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December Chew the Cheese


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Pages 10 and 11 are my articles, and page 16 is my Bootcamp review.

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December Chew the Cheese

  1. 1. Chew The Cheese vol. 3, Holiday 2009 Photo: Vincent Bifrare 2007 F r i b o u r g E x pat W o m a n ’ s g r o u p there’s more than just a F.E.W. of us!
  2. 2. Bonjour! The presents under the Christmas tree may be a little less expensive this year, but I am certain that won’t prevent the party spirit continu- ing throughout the Fribourg Festive Season. Yes I agree, it’s been a tough old year, however I feel that this is even more reason to celebrate the end of 2009 and the beginning of a New Year with friends and family. I am sure with the commencement of FEW Group this year that many of our readers have found a new friend to celebrate with this year. We are thrilled with this month’s issue of “Chew the Cheese” and I am sure you will all enjoy reading it! We have some new regular features: FEW Group Member Recipe of the month, Q & A sections with our new Interior Designer, Feng Shui expert, Beauty Guru and articles about up and coming Cultural / Art events around the Fribourg Region. We also chat with several FEW Group members about the work-shops they have just finished and catch up with all the latest Fitness and programs that are coming to us in 2010 !! And finally, a big end-of-year Thank You, to all – our loyal FEW GROUP Ladies – for supporting us through our very first start-up year and for all your positive feedback to ensure we keep this great group and news letter flourishing. Keep watching this space for bigger and bet- ter things during 2010. Wherever you are this Christmas, I hope you have a truly happy one. Kerri Dann Founder – FEW Group
  3. 3. Contents Workshops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-10 pottery Art Class carnival Make-Up Callanetics Boot Camp II Sub-Clubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13 Book Club Movie Club Bowling Night Tennis Club Coffee Kids “How was it?” . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15-17 Member Interviews Scene Holiday Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Art Music guide. . . . . . . . . . 18-19 Special Interest 7 minute Cookie Killer . . . . . . . .11 Yoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Biophase . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Interior Design QA. . . . . . . . . 23 Feng Shui Tips. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Recipe of the Month . . . . . . . . 25 The Cheese Board . . . . . . . . 26-27 Member Contributions
  4. 4. Pottery Class with Peter Fink In his Ependes-Fribourg workshop he creates pieces in ceramic in- tended for daily usage around the home. Peter is infamous for uni- formly collaborating with various artists, potters and designers. Peter teaches Pottery in Bern, Vesey and for the School of Design in Zurich. INTERMEDIATE POTTERY COURSE Date: 20th January - 10th February 2010. Day: Every Wednesday night Timings: 19.00 - 21.30 Costs: 210 CHF per person (10 hours of hands-on-pottery) + 10 CHF per kilo of pottery you have made. (Only charged for pieces that are not broken due to Firing) Participants: 8 ladies For those who have already completed the Beginners Course, we now have an Intermediate Course available for FEW Group Members. You have already mastered the basic techniques and much more. Now it’s time to progress by expanding on these Pottery techniques and cre- ate your own masterpiece utilizing the knowledge you have already gained and the new skills that you will soon learn through the Inter- mediate Pottery Course. BEGINNERS POTTERY COURSE WITH PETER FINK Date: 23rd Feb - 16th March 2010 Day: Every Tuesday night Timings: 19.00 - 21.30 Costs: 210 CHF per person ( 10 hours of hands-on-pottery) + 10 CHF per kilo of pottery you have made. (Only charged for pieces that are not broken due to Firing) Participants: 8 ladies Join Peter in a Beginners Pottery Course. This is a comprehensive introduction to working in clay. Over the course of a month, partici- pants will learn basic hand techniques such as pinching, coiling, soft slab building, hard slab building and press moulding, just to name a few techniques. What to bring to the courses: Apron to cover your clothes. Wear clothes that can get covered in clay - as both these workshops are very hands on. Shoes that totally cover your feet. Details of registration is in our Activity letters.
  5. 5. Art Classes with Johannes Schumacher Johannes Schumacher was born in Fribourg, Switzerland in 1967. He studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva , where he received formation in graphic design. At the University of Bern, he earned pedagogical certification in Fine Arts. From the University of Zurich, Johannes also earned a Master of Arts and the certifica- tion to teach French and History from the University of Fribourg. He has shown his work most recently at the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Fribourg during the exposition, “Public Collection of the State of Fribourg, 1984-2009” and in a solo exhibit in 2008 for Bayer Interna- tional. Johannes’ work as a teacher coalesces with his work as a painter. His art reveals a fascination with the expression of forms and colors that convey an infinite number of emotions. “Each one of my paintings is the result of a personal and engaging process. With each canvas, there is a genuine search, questioning, and remise en question. “I wish to evoke emotion based on the lyricism of colors and the unique character of forms. Each painting is a kind of visual aria, resulting from the rich layering of colors.” Johannes is married and lives in Fribourg, where he is a teacher of visual and fine arts. For the Month of January and February 2010, in a series of 5 evening classes, Few Group ladies will learn the basics of drawing, composi- tion, and color theory and how to transform a pencil sketch into a final work of art, painting with acrylic on paper. At the end of the course, there will be a small soiree (with a glass of wine in hand, of course) for all participants and spouses to view all the paintings. Participants are asked to bring: • a small arrangement of 4-6 fresh flowers to be used in the sketch during the first two classes, • a pencil (2B), and an eraser. All other materials will be provided (papers, high quality acrylics, charcoal, paint brushes, etc.). Dates: Every Tuesday night from the 19th January until and including the 10th February, 2010. Times: 19.15pm until 21.00pm Location: Centre Ste-Ursule Rue des Alpes 2 (at Place Georges-Python) 1700 Fribourg 2nd floor classroom (accessible with lift) Note: Street parking is available or in the garage at Rue des Alpes. Participants: 10 participants max. Cost: 220 CHF Details of registration is in our Activity Letter.
  6. 6. Fantasy Make-Up Workshops with Violane Coard Let’s get ready for carnival time in switzerland! A contagious Carnival fever is about to take over Switzerland in the new year. Again the atmosphere will be bursting with festivities, bands, fun and fantasy costumes. However, Carnival is nothing with- out the faces: some smiling, some creative, some scary, some mysteri- ous ...... but all beautiful! We all spend so much time obsessing over choosing the right cos- tume, footwear, wig or funny hat, that wouldn’t it be great if we had the skills and tools to enable ourselves to place the finishing touches by being able to apply our own professional creative make-up that lasts all day and throughout the night! This year, Violaine Coard from “Make me up” is offering FEW Group members the opportunity to learn these professional skills in a one day intensive workshop. Who is Violaine Coard? - Violaine Coard has been a passionate free- lance make-up artist for over 10 years. She was taught by Rachel Roggo, a renowned make-up artist in the Suisse Romande. Violaine does stage make-up for various troupes, going from experi- mental theater to classical opera. She for example worked and toured during 8 seasons with the Opéra de Fribourg and did the make-up for the show created for Fribourg’s 850 anniversary. She had the opportunity to work with Gisèle Sallin, Yann Pugin and many other important Swiss theatrical figures. She regularly does make-up for private and company parties and works regulary for photographers and communication agencies. Her latest major jobs were for the ads of the Banque Cantonale de Fribourg and IXS’s 2009 catalog, a Swiss motorcycle equipment company. Teaching is also a big part of her job. EduQua certified, she gives make-up courses to beauticians in companies and private lessons to woman who just feel the need to get a professional beauty coaching. Carnival and Fantasy make-up workshop! This one day make-up workshop will allow you to get a hold of all the professional techniques, tips and hints to do great face make-up on kids and adults. You will be able to chose 2 or 3 themes that most interest you, like witches, butterflies, mouse, rabbits, cats and tigers, clowns, princesses and pirates for birthday parties or Carnival. You will be using professional brushes and make-up that is very easy to apply, stays beautiful for hours and can be removed easily with warm water and soap. You won’t need any models, as participants will practice on each other. By the end of the workshop will have learnt the skills of which brush and how to use it correctly when creating your own Fantasy Make-up. Plus how to apply/blend the colors with a brush or a sponge and have gained greater confidence in your cre- ativity skills. Just to get your imagination running prior to the workshop... Fairy Makeup – For your daughter, or the little girl in all of us, the new focus on fairy makeup brings back memories of enchanted child- hoods. Learn to create fairy makeup with vibrant aqua colors.
