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Voip service provider – Telx telecom


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Telx Telecom utilizes its proprietary, best-in-class network infrastructure to deliver a complete array of data, voice and managed services to small and mid-sized businesses across the country.

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Voip service provider – Telx telecom

  1. 1. VOIP Service Provider – Telx Telecom Dialing Features to Allow More Call Control
  2. 2. With so much business these days being conducted over the phone, businesses really need their phone systems to be highly functional systems with many features, giving employees the most efficient ways of conducting telecommunications. Employees need to be able to forward calls to voice mail inboxes, mobile phones, and other Internet phone systems. Contact numbers and call logs need to be stored and be easy to access. And with so much business being conducted on the move, businesses need the option of having a phone system that can virtually travel with them. They need complex call forwarding features that allow them to quickly and efficiently redirect calls, in order to ensure that every customer and
  3. 3. About Company Telx Telecom, one of the best VoIP service providers in Miami, announces new dialing features on all VoIP phone systems that allow the greatest ever level of control over both incoming and outgoing calls. Features such as “Hunting” give users many options when it comes to choosing which phones they wish to have audibly ring when specific numbers call into a main number, while giving the administration of this feature to a dedicated user. This is ideal for companies that have different teams dedicated to specific areas of customer service.
  4. 4. Features There is also an auto attendant feature that will ensure that every single call is answered and that the caller is given several options as to where they would like to have their call directed to. And with the many call-forwarding choices available, employees are assured that they will not miss calls when they are away from their desk, or on the road. They have a variety of choices when it comes to forwarding calls to a different destination.
  5. 5. One concern many business owners have when they consider switching to a VoIP hosted PBX is whether they will be able to have all the standard calling features that they have become used to on regular phone systems. Telx Telecom systems have all the features of a standard system and more. Businesses are increasingly turning to IP phone service providers to take care of all the company’s calling needs. It gives them the freedom to conduct business remotely, and the peace of mind that all calls will be answered promptly and that the caller will reach the right person. When company owners search for Internet phone service providers, they will usually find that Telx Telecom appears at the top of many
  6. 6. Contact  Telx Telecom is a leading provider of business hosted PBX systems with expert knowledge and skills within the field of Internet phone services.  For more information call toll free: 1.866.969.8359 or join a VoIP specialist for a live chat by visiting
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