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Sq3 r

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  3. 3. 3WHAT IS SQ3R? SQ3R stands for, S (Survey), Q (Question), 3R (Read, Recite and Review. This method was designed to help people become more active in their readingand retain information more easily. SQ3R (Robinson, 1970) is a method for active elaboration of material that weread, say in a textbookThe following are the explanations about SQ3R:1. Survey: Before beginning reading, look through the whole chapter about aminute. See what the headings are; the major one and the subheadings;hierarchical structures seem to be particularly easy for our brains to latch onto.Then, check for introductory and summary paragraphs, references and so on.Remember to resist reading at this point, but see if we can identify 3 to 6 majorideas in the chapter.2. Question: Ask ourselves what the chapter is all about. We usually working onthis in about less than 30 seconds. What is the question that the chapter is tryingto answer? Repeat this process with each subsection of the chapter, as well,turning each heading into a question.3. Read: Read one section (the speed of reading is not important for it is slower forsome of us than others). At a time, look for the answer to the question proposedby the heading. This is active reading and requires concentration. So, findourselves a place and time where we can concentrate.4. Recite: This phase requires us to do some writing or with just say it out loud inabout a minute. Say to ourselves (I do this out loud so I have to study where I donot embarrass myself) or write it down (I sometimes do this in the margins of thebook itself) a key phrase that sums up the major point of the section and answersthe question. It is important to use our own words, not just copy a phrase fromthe book. Research shows that we remember our own (active) connections betterthan ones give to us (passive), indeed that our own hierarchies are generallybetter than the best prefab hierarchies.
  4. 4. 45. Review: After repeating steps 2-4 for each section we have a list of key phrasesthat provides a sort of outline for the chapter. In less than 5 minutes, testourselves by covering up the key phrases and seeing if we can recall them. Dothis right after we finish reading the chapter. If we cannot recall one of the majorpoints, then that is a section we need to reread.
  5. 5. 5RATIONALE FOR EVERY WORD IN SQ3R1) Why Survey?You will be better able to concentrate because you have established aframe of reference.You will be more aware of the author’s organization. Main points shouldstand out more easily.2) Why Question?Your reading becomes an active search for answers instead of passiveactivity.Realising short-term goals will help you comprehend more difficultmaterial.As you perfect the questioning technique, test question will seem moreand more familiar.3) Why Read?You discover answers to your questions and begin to recognise what isand is not important.You look at the material more critically for main ideas and importantdetails.You keep yourself on track by being aware of your concentration level.4) Why Recite?Knowing that you will need to recite the information you are reading willforce you to concentrate and repeating it will help you remember it.You will be able to gauge what you learn and what you still need to workon.Provides another activity to help you become more involved in the readingprocess.5) Why Review?Immediate review of information facilitates retention.Periodic review throughout the text will help you not only remember, butlearn the info.
  6. 6. 6You will establish a base of information that should help you in readingchapters later in the course.
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  8. 8. 8The Application Of SQ3R From The TextTEXT: Ferrets as PetsStep 1: SurveyStep 2: QuestionIntroduction: Ferret is a small, long bodied, low-slung creature. Related to weasels, skunks,wolverines and badgers. This animal is the third most popularpet in the United States.Use 5W1H (What, when, where, why, who and how):i) What: What is ferret?ii) When: When is the suitable time to adopt ferrets?iii) Where: where are the ferrets can sleep peacefully?iv) Why: Why ferrets not recommended for households withsmall children?v) Who: Who can hurt the ferrets?vi) How: How can the ferrets getting active and willing toschedule their playtime to their owners?
  9. 9. 9Step 3: Readi) Ferret is a kind of pet. It is a small, long bodied,low-slung creature and related to weasels,skunks, wolverines and badgers. This animal isthe third most popular pet in the United States.ii) For the ferrets well-being, and ours, the adoptionshould be a decision that is made after long andcareful thought.iii) In the cage but cannot stay in the cage for a longtime.iv) Because small child will hurts them.v) Small children can hurt the ferrets because anychild under the age of 6 will not have thesensitivity or coordination they need to pick up aferret without hurting it.vi) By sleeping for a much of the day.Answering the questions:
  10. 10. 10Step 4: ReciteRecite the main ideas(Recite it out loud):Main ideas:Ferret is a small, long bodied, low-slung creature.We must spend several hours a day playing and socializing theferrets.Ferrets will defend themselves if a small child hurts them.Ferrets do have a sharp teeth and they will use the to protectthemselves.Ferrets sleep in the cage peacefully but cannot stay in the cage allthe time.Ferrets love to play and if they have been properly socialized, theywill love to play with us.Much attention must be paid to the house chore in so that it will notharmed and to protect our possessions.Ferrets sleep for much of the day so they are active for only a fewhours.
