MBA in International Hospital and Healthcare Management


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MBA in International Hospital and Healthcare Management

  1. 1. MBA in International Hospital and Healthcare Management in partnership with Academic Programmes Professional Programmes Seminars Executive Education Corporate Programmes & Services Research International Advisory
  2. 2. Contents 3 Entrepreneurial, international, intercultural 8 HEC Montréal 4 Five good reasons 9 Frankfurt School of Finance & Management 5 Programme schedule 10 Organisation and investment 6 Programme structure 11 Your contacts
  3. 3. Entrepreneurial, international, intercultural The healthcare industry has become one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in many countries of the “In particular the international world. Therefore, many healthcare institutions are looking approach was very interesting for entrepreneurial-minded and dynamic managers, who and the case studies and the can master the challenges of this high-potential market. discussions in class made it The Frankfurt School, in partnership with HEC Montréal, easy to adapt issues from a aims to equip managers with the skills required for tomor- theoretical level to an opera- row‘s international healthcare divisions and institutions. tional one. It was an important part of my idea of a lifetime learning process.” Bernie Poh Objectives CEO Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore The MBA Programme in International Hospital and MBA, Graduate 2003 Healthcare Management develops entrepreneurial man- agers equipped with advanced skills and expertise to master the challenges in a globalised healthcare sector. The MBA in International Hospital and Healthcare Man- The “International Hospital and Healthcare Management agement is unique in its teaching and practical approach, (MBA)” has a practical focus on industry and healthcare. seeking to transcend national borders and ways of thinking The knowledge acquired in the study modules immediately worldwide. It aims at bringing together a unique group flows into management practice. of academic experts from Frankfurt School, HEC Montréal and other prestigious institutions and practitioners from Partnership Frankfurt School of Finance a wide array of national healthcare systems and institu- Management with HEC Montréal tions. The programme members gain a firm understand- ing of current management concepts and learn how to Two prestigious business schools pool their knowledge in analyse, compare and contrast national healthcare sys- international hospital and healthcare management to deliv- tems world-wide and their implications for hospital and er a world-class programme. Highly qualified lecturers from healthcare management. Through residential modules in both universities teach a research-based applied approach selected relevant locations world-wide, the programme of hospital management with the intensive use of case members will identify best practices, develop a broad un- studies and group work, also from other industrial sectors. derstanding of intercultural issues and build an interna- Frankfurt School hosts two modules, HEC Montréal hosts tional network of professionals leading the debate in de- one module. Additionally, professors from both universities veloping the global healthcare and hospital sectors. will teach in other modules in selected relevant locations. This programme has been accredited by FIBAA. This programme has been accredited by EPAS. See for more information. See for more information. ENTREPRENEURIAL, INTERNATIONAL, INTERCULTURAL
  4. 4. Five good reasons to study at Frankfurt School When you opt for a course of study at Frankfurt School of Finance Management, you are also choosing to benefit from the immediate proximity of prestigious market players and their concentrated expertise. But there are other ad- vantages, too: Practical focus methods are continuously being upgraded to reflect All programmes offered by the Frankfurt School are current business practice. As a result, we are con- designed to ensure optimal integration of theory with stantly updating our syllabus. practice. You will be taught by high-profile practition- ers and experienced specialists, using up-to-date case Multicultural setting studies based on real-world scenarios. The studies Your studies will take place in a multicultural setting. are characterised by their strong focus on practi- As a result, during the programme you will develop a cal projects. feel for the specific cultural conditions and expecta- tions that prevail in international business circles. Research Teaching and research are closely intertwined. New Status research findings are immediately fed into the teach- In national and international university rankings, the ing environment. At the same time, theories and Frankfurt School regularly appears among the top- ranked institutions. As a student, you will benefit from the university’s outstanding reputation in aca- demic and business communities, while you are stud- “The Frankfurt School of- ying and also in your working life. fers its students a unique blend of discerning aca- Networking demic standards and You will be studying alongside international stu- strong practical focus. dents who, like you, completed their first degree Our close contacts with course with distinction. In the course of working the corporate sector and and debating with them, you will develop your own our research projects at personal network of contacts, establishing friend- top international level ensure that our course con- ships that will bring significant benefits throughout tents are always in tune with the latest state of the your subsequent career. art – which means that our graduates are too.” Professor Dr. Michael H. Grote Vice President Teaching Frankfurt School of Finance Management FIVE GOOD REASONS