  7. 7. Tiger and Magical Cat makeup - for your children or to bring out the beast and sexiness in you! These two make up designs are highly intricate and one Violaine’s most popular creations - you will all enjoy learning these new techniques. Halloween Makeup Ideas – Halloween looks have always been a favor- ite of many people around the world eg: wizards, witches, vampires, Frankenstein etc... Vampire Makeup – Obviously, around the world there is a renewed vampire craze with the Twilight book being such a great success and the movie about to hit our Fribourg Cinema’s. So why not take your creative edge from this craze. And don’t forget those Crazy Colored Contact Lenses and Fake Eye lashes – Makeup artistry has inspired a whole new line of contact lenses and colored Fake Eye Lashes. Fairies, vampires, elves and more will definitely want to own a pair of those crazy lenses and false eye lashes for those special gatherings and events. Add the wow fac- tor to your makeup! What you should bring to the course: old and comfortable cloths, a standing mirror, a small towel, a washcloth, mild soap and your day cream (lotion would be ideal) Date: 30th January 2010 9am to 12am and 1.30pm - 4pm Location: To Be Determined Price Option A: 120.- for the course utilizing all Make Me Up’s professional makeup and brushes. Price Option B: 105.- for the course + 150.- for full make-up kit to take home (2 professional paintbrushes, 1 sponge and 1 twelve color professional make-up box). Please note that this Professional make-up kit normally retails at around 170 CHF - this special discount is only offered to FEW Group ladies that pre-book Option B. Payment: Will be required by the 23rd January to FEW Group. Participants: max 12 persons. Registration: Through our January Activity Letter. Photo: Thomas Ruf
  8. 8. Callanetics Workshops with Marianne Overney Chew the Cheese: Hi Marianne. Thanks for joining us. Could you tell our readers a bit more about yourself Marianne: Hello Kerri. Well, as you heard from my accent there is no doubt I was born and bred in London. However, I have been living in Switzerland for the last 20 years. I’m 45 and, a working mother of two adolescent girls and a Certified Callan- etics teacher, Chew the Cheese: Why did you decided to train in this form of exercise and exactly what is Callanetics? Marianne: Callanetics exercises can best be described as being one of the most thorough muscle toning routines on the fitness scene today. Callanetics exercises returns the body to its natural alignment, awakening muscles to improve our everyday life so that it no longer includes pain, stiffness, rounded shoulders, protruding bellies and flat bottoms. I had been teaching basic gym exercises in a local gym for six years until one day, I decided to show my students some Callanetics exercises. What an impact - from that day on, they wanted nothing else but the Callanetic exercises. Chew the Cheese: I believe many people compare Callanetics to Yoga and Pillaties, could you tell us what is the difference? Marianne: Well Callanetics, like Yoga and Pillaties are all exercises for the body as well as for the mind. Callanetics are different in that the exercises involve constant repetitive contractions using a small range of motion- These types of movement are acceptable to a broad range of people whether young, old, fat, thin, with a high or low fitness level, pregnant or with back and knee problems or injuries. Chew the Cheese: You recommend Callanetics as a full body workout for fat loss, core strength and overall fitness. What makes this type of training superior to others? Marianne: First of all, these exercises are extremely safe. The exercis- es are smooth and gentle and every student works at her own pace. After the first hour of Callanetics exercises, students FEEL a differ- ence. These exercises are wonderful for people of all ages, from 8 to 86 and are especially great for women over 40 for whom weight loss often results in a drawn haggard look on the face. Students can pull in and shape the body without losing weight. Chew the Cheese: What results can the FEW Group ladies expect from your Callanetics workout? Marianne: They will understand what they are doing to their body, why and what the outcome will be! They will see their bodies change shape. These exercises do not make the muscles bulky. On the con- trary, they give the body a long, lean, toned look. Chew the Cheese: Apparently, you have some clients who travel up from Geneva twice a week to partake in your classes - that’s amazing! Can we here what they have to say about your classes? Marianne: Yes they do! They basically just like the exercises!
  9. 9. Chew the Cheese: Could you tell us more about the workshop you are offering the FEW Group members Marianne: The Callanetics exercise workshop will take place over a period of 2 months. This will give us the time to understand the concepts of Callanetics and how to put them to pratice. I will teach you the One hour Evolution Mind, Body and Soul Exercise program. It’s a program that will cover exercising the entire body. Callanetics Classes for FEW Group. Dates: 4th February - March 25th inclusive. Timings: Thursday afternoon - 2.00pm - 3.00pm Costs: 220.00 CHF per participant for 2 months lessons. Location: Hall in the old part of Fribourg. Participants: Minimum 10 ladies Callanetics classes are a treat…. so spoil yourself! Find out more click onto Here’s what marianne’s clients are saying about her callanetic classes! Why I love Callanetics... It keeps me physically toned and mentally focused, has helped my posture and made me feel better about myself generally. The lessons are clear; instructions and guidance are given in plain language, easily accessible and adaptable whatever your physical condition, shape or size. A great confidence booster!” I play squash semi-professionally and train 4 times a week. Squash is harsh on the body and the Callanetics exercises help me to remain flexible. My muscles are so well toned with these exercises that I feel much more on form when I play. I also find these exercises quite relaxing because there is quite a lot of stretching. I have never been a fan of gym for the body as I am much more of a ‘field’ player but Callanetics exercises astonished me. I had no idea what Callanetics was and I am not ready to give up my place for someone else in Marianne’s Tuesday afternoon lesson!!
