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  1. 1. Brian E. Barnes Cell: 404/579-4430 3837 Sellers Way Marietta, GA 30066 Executive Summary As Vice President, Technology, Brian has been responsible for overseeing software development initiatives for multiple business units across Equifax, from marketing ideation to requirements gathering to design to development to quality control testing to production launch to maintenance to sunset. This has been done for a $100MM B2C and B2B retail internet business as well as a $150MM B2B system-to-system business, in both a US-only as well as a global environment. His current role focuses on the implementation of an enterprise-wide common process for project management (a global Project Management Office or PMO). This IT Governance is being established across the North American, European, and Latin American software development offices. His past experience running software development organizations, consulting, providing sales support, and collaborating between Sales, Business Development, Marketing, IT, Finance, Operations, & Legal has been an invaluable foundation for providing overall solutions that drive growth, while managing costs. Brian's highest passions are for keeping customers happy, solving complex problems, and translating technology solutions into resulting compelling stories in order to pull people together towards a common vision. • 10 years of Management Experience o Ranging from individual project management to enterprise-wide global portfolio management o Balancing the speed-to-market of experience with enterprise process experience o Team building ranging from inexperienced teams to senior leaders o Management of teams of up to 160 people (including on and off-shore development teams) o Diverse functional areas: Business Analysis, Project Management, Product Management, Software Development, Strategic Planning, Demand Planning, Sales Support, & IT Governance o Calmly & forcefully introducing change where necessary • 12 years of Deep Technology Experience o Ranging from the bits & bytes to e-commerce platforms o Networking systems, Web-based e-Commerce platforms, Security, Telecom, Wireless, Supercomputer, Mainframe, SAS, & Desktop • 5 years of Financial Industry Experience o Ranging from consumer credit and marketing lists to identity theft protection o Consumer Credit Score Products, Consumer Credit Report Products, Identity Theft Protection o Small Business & Financial Institution Credit Risk Portfolio Analysis o Marketing Campaign Management List Services o e-Commerce, b2b, and b2c • 10 years of Product Development & Sales Support Experience o Ranging from cold call support to sales proposal development to client solution presentations o Ranging from ideation to requirements to development to roll-out to production support o Working with financial services clients such as: Discover, Citibank, GE, Providian, etc. o Working with government clients such as: NSA, Air Force, Marines, Navy, DARPA, ACC, etc. o Legacy systems re-engineering & introduction of new technologies o Providing solutions from unique & complex technology environments o Demonstrating the business value proposition to key executives / upper management
  2. 2. Employment History: 2005-present Vice President, Technology (IT Governance), Equifax (NYSE: EFX, S&P 500) 2005-2005 Vice President, Technology (Product Management) 2003-2005 Vice President, Technology (Software Development Services) 2002-2003 Assistant Vice President, Technology (Software Development Services) 2001-2002 Consultant As Vice President of IT Governance, Brian is responsible for the project prioritization & execution processes across all global corporate locations. His team provides quarterly IT Operating Reviews for the CEO, monthly IT operating agenda updates to the CEO, and portfolio dashboards for the CTO, CIOs, and IT SVPs. This is accomplished through a global early warning system deployed, at various stages of progress, throughout the business units. Project execution is governed by an evolving common management methodology based on industry best practices as well as processes that are expedient within specific locales across the globe. The governance process also includes appropriate integration with shared IT services such as enterprise architecture, security, and global operations. Previously, as Vice President of Product Management for Equifax Personal Solutions, he had product management oversight for over 100 major projects for the US, UK, & Canada markets, in addition to the federally regulated credit reporting market. Products range from consumer credit reporting and score products to identity theft protection services, in both the on-line/internet and off-line/print product distribution channels. Delivery capabilities of the group went from 37% to 100% in a period of 6 months, through the implementation of a 12-step strategy for continuous process improvement. The strategy was specifically aimed at strategic demand planning, project management, and business analysis. Key to Brian's strategy for the implementation of these changes, as with previous work in the company to re- engineer significant portions of technology solutions, was to translate the solutions into a compelling vision for internal employees as well as external partners and customers. Clear and concise communication of a compelling vision for change, executed by capable staff who are both accountable and responsible, was paramount to making a better and more capable environment. As Vice President of Equifax Strategic Software Development, he was responsible for the development of client systems for the Accel supercomputing technologies of the $150MM Credit Marketing Services business unit. His key focus was on desktop and web-based applications, integration with the supercomputer systems, integration with legacy mainframe infrastructures, and interfacing with client systems. These solutions, as they continue to operate over time, allow for the business unit to achieve increased speed to market, offer new competitively unique products and services, and reduce operating costs. 2000-2001 Director of Wireless Architecture & Engineering, 2000-2000 Senior Application Engineer He began as a Senior Application Engineer working on wireless application research and development, and was promoted to the Director level to provide technical leadership. While reporting directly to the CTO, most time was spent leading the client applications development team and working closely with the Director of Server Architecture & Development. He also worked with the Sales and Marketing/Corporate Communications departments for identification of customer needs and content for press releases. Additionally, he developed corporate technical presentations for potential merger or acquisition of a dot- com, marketing, technical conferences, and board room sales to venture capital fund managers and corporate executives.
