reports and identify analytics or an analytics team, LPS’ consultants strengths and opportunities against industry can augment your staff and begin analyzing the best practices. Where necessary, specific report data you currently have. With this, they can templates will be shared to provide high-level recommend a quick, short-term set of analytics requirements for report development strategies to address your immediate needs. to assist managers and executives in getting Once those are in place, the consultants can the surveillance required to effectively lead offer a more strategic long-term set of strategies. their organizations. Improving Analytics Strategy Strategic Consulting Services – Even if you have modeling and analytics in Supporting All Your Business Needs place, SCS will first work with you to inventory your current analytics and modeling solutions. Regardless of your business challenges, LPS’ Then, SCS will evaluate the performance of the Strategic Consulting Services can partner models in the current mortgage environment. with you to assess your needs and develop Tested and proven statistical techniques are strategies for improvement. In addition, applied to evaluate if your model is appropriate skilled consultants can recommend bundled for your portfolio and, where multiple solutions solutions to help automate processes for greater exist, each is analyzed for the best possible fit for efficiencies and success. your environment. If your existing solution(s) have declined in their predictive ability, consultants will recommend changes Copyright © 2010 LPS. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders.
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