  10. 10. Boot Camp! California Sport Fitness style Bootcamp 2009 turned out better than expected. There were no problems with the gym or the daycare center, and the ladies who participated in the 8 grueling sessions, showed up motivated and positive. Tuesday’s session targeted strength training and toning of the core and major muscle groups, while Friday’s session was more geared towards cardio and dynamic flexibility. I’m a big believer in varying each session to maintain enthusiasm. Hence, I incorporated different workouts including Pilates, Yoga Fusion, boxing, step exercises, Vol- leyball Fitness, agility drills, running intervals, light plyometrics, and Swiss ball work. We often worked in circuits. Circuit training is fantas- tic to rev up your heart rate, effectively pass the time by focusing on the task at hand, and, just as it starts to get difficult, we move on to something else. Every session incorporated abdominal, butt, and back strengthening, with exercises adapted to each lady’s individual fitness level. Bootcamp 2010 promises new and exciting changes. We’ll still have the old two session/week exercise classes, but participants will have an opportunity to take on the full mind/body makeover for an 8-week commitment to better health. The 8-week Makeover will include an initial health evaluation, the two group exercise sessions per week, a nutrition plan, stress-manage- ment seminars, a personalized 3rd workout session home visit each week, healthy cooking recipes and how to read food labels, cognitive- behavioral meal management modification, and mindfulness training. Individual diet plans and herbal supplements will also be included in the Makeover. Who am I? I am sport psych counselor, personal trainer, and life coach. I have a masters in Counseling Psychology at Webster Univer- sity in Geneva, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Santa Clara University and a minor in Health Science and Kinesiology. I have a solid background in exercise-science, exercise-fitness, nutri- tion, and mental training techniques. I’m currently a Volleyball Fit- ness instructor, a “work-self-health” life coach at Vivamea, and run a private counseling practice. I am a volunteer sport psychologist at Santa Clara University, and offer customized mental training seminars for schools and club teams in California. Being a professional athlete, I’ve spent years trying out different combinations of diet and exercise. I believe in goal-setting and our ability to succeed in the process if our intentions are correct, the goal is reasonably attainable, and if the discipline is present. I’m also 100% aware of the fact that for most people, it is easier to achieve our health and fitness goals when there is follow-up, accountability, and a positive group atmosphere. All details in regard to timings, registration and costings will be in January’s Activity Letter. Just 8-weeks to jump start your way to a better you. 10 Are you ready?
  11. 11. The 7 Minute Cookie Killer A 7 minute daily workout to combat holiday treats Move #1: Overhead Squats (Tar- gets core, upper back, and legs) - Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out slightly. Grab a rolled-up towel with an overhand grip, hands shoulder-width apart, and raise it overhead so your shoulders are roughly in line with your heels (A). Squat down as far as possible without letting your knees jut out past your toes (B). Return to standing. That’s one rep. Do 10 to 15. Tip The towel helps keep your shoulders aligned. Sans towel, raise your hands overhead--but Move #4: Standing “T” (Targets arms for support, jump both feet keep your shoulders back and in core and lower body) - Stand back and land in plank position line with your heels. with your arms at your sides, (B). Jump both feet forward to Move #2: Superwoman Exten- right foot raised a few inches be- return to the squat. Return to sions (Targets core, lower back, hind you (A). Lean forward while standing. That’s one rep. Do 12 to and glutes) - Lie facedown and you extend your right leg directly 15. extend your arms out at shoul- back and your left arm forward Move #7: Walkouts to Push-up der height, keeping your elbows (B). Keep your right arm against aka “Inch Worm to Push-up” slightly bent (A). Press your your body. Your torso, left arm, (Targets core and upper body) shoulder blades together and lift and right leg should be parallel - Stand with your feet together, your arms, torso, and legs off the to the floor. Hold for one second, arms at your sides (A). Bend floor (B). Holding that position, then return to start. Repeat on over (it’s OK for your knees to bring your arms in front of you, the other side. That’s one rep. Do be slightly bent) and place your and make a slight chopping mo- 5 or 6. hands or fingertips on the floor in tion with your hands and slight Move #5: Mountain Climbers front of you (B). Walk your hands freestyle swimming kick motion (Targets core and upper body) forward into plank position and with your feet (C), do this for one - Get in push-up position with do one pushup (C). Keeping your count, and then move them back. your hands directly below your hands in place, walk your feet Lower yourself to the floor. That’s shoulders and your feet together up until they’re as close to your one rep. Do 10 to 15. (A). Bend your left knee and draw hands as possible. That’s one rep. Move #3: Scissor Lunges (Tar- it toward your chest (B). Extend Continue moving forward until gets lower body) - Stand with back to start. Repeat with your you’ve done 5 to 6 pushups. your feet hip-width apart, hands right leg. That’s one rep. Do 20 to Tip Keep your neck in line with clasped behind your head. Lunge 30, moving quickly. your spine at all times forward with your left foot and Tip Brace your abs and keep your lower yourself until your right Follow these above tips and you back flat. will notice that your New Years knee almost touches the floor (A).Explosively push up and Move #6: Squat Thrusts (Targets Eve frock that you purchased in scissor your legs in midair, land- core and legs) - Stand with your early November will easily slip ing with your right leg forward feet together, arms at your sides. over your Festive body. (B). When you land, drop down, Bend your knees and place your Written by Jacqueline Heler explode up, and scissor again. palms on the floor in front of C/- California Fitness your feet and along the outsides That’s one rep. Do 3 or 4. of your knees (A). Using your email: 11
  12. 12. Women of Words All-New Ladies Book Club My name is Emily Haslimeier. I am from Australia and moved to Fribourg , September 2008. My husband is Swiss and we have a beautiful 11 month daughter. After speaking to Kerri we thought a book club would be a fantastic way of bringing some expat women together on a regular basis to enjoy some wine, cheese, tea, and coffee and discuss a ‘book of the month’, Where possible we will watch the as- sociated movie to give us a different perspective to discuss on the night. Who is it for? Anyone who enjoys reading, don’t worry if you are not a book worm. What books will we read? We will each select a book of the month. Because our members are from such diverse backgrounds this will be a great way of discovering books that cover a wide range of genres and cultures. When and Where? Book Club night will take place on the first Tuesday of every month from 7.30pm – 11.00pm at my house in Le Mouret. The first night will be Tuesday 2nd Febraury, 2010. What do I need to do? Read a book once a month, and keep the first Tuesday of every month free. Timings: approx 7.00pm Location: Les Marias 3, Le Mouret, 1724 Fribourg. The first book will be “The Secret Life of Bees” Author - Sue Monk Kidd. The idea is that we all read this between now and January so we can discuss it on the first night - Tuesday the 2nd February. (F.Y.I. Amazon UK has The Secret Life of Bees) How do I join? Just send me an email or give me a call on 076-3449333. Flick Chicks All-New Ladies Movie Club FEW Group has been working club” but for MOVIES, where we up a little surprise for you ladies announce what we’re going to over the past month. Basically, watch ahead of time, and you can I’ve been talking to Margaret watch it and then follow along Braun about a new monthly with Margaret afterwards for a Movie Group for FEW Group that nice glass of wine etc... would simply involve watching The Monthly movie night will be some particularly noteworthy held on the 2nd Tuesday of ev- films and having a chat about ery month, whether we meet up them later. Not so much from an for drinks or dinner before hand academic or critical point of view, or after wards purely depends on but just from a personal and en- the timings of the movie. joyment point of view, discussing what you got out of each movie The first movie will be on the and how it fits into the world 12 January, 2009. of cinema at large. The idea is You can register by emaiing on to make it sort of like a “book
