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Deep dive into LinkedIn solutions and applications


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Talent Advantage : Referral Engine, Recruiter, Talent Direct, Recruitment Advertising, Jobs Network

Employer Branding: Custom Company Profiles, Career Pages

By Jacco Valkenburg, Recruitment Architect and Trainer, Recruit2

For European Online Recruitment Seminar in Barcelona 23-24 November 2011

Published in: Business, Technology
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Deep dive into LinkedIn solutions and applications

  1. 1. How do you find the best people? % in bottom % in top performers (2 years employed) Targeted Sourcing Referral ? Internal Campus Advertising Old school Via agencies (source: N=1500 employees hired 2006-2007, performance rating 2009, USA company) 1
  2. 2. Recruiting strategy cycle UNDERSTAND your target audience POSITION  your     company  as   MEASURE  results   employer  of   choice   SOURCE top passive talent
  3. 3. LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Insights
  4. 4. Understand Your Audience – Benchmark Survey Understand how candidates view you and your competitors and what job attributes they care most about with 20 standard & 5 custom questions
  5. 5. LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Recruiter
  6. 6. LinkedIn Recruiter: EnhancedCandidate Search Save profiles to team or individual project folders Access names and full profiles beyond your 3-degree network Quickly zero-in on the right candidates with search filters
  7. 7. Share profiles with Hiring Managers
  8. 8. Know who’s in your ATS <-> Recruiter (2012)
  9. 9. Searching LinkedIn via search engines Finf names of ‘anonymous’ profiles: “HEADLINE” Search ‘anonymous’ Belgium profiles: (KEYWORDS) Search Dutch members of a group: “NAME GROUP” Tips: •  Search for job titles •  Use English and Dutch/French keywords •  Advanced search via Bing: current near:4
  10. 10. LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Referral Hiring
  11. 11. LinkedIn Referral Engine (2012)
  12. 12. Reverse referrals (company insider)
  13. 13. Be proactive: ask your employees to refer!
  14. 14. LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Targeted Ads
  15. 15. Targeted Recruitment AdsBe top-of-mind among passive talent Warm up passive candidates Your ads stand out on LinkedIn pages Maximize impressions by reaching the right audience
  16. 16. Work With Us AdsPicture yourself with this New Job
  17. 17. LinkedIn DirectAds
  18. 18. LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Jobs Network
  19. 19. Personal Job Seeker Experience Apply Now button can link to your ATS Posts feel personal Candidates see who they know at your company Job is indexed for search engines and can be published to Twitter Members forward your jobs in 2 clicks
  20. 20. LinkedIn Jobboard
  21. 21. Who Viewed My Job?
  22. 22. LinkedIn Hiring Solutions Careers Page
  23. 23. Your message dynamically adapts to the viewer (Gold only) Your featured recruiters Company culture videoJob postings targeted to viewer for relevance
  24. 24. Employee spotlights (viewer targeted for Gold) Employee benefits Links to additional company contentUp to 3 customizable modules
  25. 25. LinkedIn Company Profiles