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Avaya Strategic Communications Consulting

  1. 1. avaya.com Avaya Strategic Communications Consulting Today’s economic challenges mandate that executives and managers alike adopt new business strategies for growth. While the vision for a business may not change, the strategies to achieve that vision must adapt to address the current economic climate. Whether your business strategies include mergers and acquisitions, controlling costs or re-defining a new corporate culture, Avaya can provide the needed expertise to align Avaya is working with FORTUNE 500® reduction, enhanced customer service companies around the world to and competitive differentiation communications with your business transform business processes, no longer exists. Today, the rapid dramatically enhance user productivity, innovation in communications goals. We can help you define a and create true differentiation for technologies enables deployments path that utilizes communications customers. Consider a bank that that radically alter the way companies seamlessly connects its many branches internally communicate and embrace to augment, alter, or accelerate the so that widely dispersed employees can their customers’ needs at the collaborate and customers have easy same time. The Avaya framework business tactics necessary to achieve access to portfolio managers; or, the of consulting services enables you your corporate strategy. catalogue retailer that creates a unique to leverage our unique expertise shopping experience for customers by marrying the strategies of calling into its 24/7 contact center while differentiation and cost containment controlling the costs of adding customer with the technologies that fuel today’s service representatives; and, the rich communications. healthcare provider, with its expansive network of facilities, that dramatically Avaya Strategic Communications cuts costs while keeping its local Consulting – a flexible communications presence when serving patients. consulting framework – offers services that address the full spectrum of Many of these companies recognize business needs. Based on your business that the trade-off between cost priorities, communications strategies OvervieW
  2. 2. avaya.com and communications environment, we can help you take advantage of the services that best MAking BAnk Portfolio MAnAgErS EASiEr to rEACh suit your unique requirements, to include: A large bank wanted to ensure its portfolio managers were always accessible and • Executive Vision consulting: creating responsive to customers. Because of the bank’s acquisitions in recent years, their communications strategies that enable branch locations were widely dispersed. Mobile employees, traveling primarily to the achievement of business strategies. newly acquired banks, had difficulty getting their work done because of the time Executive vision consulting services provide they spent on the road. Customers were also experiencing difficulties in reaching executives and strategic decision-makers with their portfolio managers, leading to relationship issues and possible defection. Avaya experience and insight to identify and qualify communications strategies that can To support the bank’s growth strategy, Avaya consultants recommended transform the business and realize the vision communications strategies that would care for the communications demands the executive has defined. of a highly mobile workforce. The recommendation also addressed the • Realize consulting: translating defined collaboration requirements of employees working in remote branch locations communications strategies into an and offered a work-from-home communications approach for part-time actionable and measurable blueprint. employees. With this clear direction, the bank’s executive team was now poised Realize consulting services provide lines-of- to translate these strategies into a plan for action. business managers with actionable plans to help achieve department objectives while managing or reducing costs. to be a very complex task, especially given The consulting engagement may include a • Maximize consulting: optimizing new and the fast pace of new innovations. thorough communications assessment, existing communications applications complete with industry-specific information for greater business value. Maximize “We work at any and all levels within a and benchmarking analysis regarding your consulting services give operations customer’s organization based on their organization’s use of communications and IT managers new insights and business priorities. As the Avaya Strategic technologies and applications. The strategies to fully utilize their existing Communications Consulting team, we offer assessment will help you understand the communications technologies. a consulting framework backed by skilled degree of communications effectiveness business-process and communications within your current business environment – Whether your needs call for one service or consultants, allowing our customers to effectiveness enabling employee mandate a combination of two or more, choose the services and experts most productivity, delivering superior customer Avaya Strategic Communications Consulting appropriate for their specific needs.” service and driving operational efficiencies. can benefit you and your organization. - Maurice Bell, Also included are recommended Principal, Avaya Professional Services communications strategies and roadmap, Executive Vision: Avaya Strategic Communications Consulting charting desired progress over time. The recommendation offers new, creative and Communications strategies can help you harness the value of communications innovations within your cost-effective communications solutions that enable corporate vision business. Avaya consultants work with you that address “what” is needed and possible No longer thought of as simply “working to develop communications strategies that when improving processes such as supply- phones” or a “cost of doing business,” map to your business goals, strategies and chain management, brand image, worker communications applications are now priorities. Using time-proven best practices, productivity, disaster preparedness and more. considered a major driver of business consultants take a comprehensive approach change and performance. Yet, many times, Avaya Strategic Communications Consulting to address your most difficult business issues, an organization is tested by the scores of offers major benefits by accelerating the then deliver a prescriptive communications- communications possibilities. As a result, achievement of business results through the based recommendation tailored to your aligning communications strategies with use of communications innovations, helping communications infrastructure, business business strategies and priorities may prove you make critical business decisions and requirements and drivers. communications choices, and providing