  13. 13. Tennis Anyone? Bowling Ladies Social Tennis Club Just for Fun! Calling for all raquet nuts and social ladies, who love playing regular Bowling night - it’s way more fun tennis and are searching for a-bit-of outdoor/indoor fun! Please join than just throwing balls down us then, for a game of tennis and bring along your girlfriends! a tenpin lane! Some consider it a sport, others assume it’s only • Fancy a game of Tennis? for old folk, some people just go • Would you like to meet new people over a friendly fun game there to hang out with friends of tennis? over a beer and some just play for pure fun! Why don’t you just • Can’t think of anything better than a nice glass of wine or come along and make-up your cold beer, after a chilly Wednesday evening spent indoors own mind about the bowling playing Tennis? mystery! • Like to have a “hit” on a Wednesday night, without having The FEW Group Bowling gang to worry about booking 3 weeks in advance? are a relaxed bunch of “girls and Then wait no longer, and join our FEW Group Ladies Tennis Team. guys” who are all down to earth, Our Tennis Group is a fairly new Sub-Group, and has women from friendly and love having a good all over the Fribourg area, who want to play regular social tennis “laugh”. If you haven’t bowled throughout the year. This group is open to all FEW Group Members before it’s not a problem - it’s and guests who would like to enjoy other social activities including easy to pick up and just play. happy hours after tennis, tennis outings and many others. Bowling is always fun, social, ac- tive and is never affected by the Fribourg weather. It definately Where: Agy Centre, makes a great change from Granges Paccot standing in a pub or sitting at a OR L’Aiglon restaurant drinking and chatting Villars-Sur-Glane. during the winter months that Time: 8pm - 9pm are fast approaching. Day: Every Wednesday Night. Time: 7.30pm Regsiteration: Please email our Sub Location: Fribourg Bowling group Manager, Rowena so she book Centre, Rue Saint-Pierre 6, 1701 the correct number of courts. Fribourg. Participants: Girls / Guys / Don’t forget to register your friends! Friends - anybody who wants to pick up a ball, play, and have some fun! Date: 3rd Thursday of every Month. Coffee Kids First date in 2010: 17TH FEBRUARY 2010 Registration: Please email Irma Weekly morning mum’s kid’s play date on to register. This will enable Irma to Did you know? Every Thursday morning between 9.00am to 11.00am book the correct number of lanes we have a Mothers coffee morning and childrens play date at the per month. Restaurant Manora, Route De Moncor 1, Villars-sur-Glane. Weather permitting we can be found upstairs by the playground. Otherwise we are on the main level near the indoor play area. Simply drop by and meet some FEW Group moms for a coffee and chat. Come and make new friends for yourself and your kids! 1
  14. 14. It’s that time of year! Guide to the Christmas Markets Basel Markets - in the middle Montreux Markets - from the of the old town from November November 26th until Decem- 26th until December 23rd is ber 24th, 2009. With a beauti- where you will find the fantastic ful back drop of the lake and Basel Christmas Markets. This is mountains, what more could definitely worth a visit during the you ask from a xmas market! festive season! Martigny Xmas Markets - from Biel / Bienne - boasts the biggest December 25th to Tuesday De- xmas market of the region. From cember 8th 2009. Friday 5th December to Thursday Neuchatel Christmas Handicraft 24th December, the middle of Biel Markets - only on December 5th will come alive for xmas. from 3.00pm - 10.00pm - Neucha- Bern Xmas Markets - November tel city central will come alive. 28th to December 27th - the old Lastly, don’t forget our own chris- town of Bern will come alive with mas market here in Fribourg and over 50 decorated wooden huts, the St. Nicolas cortege both on lights, pine trees and array of Saturday the 5th - more details wonderful food to set the taste can be found in Chloe’s article on buds alive!! page 26. Bulle Xmas Markets - same dates as the other infamous (Nov 26th - Dec 24th) Swiss markets - how- And other winter-wonderland activities... ever, much closer for the FEW • Skiing, downhill and cross country - all ski areas in Switzerland. Group ladies. Open every Thurs- day to Sunday. • Snow experience or training really needed just exhausting like walking in sand - most ski areas in Switzerland. Interlaken Xmas Markets - For the 13th year, in the Center of • Ice skating on frozen lakes, e.g. Schwarzsee Interlaken they will hold the • Sledding down the mountain. Christmas Markets from Saturday • Horse-drawn sleigh rides - Schwarzsee December 5th to Sunday Decem- ber 6th, 2009. • Thermal Baths - Charmey, Yverdon Les Bains and my favorite is Lavey les Bains. Lausanne Markets - November 27th until December 24th. • Chateux D’Oex Hot air balloon festival in late Jan is spectacular. 1 • Eat Fondue and Raclette.
  15. 15. Anna shares her potters wheel experience Chew the Cheese: Thank you for Anna: Indeed in this “hands on” taking the time to talk with Chew workshop, you really need to ceeded the Cheese. You have a lovely use your hands as the main tool to make accent - where are you originally in shaping your pottery from a bowl. The from and how did you come to a piece of moist clay. We have most important is not to Fribourg? explored hand-building tech- give up and to try again. niques such as pinching, coiling Anna Jazwinska: I am originally CtC: I am sure everybody would and slabbing. In addition, we have Polish. However, I have worked in like to know - have you completed llearnt how to use simple shap- London (UK), Cologne and Tübin- a “masterpiece yet”? ing or rolling tools, cutting wire, gen (Germany), Basel (Switzer- and the pottery wheel. Everybody Anna: Not quite yet (haha) But land), Boston (USA). Two years could make a bowl, a butter plate even if my work did not result in ago I was invited to take a posi- and to design diverse personal- a real masterpiece, I am happy tion at the University of Fribourg ized items. We had full freedom that I could learn what pottery and since then I have been here. to choose what we wanted to is about, what kind of skills and CtC: You were one of the first to create. It’s been a fantastic work- tools are needed in this job. I register for the pottery course. shop. tried it. It doesn’t matter how Why did you decide to take this perfect your final product is. CtC: Peter Fink is quite an infa- workshop? What is precious for me is the mous Potter in Switzerland - how- Anna: I immediately registered ever what is he like as a teacher? experience that I have gained for it as I know that pottery is during the course. Anna: Peter is really a wonderful one of the fundamental elements CtC: Do you have creative ad- teacher. He was open to our ideas of our culture. I see in the break vice, for the members who have and patiently helped us to reach room at work, many of my col- signed up for the 2010 Pottery our goals. When something went leagues have their own special Workshops? wrong with our work, he was cups. The cup tells a little story there to show us the way. Anna: First my practical advice: of who the owner is! CtC: Was there any aspect of this Leave your rings or a watch at People across the world have home. Take an apron and com- workshop that was quite difficult fired clay to make pots, plates fortable shoes. My creative to manage, like the potters wheel, and ceramic decorations since advice: Before you start the or the mixing of your own glazes? prehistoric times, I also wanted to workshop, think about different get the experience with pottery. Anna: It was my first time in a forms you would like to create real pottery studio. I realized that from clay. Design a decoration for CtC: It’s apparently quite a it was quite difficult to use the your pottery. Your products will “hands on” workshop - have you wheel, but we had a chance to be your real personalized pottery. been enjoying it and what have try it several times. After having Good luck! you been doing in this workshop? practiced for a half an hour, I suc- 1
  16. 16. Lawana takes on Boot Camp Chew the Cheese: Hi Lawanna, something like aerobics Firstly thanks for taking the time or a step class from my to chat with Few Group. Could distant past, but it was you tell us more about yourself? nothing like that. One day Lawanna: I’m originally from a week we concentrated on Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S. I’ve strength training and the other have lived in Villar-sur-Glane for day was aerobic training. We almost 3 years with my husband used a variety of exercise balls, balance plates, punch bags, absolutely motivating :-). Jac- and 3 small children. We’re sadly queline accommodated all lev- leaving Fribourg next month to weights, a floor ladder, steps etc.. One day she even placed a rope els of fitness...even though we return to the U.S. trained in a group we all received around our waist and made us CtC: I believe you participated run as hard as we could, as if we tailored made exercises for our in one of our first “Boot Camp” were an ox or something pulling level of fitness, Workshops. What made you de- a cart. I know it sounds crazy... CtC: What advise do you have cide to choose that Activity? but, really it was a serious great for other ladies who may be Lawanna: First of all, having workout and never boring. thinking of taking up our “Boot 3 children has made me quite CtC: Do you think you would Camp” challenge next year? overweight! As I just mentioned, have received