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Candidate Presentation for IEEE President


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Dr. Zurada's candidate presentation for IEEE President 2020

Published in: Science
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Candidate Presentation for IEEE President

  1. 1. Jacek Zurada IEEE Life Fellow Candidate for 2019 IEEE President-Elect Voting at (Aug 15-Oct 30, 2018)
  2. 2. Better Retain/Recruit/ Serve Members • Industrial • Students/YPs • Global Redefine Value Proposition • Relevance to jobs, careers • Satisfy members’ information needs Improve Synergy ofTA and MGA • Bring Sections and S/Cs closer • Bridge gaps between Boards Membership, Membership, Membership TA MGA
  3. 3. Personalization=new AI-driven IEEE Explore S/C Resource Centers Industry/ Corporate Info Portals Access to Person- alized Info
  4. 4. Communities are our Strengths • Societies/Councils; Regions/Sections,Technical • Affinity groups: WiE,YP, LM, …. Career Services • Technical training, certifications • Networking and support Conversion of IP Content-to-$$$ • Low-to-Highly processed technical information • Analyze > filter > validate > synthesize > deliver 3C=Communities+Career+Content
  5. 5. Lead in InnovativeTechnologies • AI/Cloud/Computing/Communications • Seamless Intelligence Exercise PublicVoice • Governments and global business • Public discourse, image of the profession Strive forTransparency and Clarity • Business-critical vs. other deliberations/decisions • Accounting: product lines, corporate expenses, investing Outward and Inward Actions Needed
  6. 6. My Expertise and Accomplishments Professional Career • Academic: neural networks/ML, pub-s with 12k cites • International: Poland, Switzerland, KY 30+ years, Asia IEEE Service • TAB Chair, Periodicals, PRAC, Society President, EIC • PSPBV-Chair, TAB Rep to MGA IEEE Accomplishments • Pioneered the marketing of educational modules • Globalization Initiative, Fin-trans, 12 new Magazines
  7. 7. Why vote Zurada? I will provide IEEE with effective and visionary leadership. My cross-cultural exposure blends my European background with a professional career of 35 years in the USA and three years in Asia. This gives me the confidence and skills to be an effective leader of the increasingly global IEEE. THANKS FORYOUR SUPPORT ANDVOTE
  8. 8. Title and Content Layout with Chart