  3. 3. avaya.com you with a definitive path for reaching your With Avaya Strategic Communications desired business goals. Consulting, Avaya consultants and advanced solution architects can efficiently work with For the CEO, Avaya can offer insight on your lines-of-business managers to quickly the benefits of a virtual enterprise and translate your organization’s communications how to turn this communications strategy strategies into a comprehensive blueprint. into a competitive differentiator in the These Avaya experts collect and define the industry. For the CIO, we can help execute communications solution requirements, and the communications strategy with the then conduct technical assessments of your recommended communications architecture organization’s communications infrastructure. and roadmap for confident migration. For the Avaya advanced solution architects provide Vice President of Marketing, we can provide design and integration services, giving you the clarity on how to successfully implement a confidence that your existing communications new customer segmentation strategy. investments will interoperate as planned. With decades of communications experience, “We help executives deliver on their vision advanced solution architects design detailed for their businesses. Our core competencies communications architectures that encompass revolve around communications strategies Maximize: optimize existing and new products and applications, and solutions that drive the successful including IP telephony, Session Initiated communications for execution of business strategies. These same Protocol (SIP), Service Oriented Architecture skills enable Avaya to work closely with greater business value (SOA) and advanced third-party integrations. systems integrators and business consultants Many organizations today rely on Avaya services to ensure a successful, strategically aligned Avaya Strategic Communications Consulting to help them optimize their communications communications component.” helps you mitigate the risk associated investments - both existing and new. With with executing a complex communications specific requirements and objectives in - Ian Thebridge, mind, Avaya customers realize that no other Best Practices Leader, Asia Pacific Region, solution. And, with a detailed blueprint, you Avaya Professional Services can drive and accelerate the recognition company can bring specialized talent to their of business benefits and return on your communications environments like Avaya. communications investment. realize: translate strategies into an hEAlthCArE ProVidEr gEtS MAStEr PlAn actionable blueprint While some organizations may have committed The CIO for a regional network of healthcare providers knew what he had to to communications strategies, the challenge accomplish. The decision had been made to consolidate the network’s 16 remains just “how” to execute these strategies communications systems into a single integrated network for the dramatic cost within the business. Resource constraints savings that could be achieved. Now, the challenge remained about “how” coupled with the growing, necessary to successfully execute on this deceptively complex project – effectively and knowledge about multiple vendors and their communications applications have mandated quickly for maximum benefits. No one communications system was the same; that organizations consider alternative ways to systems came from various vendors with different features and dialing plans. get the job done. Avaya senior consultants and advanced solution architects worked through all the details of the complex project, giving the CIO an accurate inventory of his entire communications network and a master plan for moving forward. The plan provided detailed steps for migrating the multiple, disparate systems into one cohesive network – transforming a complex project into a meaningful blueprint.
  4. 4. Avaya technical specialists can work within your organization to help ensure a timely rEtAilEr MAxiMizES CuStoMEr deployment of communications applications. SErViCE ExPEriEnCE They can also recommend how existing and new communications applications can work Faced with fierce competition, a catalogue retailer needed to create a unique together for an optimized communications shopping experience for customers calling into its 24/7 contact center, yet solution that maximizes benefits for even control the cost of adding more customer service representatives. Its contact greater business value. center operations handled thousands of calls each day from customers, Using best practices, Avaya specialists can answering all types of inquires and making sales. perform reviews of your communications- enabled operations for recommended The retailer decided to enhance its contact center operations to support changes. Logical design and reporting its competitive business strategy. This shift would entail new customer optimization services provide enhanced segmentation strategies and processes to route distinct groups of customers applications as well as greater insight to specially trained customer representatives. The retailer also wanted to into operations for improved business performance. Planning services help you provide additional on-the-job training and development for customer service consolidate your organization’s multiple representatives, helping them to better serve customers. communications systems and networks to extend value-added applications to workers Avaya contact center design specialists helped develop the retailer’s customer throughout your enterprise. These are just segmentation scheme, and then executed the plan using powerful Avaya contact a few of the services offered by Avaya to center applications. To support the company’s training efforts, the Avaya help you optimize your communications services team integrated a Verint Recording System to work seamlessly with the infrastructure and applications. Avaya contact center to record representatives’ calls and provide managers with With Avaya Strategic Communications needed information for development. Consulting, you mitigate the risk and costs associated with project failures. With the alignment of people, process can help you use powerful communications services that help enable corporate visions and technology, Avaya specialists help you applications through our continuum of and drive business results – and we can do quantify and realize the results that come consultation and care. the same for you. with optimization and success. With Avaya Strategic Communications For more information about Avaya Strategic Consulting, we can help your organization Communications Consulting, visit us at team with effectively use communications technologies www.avaya.com or contact your Avaya Avaya global Services and applications to help advance your Client Executive. business. Our expert consultants, advanced From professional services to ongoing solution architects and experienced engineers support and operations management, Avaya provide Avaya customers worldwide with About Avaya Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems. the company provides unified communications, contact centers, and related services directly and through its channel partners to leading businesses and organizations around the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness. for more information please visit www.avaya.com. © 2009 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved. Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. avaya.com All trademarks identified by ®, TM or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 03/09 • SVC4166