the same fitness Lawanna: Do least give I can’t really exercise regularly benefits from doing another type it a 4 week commitment. It’s a with 3 children, and the childcare of class instead of Jacqueline’s calorie burner, energy builder, available made it possible for unique Ball Workout? friend maker... okay, there’s some me to do it. So, that was a real pain, too. Jaqueline’s tough - but pull for me. Second and most Lawanna: No, because we utilized the balls and other equipment that’s exactly what you need to important, it was a ‘commitment’ see changes in your body! for me to ensure that I exercise every day, we constantly worked twice a week. Thirdly, with all the on our strength and core balance CtC: Thanks for taking the time changes in my life right now, I through out our bodies for the to chat with FEW Group and will needed some kind of de-stresser whole workout. For example, we we be seeing you again next year and thought this would greatly often lifted weights while lying on in the workout room? help. It really just put me in lots the exercise ball and not just in a Lawanna: It’s been a pleasure of pain did cause static position. I’m no expert, but and if I were going to be here in some pain but it was a great I definitely think that Jacqueline’s Fribourg next year, I would be the break for me and I always felt workouts bring about a greater first one signing up for the new better at the end of the hour. As overall fitness. and improved Boot Camp. Howev- we all now - NO PAIN, NO GAIN!! CtC: Many trainers believe in er, instead I’ll be hunting Jaque- CtC: Why was Jacqueline’s Boot what they call “the pack men- line’s twin in Atlanta in 2010! Camp classes so different from tality” - the benefits of training other types of workouts you have closely with others. I believe Jac- tried before? queline’s workout is also based upon working out with each other Lawanna: It was totally differ- - did you enjoy this and does this ent... Jacqueline has some re- help motivate clients through a ally unique exercises for the workout? Boot Camp and we never did the same workout twice. I absolutely Lawanna: Absolutely, having LOVED the variety. I expected friends “suffering” with you is 1
  17. 17. Violane and the Stained Glass Workshop Chew the Cheese: Morning Vio- Violaine: I created a 3 layer lamp laine. Thanks for joining us here. with an aluminum back. I had to Firstly, I believe you’re one of prepare and paint the 3 glass the first Swiss ladies to join FEW sheets that I then superposed to Group? created a 3D effect. The painting Violaine: Yes, I think so! I was was easy and I enjoyed mixing born in Switzerland 27 years the glass powder and water to ago. But 100% Swiss? Maybe get the paint ready before apply- not! My Mom is 1/2 Swiss Ger- ing it. The suspense was intense man 1/2 Swiss French, and my between each lesson. How did the Dad is 1/2 USA 1/2 Irish. That firing go? Will it look nice? Will it means, I don’t quite feel Swiss, break? But no worries, Catherine nor American or Irish. I’m a bit of is highly professional and a very all of them at the time, making patient, helpful and motivating me feel at home here and there, teacher with a great sense of but not being totally part of any humor. culture either. A big mix, citizen CtC: I know that your actually a of the World. I signed up about 5 very creative person and so what months ago because, growing up inspired you to choose those in Switzerland made me want to colors for your lamp? live the English-speaking culture Violaine: After the 1st introduc- a bit more and share my hints tion workshop at Catherine’s, CtC: Do you have creative ad- and experience of the region with driving back home I had a flash vice, for other FEW Group mem- the expats. I work in a commu- and had the idea to make a “pixel bers who have signed up for the nication agency as an executive lamp” with a superposition of lots STAINED GLASS WORKSHOPS? assistant and also teach English of little squares. I wanted some- Violaine: I would say, glass and in an art school. I discovered the thing graphical but warm, so that enamels are quite surprising, so FEW group when Kerri sent an is why I chose different shades of just let it go and be, have fun and email to all the English teachers orange and reds. let yourselves surprised my the in the Canton. CtC: What was the most interest- matter. CtC: Which FEW Group Workshop ing and difficult part of making CtC: Thanks for chatting with did you partake in? your lamp? us today and I know FEW Group Violaine: I signed up for the 1st Violaine: The most difficult part looks forward to seeing you at glass workshop with Catherine in making the lamp was the more of their workshops. Keller. That is where I met the drilling through the metal to the Violaine: I’m very happy to be other FEW members for the 1st screw the electric part to the part of this expat group and hope time. I enjoyed it so much, that back of the lamp. we will continue to exchange ex- I immediately signed up for a CtC: The lamp that you made is periences, hints and a good laugh second glass workshop. The hand beautiful. Will you be placing this on regular bases! painted lamp workshop. It was loads of fun. Crafts have been in your house or giving it away as my passion since I was a child. It a xmas present? keeps me focused and allows me Violaine: I was thinking of keep- to express myself in various ways. ing it. As I will be moving mid- CtC: Could you tell or readers January, I’m not quite sure yet some more about what you cre- where it will go maybe in my ated with Catherine Keller? bedroom. 1
  18. 18. Art Scene Corrinne Charpentier shows us what to see and where. Hello, Fribourg Expat ladies. My name is Corrine Charpentier and I am French. I am married to an American Artist from Pennsylvania and we have a four year old son. I am proud to announce that I will be providing FEW Group, with all the Cultural events that are happening in and around the Fribourg Region in each issue of Chew the Cheese! I started work in the Contemporary Arts field not because of an existing passion or because of long studies in art history from Paleolithic to present, but it simply turned out to be my job - I feel lucky it happened this way as I have an extremely interesting position, with which I discover new things, new people and new thoughts almost every day. I keep on saying that it was the only thing I could think of doing, having given up business classes after two years and re-oriented myself to communication and language studies. After achieving my studies with a degree in Cultural Policies, I started to work in different art institutions in Luxembourg and in the North East of France. After 7 years, I was able to build my own program as the director of an art centre located in a former synagogue. In 2007, I moved to Switzerland to be in charge of the Kunsthalle / Institute for contemporary art, Fri Art in Fribourg as a curator and director. The art centre is located in a beautiful industrial building close to the swimming-pool La Motta, in the Basse-Ville (downtown). It is a non-profit organization dedicated to interntional artists and art, its production and interpretation. We organize 4 to 5 exhibitions a year, which are solo shows as well as thematic group shows. If you are interested in getting our information or joining us (our annual party “Egyptian Reggae” will take place on the 30th of January with dinner, costumes and dancing), please simply e-mail meat FRI ART. Upcoming Events: A museum visit with the chil- A very seasonal exhibition - with the famous choreographer dren. Musée de la machine a cou- November 21st to January 10th Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui for the dre A curiosity, as M. Wassmer, Christmas at the Castle - Peruvi- last one. Not to miss. Nuithonie, 80 years old, has been collecting an Nativity Scenes from the Hartl Villars-sur-Glane. http://www.nui- tools that were in use, worldwide, Collection : the Castle opens its before the invention of electricity. doors to an exceptional Christ- A mythic concert - December 6. In the grand rue, Fribourg and on mas exhibition: over a 150 Nativ- 40 years later, Fri son invites ity Scenes will be on display in a Richie Havens to open this long spectacular setting created by night dedicated to the mythic A sunday morning for the family December 6 Le Guignol à rou- the collector Alfred Hartl in col- Woodstock festival. The Young lettes présente: Graine de Zizanie laboration with Monika Amrein. Gods will follow, and will impro- Puppet show and brunch. The Picturesque and enchanting to vise on the film Woodstock, which brunch is at 10 and the show at 11. the eye, surprising by its expres- will be projected simultaneously. Reservation advised at Fribourg sive force, the presentation pin- tourisme 026 350 11 00, more points the multiple facets Scenes. http://www.chateau-gruyeres. An art opening - December 4th info on http://www.nouveau- at 6 pm. Fri Art reopens its space ch/e/expos/prochain/prochain. html after major renovation with a htm solo show by the Genevese artist The Ballet - December 12,13 For Delphine Reist. Feel free to come the first time in Fribourg, the Bal- and discover this work around a let of Geneva will present three 1 creations relating to spirituality glass of wine!