  5. 5. Programme schedule Module 1 Frankfurt/M, Germany Introduction to Business and Economics Module Milan, Italy Managing Financial Resources Hospital Controlling Module India Management in Different Health Systems Module Dubai, UAE Market-Oriented and Strategic Management Module e-based Submit Assignment Business Plan Module 6 Singapore Quality and Process Management in Healthcare Module 7 Montréal, Canada Managing the Organisation and IT Module 8 e-based, due in Module 9 Integrated Management (Markstrat Simulation) Submission of Master‘s thesis Module 9 Vienna, Austria Value Chain Management Module 10 Frankfurt/M, Germany Human Resource, Ethics and Intercultural Management Locations are subject to change “I joined the MBA programme at the Frankfurt School because I was interested in develo- ping a best practice model in healthcare. The programme shows and compares the diffe- rent healthcare systems in the world. By studying the different systems I am able to help improve the system in my own country and therefore contribute to the development of society, especially in healthcare.” Mohammed Dogo-Mohammed Executive Secretary / CEO National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Nigeria PROGRAMME SCHEDULE
  6. 6. Programme structure Module 1 Module Module Introduction to Managing Financial Resources/ Management in Business Economics Hospital Controlling Different Health Systems The module introduces central basic concepts and Building on financial accounting introduced in In this module, participants are introduced to a frameworks of business administration and eco- Module 1, investment and financing decisions of framework in institutional economics and eco- nomics. This broadens understanding of economic hospital managers are analysed. Special empha- nomic policy that serves as the basis to analyse environments and the organisation that the student sis is given to the risk and reward trade-off, basic and compare various health systems around the is working in and its environment. Special emphasis financial management tools, available finance world through the course of the whole MBA pro- is placed on aspects of accounting and investment instruments, and decisions regarding the opti- gramme. Furthermore, participants learn how to decisions and how they affect an organisation’s mal financial structure of an entity. The second manage healthcare systems in an effective and overall performance. Additionally, the students will part introduces basics of managerial accounting targeted way and how to create the ideal health- participate in team-building and networking exer- and decision making in hospitals. Students learn care system for the 21st century. cises to foster intercultural understanding and team methods and techniques of cost accounting, cost dynamics within the group. management systems and performance control- ling. Special emphasis is placed on strategic and organisational controlling aspects. Module 6 Module 7 Module 8 (e-based) Quality and Managing the Integrated Management/ Process Management Organisation and IT Markstrat Simulation In this module, participants will look at the processes Participants are introduced to the principles of how This module serves as a milestone in the pro- in their organisations with a special focus on how organisations work. Then, they learn how to en- gramme, bringing the contents of all the previous to implement patient safety, quality and process- hance organisational structures and performance modules together to look at the organisation as a orientation and reengineer business processes in healthcare institutions, how to manage projects networked system where individual decisions af- within healthcare institutions. It presents the fun- and the effects and aspects of IT in the healthcare fect other areas and the overall performance of damental parameters of quality and processes and business. the organisation. the levers to manage them. Also in this module, a Six Sigma seminar is included. The modules / locations may be changed. 6 PROGRAMME STRUCTURE
  7. 7. Module Module (e-based) Specialist Evening Sessions or Round Tables Market-Oriented and Business Plan Strategic Management Basic Business Knowledge The development and implementation of a co- After four modules, students should develop a How to become familiar with the terminology herent corporate strategy is one of the main business plan for a real investment to observe and concepts of business and management. measures of success for a company or organi- the issues and problems arising from applying Basic Medical Knowledge sation. In this module, the most important ele- the concepts in a real setting. How to become familiar with basic medical ments of strategic planning will be discussed. terminology and principles as a requirement Furthermore, participants learn how to create a for the decision-making process. market-driven hospital and healthcare environ- ment using different marketing tools. Personal Development and Communication