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Miami web design company - Telx web


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Looking for web design company in Miami? TelxWeb is one of the best web design company in Miami, provides best comprehensive website designs, development, project management, and more services with 100% client satisfaction.

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Miami web design company - Telx web

  1. 1. Workflow considerations in Responsive web design
  2. 2. In the last few years the popularity of mobile devices like Smartphone’s, tablet, and laptop have grown up at a standing pace. In such a situation it is necessary to deliver a site that adapts itself to all the formats of operation i.e. to have a responsive website. Responsive website designing is a method that involves designing a website using standard developing technologies in such a manner such that it adapt itself according to the devices.
  3. 3. To enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of the company, it is necessary to follow a particular designing workflow. For the designing of a responsive website the workflow that is implemented is a proper content outline >> Wireframes >> Draft Visual Design >> Site Development Plan >> Launch.
  4. 4. While designing a responsive web design it is necessary for the web designer to have a proper content strategy keeping in mind that the visitors of the site get the complete information regarding the services offered by the company regardless of the mobile device from which they are browsing. In such a condition the website designers follow the most generic approach that includes designing of content in the form of an up and down pyramid. It is a format that provides the most important information at the top, because at the time of browsing the visitor are mainly concerned with the first paragraph. Another point that should be considered while designing an outline of the content is to avoid unwanted stuffing of the content. An appropriate amount of trusted and fresh content should be planned for each page of the website.
  5. 5. Framework/ wireframe is also a manner in which designer communicates with the client. The wireframe designing takes into consider the different page element, saves time as it keeps the developer away from directly jumping into live designing process and afford them with a structure that covers every single minute detail that ward off the mistake, guards client’s demand, and also keep a room for alters that are suggested from the client side.
  6. 6. Today the rise of new browsers and devices has forced the designers have to deal with the problem occurring in different platforms. The designer who are using features like HTML and CSS 3 follow strategy that covers all the problems occurring in different browser. The web designers follow a progressive enhancement methodology in which they start with developing the site first for the browsers with the lowest support. After getting this design finalized designer attach the features that enhance the experience of the user with most modern browsers. The web designers prefer to have a prototype that projects the actual web page build in HTML and CSS. But then this prototype does lack some functionality.
  7. 7. There is nothing wrong with getting the design drafted. It’s a completely worthwhile procedure, as it aids the designer in understanding the actuality to getting a design implemented. It also saves time by sorting all the issues related to the code that will be implemented and avoids the designer to immediately jump up in the live designing procedure.
  8. 8. Testing and launching of the web page, the last thing to be considered in the work flow but then it is one of the most crucial parts of responsive website design. Before launching and during the phase of testing the designer should be confident about the fact that the web page that has been designed by them delivers the best possible user experience regardless of the device.
  9. 9. Telx Web Is a Miami based Technology Company that specializes in website design, Web development and Search Engine optimization services. For More Information about Workflow considerations in Responsive web design Visit on