  19. 19. Sound Scene Sharon Miller guides us through the local music scene When I first came to Switzerland, I was working as an adult English teacher at one of the schools in town. Later a friend invited me to Basel to see the Carnival festivities. Now this is no ordinary Carnival, you must realise, it entailed taking a 4 a.m. train from Bern, arriving in Basel around 5 a.m. Due to this carnival I somehow wound up joining a Guggenmusik (Carnival music) group six months later. They soon became my family and introduced me to the real ‘Switzerland’. I stayed with this group for a wonderful 7 years and then I was introduced to JAZZ and that is where I am at now… a hopeless jazz enthusiast. Through this, I established my connection with the Conservatory of Fribourg. Music is a wonderful way to meet new people and support the community. If you have not been in Switzerland long and feel the language is still a problem, what better way to get out? No subtitles needed! Upcoming Events: Les Concerts de L’Avent de Eglise des Cordeliers Country Western and rock n roll Villars-sur-Glâne From 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at the BLUES CLUB IN Fribourg 6*, 13*, 20° December, twelve different groups will be With the HONKY TONKY Eglise paroissiale singing – ‘Les Rendez-vous musi- sPICKERS FROM THE USA Villars-sur-Glâne, 17:00 caux De la St- Nicolas’ Western atmosphere – music, info: 5 December typical menu from the West to J.-S. Bach Oratorio de Noël Claudio Rugo Y Amigos taste, and a demonstration of line Chœur de Chambre de Brazilian music. Vernissage du CD dancing l’Université de Fribourg/Chœur Mano A Mano 19th December at 21:00 de la Cathédrale Saint-Nicolas 17* December, 20:30, Nouveau Blues Club in Rue St. Nicolas de 31° December, Cathédrale Monde, Ancien Gare, Fribourg , Flue 18A, Fribourg Saint-Nicolas, Fribourg, 21:30 10CH in western attire Toni’s Big Band 15CH for non costume F.Y.I.: (during the Mass) Christmas concert Haydn Nelsonmesse 26* December 2009, Espace 2 has some great stuff! Ensemble vocal DeMusica / Or- Landgasthof, Garmiswil, 20:00 Check out their website : www.rsr. chestre de chambre fribourgeois ch/espace2 Personally, I love the ‘Classic meets Jazz’ JazzZ program at 22:40! 6 8 December, Eglise 4 December at 20:00 Conserva- Sainte-Michel, Fribourg, 18 :00 toire de Fribourg, Granges-Pac- Lieder aus Russland cot, 20:00 (free) Price Key: Weisse Nächte Russischer Chor * means the tickets must be Festival – 30th Anniversary of 19* December, Musée d’art et purchased. the Jazz Department, Concert d’histoire, Rue de Morat 12, ° this symbol means A ‘collecte’: des professeurs Fribourg, 17 :00 you decide on the amount and 5 December 2009, Conservatoire Orchestre des Jeunes de Fribourg, Granges-Paccot, give it at the end of the concert. de Fribourg 20:00 (free) It doesn’t mean free! 20° December, Concert de Noël, if there is neither ° nor *, please Eric Alexander/ Eglise de St-Jean, Fribourg, 16:00 contact their website for ticketing Stewy von Wattenwyl Quartet 24° January, 3ième concert du 12*, 16* January 2010, Marian’s, information. dimanche, Aula de l’Université, Bern, 19 :30/21 :30 , modern Fribourg, 17:00 straight ahead jazz 1
  20. 20. Mobility Car Sharing system in Fribourg What is Mobility Car Sharing? Once you are a member you will Examples of rental costs: If you’re not sure whether to buy receive a special access card. Budget car (small car but seats a car or not and you only need Now you are able to make reser- 4) Hourly rate is 2.70 plus .48 c a car a few times a week then vations either by phone, SMS or per Kilometer. For a 1 hour hire maybe Mobility Car Sharing is directly on the internet. After driving 20 kilometers it would the solution for you! You might making your reservation, you go cost 12.30 CHF. For 5 hours and have seen all the red cars run- to the station you have selected 20 kilometers it would cost 23.10 ning around Switzerland with as the pickup point and place CHF. “Mobility” written on the side and the membership card on the “checkpoint” panel on the car’s There are large cars, cabrios, wondered what it was all about? trucks and Smart cars. These cars are located all over windscreen and it gives you entry Switzerland, mostly in large num- to the car where you will find the If you live close to a Mobility bers at train stations but also in keys and at least half a tank of station then this could be an areas of population. The benefit petrol. Cars must be delivered economical solution for you. The of using Mobility cars is you can back to the same location. You Mobility Service is not designed hire them for just 1 hour. They also need to be a “little Swiss” for long distances or weekend are simple to reserve on the in- and ensure the car is delivered hire, although possible it may not ternet and come in various sizes back before the reservation be as economical as hiring a car and prices depending on your expires. The car doesn’t turn into from a normal Rental company. needs. If you live in walking dis- a pumpkin but it will not start Mobility is economical for people tance to one of the Mobility car and you must reserve again via using it for shorter periods and stations then it could be a good the onboard computer and get it distances. For example if you are solution for you. In the canton back asap. It is usually better to going to Geneva you would catch of Fribourg there are 16 differ- over estimate your requirements the train and then collect the car ent pick up stations. The Mobility and terminate early rather than from the train station in Geneva. website has all the details but get it back late. After several For accurate information please below will provide a summary. bookings you get the hang of the refer to the Mobility website. system. I have been a member for almost 3 years. I live in town How does it work? and its very convenient. It is also Article written by M.Braun Each driver must join. You fill in fun as I get to drive all sorts of an application form and if suc- different cars. cessful you pay an annual mem- On top of your annual member bership fee of approximately ship you will pay different charg- 300.00 CHF. This includes all es such as booking charge, hourly your insurances. The annual fee rate and kilometer charge. All will depend on which discounts this includes petrol. Each car has you are entitled to e.g. If you its own petrol card which enables have an SBB Half price card you you to fill it up without using any get a discount etc. of your own cash. 0
  21. 21. All About Ashtanga Ashtanga Yoga QA Everyone Can Do Ashtanga Yoga In a Mysore Ashtanga yoga is known as a vig- style class stu- orous and physical form of yoga, dents practice but it is suitable for everyone, at their own pace even complete beginners. and within their own limits. Students learn the Ashtanga yoga is the basis of postures one by one, and many of the popular forms of new postures are added to the “power yoga” or “vinyasa yoga” practice only when a student can “Am I too stiff to start that are offered today. Ashtanga do the previous ones. A beginner ashtanga?” yoga originates from the South can come to class and learn the Beginners often fear they are too Indian city of Mysore where the very basics, and a more experi- stiff to join an ashtanga class. In grandfather of ashtanga, Shri enced student can build up on a self-practice class a beginner K. Pattabhi Jois, founded his what s/he has learned before. can learn the postures step by Ashtanga Yoga Research Insti- Students must be able to do all step without having to struggle tute in 1948. the previous postures in the se- through an entire hour’s practice What is Ashtanga Yoga? quence before attempting more or try to keep up with experi- difficult ones. Mysore style is enced students. Many beginners Ashtanga has a reputation as a often described as getting