  11. 11. 11Step 4: Review Review the main ideas. Look at each main heading and try to fillin the information we know. Make summary and try to recite them. Go over other notes and work on thesame subject. Do several review sessions. Once aweek. Find out strengths and weaknesses.Tips:
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  13. 13. 13Strengths And Weaknesses Of Using SQ3R Method in ReadingNo. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES1. Principles of learning skill, study skilland learning styles are principallyincorporated into this system as thereis a great need to understand andbriefly form a basic idea of what one isgetting into. This is thought to bebetter than blindly memorizing as theconventional rules of studying dictate.Surveying helps students identifycertain important ideas from thechapter and the lessons.The process may be viewed as tooformulaic and rigid. This is not suitablefor a students in primary school becausewill be having difficulties since theprocess is too formulaic and rigid.2. Asking questions and seekinganswers immediately will help retainideas that the chapters contain thenhelps develop study skills, learningskills and learning styles. This isnecessary as reading automaticallymakes a child understand the chapterbetter and in an effective mannerenabling them to retain it for a longtime to come.The process may be viewed as too time-consuming. Therefore, this process is notsuitable for children in primary schoolsince children are easily get bored.3. Understanding and repeating in ownwords make the concepts clearer thansimply memorizing the pattern of thebook chapters or the language that isused in the respective books.The process does not let students tofocus on the text; They have to worryabout making questions, answeringquestions, taking notes, and"understanding" the text. Hence,students will think that it is kind ofpointless and time-consuming.
  14. 14. 144. Allow students to use their memoriesto their full potential by creating avisual and auditory memory of the textas well as using repetition of thematerial as sort of a rote style ofmemory.Not all fields in education covered up oruseful by this method. For example,students studying math typically do notbenefit by using this method. It isbecause studying Mathematics requiresa lot of exercises instead of makingnotes.5. Students who utilize the SQ3RMethod will only require less timestudying for a final exam since most ofthe textbook material has been storedinto long-term memory.A student who less effective in recallingmay not suitable for this method as oneneeds to recall what he or she has read.6. Help to make more specific andrelevant notes when reading.Not all readings will be worth the time ittakes to complete the SQ3R steps. Thus,they will easily get bored.
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  16. 16. 16REFLECTIONAfter all that study I had worked on for the reading skill, SQ3R, I had gain a lot ofbenefits. SQ3R is not too complicated at all but still needs to put some effort on itbecause it has certain skills need to be applied.As I have known from my studies, the method was created for college students.However, it can also be used by elementary school students, who can practice all of thesteps once they have begun to read longer and more complex texts.Besides, I also have learned and gained some lessons from applying this methodof reading strategy whereas the information you gain from reading is important. If youjust "do it" without learning something. Youre wasting a lot of time. Thus, train yourmind to learn!In addition, if we have problems concentrating on our reading, forget what weread the minute we finish, but, by following the five steps of SQ3R can help us toprocess and remember what we read efficiently so we do not have to create such a longnotes when studying.Futhermore, If you are looking to be a more efficient reader, SQ3R Method isgoing to fix and fulfil your desire of being an efficient reader. Its designed to help youread faster and retain more. SQ3R stands for the steps in reading: survey, question,read, recite and review. It might seems like it takes more time to use the SQ3R method,but youll find that you retain more and have to reread less often. Hence, let us take alook at the steps.So, my advice for all is reading a chapter correctly takes a lot more time than youprobably spend now, but try this SQ3R method for just one class. Slowly add thissystem into your other classes too. Be patient and give this method 2 weeks to make adifference. At first, youll spend a lot of time on this. But remember, you can study a lotof hours over the course of the semester or you can study all of those hours the weekbefore your final.
  17. 17. 17As a conclusion, SQ3R reading method is very efficient for all readers orstudents.
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