How to become a more efficient manager, communicator and team leader in a multi- cultural environment. Special Training Presentation techniques, meeting tech- niques and strategies, time management. Module 9 Module 10 Value Chain Human Resource, Ethics Management Intercultural Management This module addresses the material flow within In Human Resource Management, participants an organisation, taking into account the specifics learn how to develop and maintain human resourc- in a healthcare environment. Participants are in- es potential in a healthcare environment from the troduced to the principles of logistics, purchasing perspective of a leader and manager. In Intercultur- and facility management as well as supply chain al Management, they build on their own experienc- management as an extended network based ap- es during the programme to learn how to become proach. They also gain a better understanding of an effective international manager, how to lead and the role e-processes play. motivate, foster co-operation and create synergies. Additionally, various topics on the ethics in hospital and healthcare management are discussed. At the end of the study programme, the question is raised, how management and cost efficiency is going along with excellent care of patients. PROGRAMME STRUCTURE 7
  8. 8. HEC Montréal – Always at the forefront International, forward-thinking and well respected – just HEC Montréal’s international character is evident in a few words that define HEC Montréal, one of the top its strategies and activities. It is the only school in management schools in the world. Canada’s first business North America with a trilingual cohort – a group of school, founded in 1907 by the Chamber of Commerce of BBA students studying in French, English and Span- Montréal, HEC Montréal marked its 100th anniversary in ish. HEC Montréal also offers the largest internation- 2007. In its century-long history, the School has established al exchange programme in Canada. The School has an enduring tradition of cutting edge thinking in all fields many partnerships with businesses and local as well ranging from teaching, research and international initiatives as international organizations in numerous countries to executive programmes for middle and top managers. through its International Projects department. With some 250 career professors, the school boasts a multi- Indeed, the International Projects department har- disciplinary teaching faculty of unparalleled size and an ex- nesses the best qualified resources from many fields tensive menu of 35 management programmes offering a of management to deliver its multidisciplinary services range of degrees from BBA to Ph.D. level. The 12,000 stu- and expertise. For the past 35 years, it has developed dent population, including 3,300 students and permanent partnerships with a variety of institutional and industry residents from no fewer than 100 countries, makes HEC partners to manage complex, large-scale international Montréal one of Canada’s largest business schools. development initiatives and projects in many Europe- an, African, Latin American and Asian countries. HEC Montréal is the first North American school to si- multaneously hold accreditations from the AACSB Inter- At HEC Montréal, over twenty professors actively con- national (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of tribute to advancing management of the healthcare Business), EQUIS (European Quality Improvement Sys- and social services network, from various perspectives: tem) and AMBA (The Association of MBAs). The “triple manager training, consulting, coaching of management crown” recognition confirms the quality of the School’s teams, conducting commissioned studies, and develop- study programmes, the calibre of its students and faculty, ing methodologies and tools for specific actions. and the excellence of the guidance provided to students. To sum up, with an openness to globalisation, HEC HEC Montréal ranked in the top 10 in Business Week’s in- Montréal is dedicated to fostering ongoing leadership ternational listing of MBA programmes in 2004 and 2006, in teaching, research, technology and multilingualism the top 20 in Forbes’ biennial international ranking in 2003, in order to prepare students for their future roles as 2005 and 2007, and appeared in the 2006 edition of the managers and management experts, and, ultimately, “Which MBA? Guide” published by The Economist, which to help them become active contributors to society. rates the top 100 MBA programmes around the world. 8 MONTRÉAL
  9. 9. Frankfurt School of Finance Management The Frankfurt School of Finance Management is an Financial and management issues form the nucleus of all international private academic institution for research, the university’s courses and continuing education pro- teaching and consultancy. By being close to leading grammes. Every student receives a thorough grounding companies, particularly in Germany, and enjoying an ex- in the knowledge and methodology that are essential cellent reputation around the world for its research, the for an in-depth understanding of management processes School provides the link between theory and practice. and structures. Its forward-looking finance and management strategies and training of future executives help shape best prac- The Frankfurt School‘s seven fields of activity tice in the sector on a lasting basis. The Frankfurt School is