private notice changes in their flex- challenging and energetic form instruction but with the support ibility and stamina within a few of yoga. The physical postures of a group! weeks or at the latest a couple of are just a part of the ashtanga practice, but they form the basis How often should I practice? months after starting a regular for its other aspects such as practice. Traditionally ashtanga is prac- breathing exercises and medita- ticed six days a week, usually Ashtanga is suitable for complete tion. in the morning, with rest days beginners, stiff or not, but it is There are six series of postures on Saturdays as well as on new not recommended for children in ashtanga yoga, each more moon and full moon. To most under the age of 14, and pregnant and more challenging, and the beginners six days a week sounds women with no previous ashtan- postures are always done in the far too much, but most students ga experience should not start same sequence. The first series, will soon notice that it is better this practice during their preg- called Primary Series, can take to do even a very short practice nancy. Women should also take years to learn. The sequence a few times a week than a very a break from practice during the of postures and the breathing long one just once a week. first three days of their period. system together create internal The postures can seem chal- heat that is believed to purify the lenging, but the key is a regular Written by Satu, who is an autho- body, and sweating is a visible practice. The best thing about rized Ashtanga yoga teacher and part of this dynamic practice. self-practice is that once you’ve has over 8 years of experience in What is Mysore-style ashtanga? learned the very beginning of Ashtanga yoga. Originally from the sequence, you have your own Finland, she now lives in Bern The traditional method of learn- personal yoga practice you can with her Swiss boyfriend. You can ing ashtanga yoga is self-practice even do at home. contact her at ashtangayogaswit- or “Mysore style”, named after the way the practice is taught in Mysore, India. 1
  22. 22. Beauty QA With Catherine of Biophase Chew the Cheese: It’s always a whilst reducing rosacea pleasure talking to you, so thank and redness to your you again for taking the time to skin. Lastly, we have chat with Chew the Cheese again! the range that has been Why did you choose to start your specifically designed for own cosmetic line? the very dry skin, mature Catherine: I chose to create a line skin to wrinkled skin, called of cosmetics that would not only our “Senescent Skin Range”. meet the needs of every women, This beautiful anti-wrinkle range but also enable them to take care contains Musk Mallow, Scots Pine, of themselves at lower cost with- Wild Pansy, St. John’s Wort, Vit As for the body the use of a body out having to go to beauty parlor E and DNA. This Anti-wrinkle peeling weekly followed every every month or so. range reduces the appearance day by a body milk and if needed of wrinkles, restores the supple- a firming gel treatment are rec- For this reason I decided to cre- ness and brings a comfort back ommended. ate three facial cosmetic lines to tired skin, very dry and mature and one body range plus some Of course to have a lovely skin is skin. specialty beauty products under also a matter of what you eat and the banner name of BIOPHASE. CtC: Your products are made in how you indulge yourself with the Swiss based Arval Labora- good night sleep and healthy life. CtC: Could you tell our readers tories. Why did you choose this what are your three cosmetic CtC: Thank you so much for Lab? lines for the face? . taking the time to chat with us Catherine: Yes, that’s right. Arval today and I know our readers will Catherine: Certainly, we have a has an amazing reputation inter- be waiting for your next Q A wonderful selection of products nationally as they work for many Column in February’s issue. for all skin types and problems worldwide famous brands in Cos- for the ladies to choose from. Catherine: It’s been lovely catch- metic and Beauty products/lines. Our first, is what I like to call our ing up again with Chew the “Mixed Skin-range” it’s for ladies CtC: What are the best steps a Cheese and the FEW Group. I am with basically normal skin but woman can do to maintain her really looking forward to writing perhaps they may also have a youthfulness? a bi-monthly column for your slightly oily or dry T-Zone. Our Catherine: Basically, by following newsletter next year and chatting products for this contain Jojoba, the below couple of steps it will to all the women about beauty Chamomile, Vitamin E and Shea help you maintain moisture in products. Butter to help even out your skin your skin, help slow down those moisture and restore the balance wrinkles that we all want to fight, back into your facial skin. and restore the suppleness to Our next range, is purely for you skin texture. those delicate, sensitive or rosa- Every morning and evening use a cea skins, these all come under cleansing milk and tonic, followed the banner of our “Sensitive Skin by a day cream plus an eye and Care Range”. This range contains neck balm. horse chestnut, Witch Hazel, Vita- Every week a gentle peeling and min E, Sweet Clover, Beeswax and a mask and every change of sea- Shea butter. These lovely prod- son the use of serum is recom- ucts will restore the suppleness mended. and softness to sensitive skin,
  23. 23. Home Garden Design Advice by Emma Doman Chew the Cheese would like to welcome our new in-house Interior Designer, Emma Doman. Since graduating from design college in Canada, Emma has been working in the field of interior design for several years. She has loved every minute of her work within this profession and has discovered she has a special interest in barrier-free/uni- versal design. This is design that embraces the concept of acces- sibility. Meaning that everyone, no matter what limitations they may have due to physical ability or age, are able to easily function in their own home and access all public spaces. Emma has recently relocated to Bern with her husband and is looking forward to designing Switzerland. You can reach Emma Doman Interior Design at Q Dear Emma, I have noticed that some people call themselves Interior Designers and others re- fer to themselves as Decorators. What is the difference between the two? Thanks Sandra - Fri- bourg. A Hi Sandra, firstly thanks for kitchens and bathrooms require your great question. A decorator special design knowledge in order generally refers to someone who to create functional, efficient would mainly deal with cosmetic and beautiful spaces. Within the or surface changes, such as wall scope of what an Interior Design- and floor coverings, window er does is also to design lighting treatments and furniture. Deco- plans and specify all finishes rators would not normally get and fixtures for your home. This involved with any sort of renova- means selecting the most appro- tion or construction work. Any- priate furnishings, flooring, win- body with a good eye for color dow and wall treatments, creat- can call themselves a Decorator. ing color schemes and choosing Interior Design is a more highly plumbing and lighting fixtures. qualified profession requiring There are hundreds of decisions individuals to complete a num- to be made when embarking ber of years of education as well upon a home renovation and an as working experience. Interior Interior Designer is there to help Designers have the knowledge you navigate your way through to work with architects in the the process a smooth and timely planning stages and/or also work fashion. with builders to help see a project through to completion. Designers will carefully consider the uses of Kind regards every room and produce creative Emma Doman floorplans. Certain rooms such as Interior Designer.