  3. 3. 1999-2000 Senior Engineer, Scientific Research Corporation As a Senior Engineer in the Communications Division, efforts were primarily split between revenue generation and research & development. To increase revenue within the military communications market segment, many proposals were developed, submitted to government agencies, and subsequently awarded (though not all proposals were awarded). Research & development focused on security architectures, telephony systems, and systems integration. 1998-1999 Research Engineer II, Georgia Institute of Technology 1996-1998 Research Engineer I He began as an entry-level research engineer working on multiple development projects. Brian was promoted to level II to perform revenue generation (research sales proposals), team leadership, and project management tasks. 1994-1995 Research Assistant (Electro-optical Computing), University of Louisville 1992-1992 Engineering Intern (Software Development), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Education: Georgia Institute of Technology, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Ph.D. University of Louisville, Electrical Engineering, MEng University of Louisville, Electrical Engineering, BES Brian received a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech on a sponsorship from Siemens AG, Munich, Germany. His area of specialization was internetworking technologies, specifically systems integration of Ethernet and Fiber Optic (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) telecommunications systems to achieve a unified management framework across disparate systems using various network resource reservation protocols. In other words, making different systems talk to each other in optimal ways. Clearance: Secret
  4. 4. Appendix: Technology Qualifications Equifax Focus Product Management, Strategic Planning, Budget & Staff Management, Software Architecture Design, Business Analysis, Project & Portfolio Management, IT Governance Technologies Global internet B2B, Global internet B2B2C, Java, J2EE, JSP, Struts, XMLC, JDBC, SQL, Oracle, MFC32, X.509 Digital Certificates, proprietary parallel computing infrastructures, IBM mainframe, Linux, AXIS web services, XSLT, Tomcat, JBoss, BEA, ITG/Kintana Key Results • Turnaround of development group delivery from 37% to 100% • Business Process Re-engineering (multi-year program, multiple products developed) o Portfolio Analysis tool for mid-size banks & credit unions o List Ordering marketing services tool for the Automotive industry o Project Auditing & Data Quality tools for internal fulfillment use o Core Security Component o Core Billing & Cost Accounting Component • Digital Certificate Management System (using VeriSign and Digital Signature Trust) • Marketing Leads & Sales Force Automation Web Portal Focus Technical Team Leadership, Staff & Offshore Contractor Management, Marketing & Sales Technologies FlexScript, J2ME, Windows CE/PocketPC, Palm, RIM, WAP, GSM, GPRS, WCTP, WTSL, SSL, Embedded Visual C++ Key Results • Wireless Application Suite, multiple versions for the Accompli / Palm / Timeport / PageWriter • WirelessMD™ Security Architecture and HIPAA Compliance Recommendations • Software Development Processes • J2ME and Windows CE Prototypes Scientific Research Corporation Focus Evaluation of the state-of-the-art in technologies, revenue generation, team leadership Technologies ISDN, ATM AAL2, CORBA, VoIP, Windows 98/NT/2000, Ethernet, MELP, DSn (T1/E1/ISDN), TCP/IP, UDP/IP, IPSec, SSL Key Results • MELP Compressed ISDN Voice over ATM AAL2 Access Concentrator, Project Manager • Information Operations Security (InfoSec) Test & Evaluation Simulation System, Lead Engineer • Survivable Multilevel Secure Architecture for Migratory Computing, Principal Investigator • Secure Multicast Voice over IP (VoIP) Gatekeeper, Software Systems Engineer & Architect Georgia Tech Research Institute Focus Software development, requirements gathering/analysis, project planning, revenue generation Technologies Visual C++, Visual Basic, Unix, Linux, RSVP, SNMP, Ethernet, ATM / SONET Key Results • Mission Planning Software • Ethernet/ATM QoS Edge Device • UAV Planning System Integration Feasibility Study • ATM Technology Forecasting Study
  5. 5. • Ethernet Promiscuous Traffic Analyzer