a state-recognised university with the authority to award Academic Programmes full degrees. Professional Programmes Seminars Created out of the Bankakademie and the Hochschule Executive Education für Bankwirtschaft (HfB), the Frankfurt School can look Corporate Programmes Services back over more than 50 years of educational expertise. Research Today, the Frankfurt School offers an extensive portfolio International Advisory of nationally and FIBAA-accredited academic study pro- grammes, from Bachelor’s to general and specialist Master’s and doctoral (Ph.D.) programmes. These are accompanied by numerous vocational programmes and seminars, by means of which experienced professionals “I joined the MBA pro- can expand their knowledge and skills. gramme at the Frankfurt School to broaden my Frankfurt School of Finance Management has focused management skills and its research activities at four research centres, each with make it applicable to its own distinctive core competency. The research centres the healthcare industry. are engaged in ongoing exchanges of knowledge with I can use the knowledge academic and commercial partners, thereby ensuring that to help my organisation their programme contents are constantly re-attuned to to grow and maintain its leading position in an the latest state of the art. Frankfurt School’s International increasingly competitive market.” Advisory department (formerly Bankakademie International) Julia Chow has an impressive track record of expertise in microfinance, Director of Corporate Communications housing finance, SME finance and fund management (e.g. Quality HealthCare Asia Limited European Fund for Southeast Europe). MBA, Graduate 2004 FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF FINANCE MANAGEMENT 9
  10. 10. Organisation and investment Your MBA degree Fact sheet Students‘ performance will be evaluated through writ- ten examinations, class participation, individual and team assignments, oral presentations, group projects, and the Major: International Hospital and Master‘s thesis. This important part of the programme is a Healthcare Management practically-oriented research project in which the know- Target group: Specialists and managers from all ledge and skills acquired through the programme are ap- over the world – doctors, econo- plied to a real-life management problem. The MBA is de- mists, pharmacists, engineers, ad- livered by Frankfurt School of Finance Management in ministrators, consultants and lawyers partnership with HEC Montréal. After successful comple- who are all pursuing a management tion of the programme, the degree of MBA in Internation- career in hospitals, healthcare institu- al Hospital and Healthcare Management will be conferred tions and companies worldwide and by Frankfurt School of Finance Management. wish to acquire additional manage- ment qualifications to enhance their How to apply professional skills The programme starts end of September. If you are in- Degree: MBA terested in the study programme, please apply by 15th Duration: 10 modules/19 months of May. Your application may also be considered after this deadline if there are places still available. However, Location: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Canada based upon our experience, the demand for places is very ECTS: 65 points high. Thus, we recommend that you meet the application deadline as it is in your best interest to do so. Acceptances Language: English are made based upon the date the applications were Minimum entry University degree, three to five received. requirements: years’ professional experience, English language skills (min. 80 In addition to your completed application form points TOEFL (iBT) or equivalent) (, you will also need to provide us with: Tuition fees: 28,000 Euro (including study material, excluding travel costs) Supporting documentation (e.g. CV, copies of universi- Accreditated by: FIBAA, EPAS ty degree certificates, professional qualifications etc.) Evidence of your English-language skills (TOEFL or equivalent) and An up-to-date colour photograph 10 ORGANISATION AND INVESTMENT
  11. 11. Your contacts No matter what assistance or information you need Your contact persons: regarding your continuing education, we will gladly help you decide whether the MBA in International Prof. Dr. Rainer Sibbel Hospital and Healthcare Management programme Academic Director is right for you. The Student Services Office is ready and waiting to answer your questions; we look for- ward to hearing from you. Further information can be found at: Dr. Christina Heiss Programme Manager Disclaimer The contents of this brochure are current at the time of going to press. All information published in Galia Alessi this brochure is intended merely to provide a gen- Relationship Management eral overview of the study programme: Frankfurt School of Finance Management reserves the right Tel. +49 (0)69 154008-139 to modify the curriculum, the schedule or any parts thereof. The same applies to the tuition fees and in- ternal and external examination fees. For the latest updates, please contact our Student Services Office. © 2010 Frankfurt School of Finance Management 11
  12. 12. Sonnemannstrasse 9–11 60314 Frankfurt am Main Germany Tel. +49 69 154008-0 Fax +49 69 154008-650 in partnership with HEC Montréal was the first business school in North America to receive the three most prestigious accredita- tions in its field. FS-2030 01/10 WEB (20)