  24. 24. Feng Shui Tips Tricks by Lotus Design It’s time for a feng shui change... I believe that Feng Shui In the 20 years that I have left won’t change your life Australia there is little that I completely - but it will haven’t done. However, in 1997 definitely enhance it and my husband and I experienced get those doors opening! ongoing problems that seemed If you would like Kerri to never to disapear. One was finan- answer any of your Feng cial, one was contractual and the Shui questions in the next is- other was personal. It was my sue of “Chew the Cheese” then sister who suggested that I tried drop her an email on kerri@lotus- out this funky new trend that was going around Australia called Feng shui and wind chimes. tree that is directly opposite your FENG SHUI. I didn’t have much to The humble wind chime has front door, then hanging a 5 rod do at the time, so I Feng Shui-ed never been so fashionable before, wind chime in front of your door our entire apartment from top since the ever growing popularity will block the poison arrows that to bottom, and it took me nearly of Feng Shui. are being dispersed from this 2 weeks to finish it. Strangely, object. once I completed our apartment Feng Shui is the Chinese art of our problems seem to vanish placement. It is a science that Hanging a 6 rod metal wind and our life took a more positive enables one to harness and maxi- chime in the northwest area of stance. mize the invisible flow of energy your garden assists in creating that circulates and meanders great mentor luck for all those Since then, I’ve been hooked through our surroundings known living in the house. If you have a on Feng Shui. Firstly, I studied as Chi. Feng Shui formulas in- long straight path to your front with Lillian Too in Malaysia and volve the harnessing and balanc- door, then hanging a wind chime became a Certified Feng Shui ing of chi to enable the invisible near your door will ensure good Practitioner in Traditional Com- energies in our environment to chi gently enters your house. And pass and Form School Feng Shui. work with us; protecting against after you’ve had a long busy day Later I traveled to Hong Kong to illness, ensuring a generally at work, coming home and listen- study the Ancient Xuan Kong For- good life and the most wanted in ing to the soothing and entranc- mulas and Water Theories with today’s Dubai society ….. abun- ing tones of your wind chime, infamous Ramond Lo. dance of wealth. can help you release stress, wind Many people ask me what’s a down, relax and calm your mind. Feng Shui Consult like with Lotus In Feng Shui Formulas the mod- est wind chime plays an impera- So next time you hear your wind Designs - “My consultations are tive role. As it’s gently caressed chime delicately tinkling in your incredibly hands on. I tell my cli- by the wind, it lets out a hypnotic garden, know that it’s hard at ents what I’m doing and why, so metallic sound of delight in your work enhancing your prosperity, they get a mini Feng Shui course garden and unbeknown to you health or harmony through Feng as I’m doing it. I’m very passion- all the time its busy dispers- Shui principals. ate about it and very thorough! I am often moving dining rooms ing bad chi and activating and into other rooms, sofa’s and drawing good energy into your carpets are moved. All your home. Such as, if your garden is paintings come off the walls and slightly lower in one particular are rearranged everywhere... and area, then hanging a wind chime my clients and I chat a lot about in this corner will ensure that the their aspirations of life and goals chi is constantly moved and does - whilst having loads of fun!” not become stagnant. Or if you have a telephone pole or large
  25. 25. Recipe of the Month Levivot-Potato Latkes My name is Rachel Dasberg and I am from Tel Aviv, Israel. I arrived to Fribourg in October and I am working for Harmonic International, an American High Tech company, as Contracts Manager Europe. My hobbies include creative writing of short stories and I have a blog telling at the moment of my Swiss experience. I like to travel, meet new people, cinema, Yoga, and hiking. Living in Fribourg is culturally very different than Tel Aviv, but it is quite an interesting experience. I am improving my French, enjoying the beauty of the views around here and taking advantage of the slower rhythm of life. Levivot-Potato Latkes: This is one of the most famous of Israeli foods and a specialty of the holiday of Hanukkah- Festival of lights, celebrated in December. The oil for cooking the latkes is symbolic of the oil from the Hanukkah story that kept the Second Temple of ancient Israel lit with a long-lasting flame that is celebrated as a miracle. The latkes are served as an appetizer, as a side dish, and even for tea with a sprinkling of confec- tioners’ sugar. Ingredients: Peel and finely grate the potatoes. Put them straight into cold water, 1 kg potatoes then drain and squeeze them as dry as you can by pressing them with your hands in a colander. This is to remove the starchy liquid, which 2 large eggs could make the latkes soggy. Beat the eggs lightly with salt, add to 1 onion the potatoes, onion and flour and stir well. Film the bottom of a fry- ing pan with oil and heat. Take serving-spoonfuls of the mixture and 3 table spoons flour drop into the hot oil. Flatten a little, and lower the heat so that the 1 Tea spoon Salt, little pepper fritters cook through evenly. When one side is brown, turn over and Oil for frying brown the other. Lift out and serve very hot.
  26. 26. The Cheese Board Member Submissions St. Nicholas Chloë Yates Kind old man St. Nicholas dear, The tradition was revived at time of famine. Although clearly the beginning of the nineteenth a protector of children, in this Come to my house this year, century, after being outlawed in light he seems to have nothing Here’s some straw 1763 when the celebrations got a to do with the razzmatazz of the little … shall we say, out of hand? populist Santa Claus (originally and here’s some hay, It continued to be observed Sinterklaas in Dutch) – but the To help your horse along his way, privately in St-Michel College relationship between the two Kind old man St. Nicholas dear, but in 1906 the students decided perhaps owes more to another of go beyond college walls and the many legends associated with Come to my house this year! held a procession to the cathe- the saint: dral. Since then it has become a A poor man had three daughters —Traditional German hugely popular affair. The pupils but was unable to provide them pick one of their number to be St each with a proper dowry. This Nicholas and, by way of a donkey One of my favourite things about meant that they would remain and accompanied by his “pères Fribourg is the St. Nicholas pa- unmarried and, with any other fouettards” (literally “whipping rade held on the first Saturday in employment unlikely, the bleak fathers”; watch out kids!) who are December each year (St Nicholas fate of prostitution was, in all supposed to be there to strike Day is December 6th and he is likelihood, theirs. St Nicholas, the fear of God into the hearts Fribourg’s patron saint) Such fes- hearing of the poor man’s blight of the spectators, but actually tivities are commonplace across – not to mention that of the girls! hand out sweets to the children Europe but Fribourg’s procession – decided to help him, but either (and sometimes my mum) in the is quite possibly the biggest, at- did not want him to suffer the crowds, he makes his way from tracting something like 30,000 humiliation of having to accept the college, through the town, people every year (which grew to charity or did not want to make to the Cathedral (if you want to approximately 50,000 in cente- his benevolent actions known get a good view, head for Place nary year) I can’t explain to you publicly. Thus, he went to the Georges Python or outside Manor exactly why it attracts such num- house, under the cover of dark- on Rue de Romont – they’ve both bers, me amongst them, because ness, and threw three purses worked well for me in the past, it involves none of the bells and of gold, one for each daughter, just don’t stand in front of me whistles one might associate with through the man’s window. please, I will take names!) Once such an event. However, com- at the cathedral, he stands on the It is in the variants of the tale, so ing from a country where Health specially erected platform under typical of such stories, that we and Safety regulations seem to the portico, and delivers a speech find the links to Santa Claus as be throttling the cultural spirit, that muses and moralises, often we more commonly know him. it’s both heartening and (scarily) scathingly so, over the events of In other versions, he visits them exhilarating to watch what looks the past year in the town. three times, each time leaving likes barely organised chaos – in- one purse for each daughter as volving a bizarre, not to mention The legend of St Nicholas, as she comes of age. The third time rather tenuous, rope pulley sys- relates to the tradition in Fri- he visits, invariably through all tem and open flames – marching bourg, tells how he resurrected traditions, the poor man tries to up and down the centre of town three children murdered by a see who has been leaving the with joyful abandon man who was intent on making purses. St Nicholas of course pies or hams out of them in a Splendid stuff! gets wind of this and throws the
  27. 27. The Cheese Board Member Submissions Peace of Mind Joanne Potts purse down the chimney instead. To search the shell and not the pearl Ping! A connection! Another variant says that the final daugh- To search the light and not the dark ter, having washed her stockings To search the person and not the shadows in the evening, left them to dry To search the sun and not the moon over the embers, and that the bag fell into one of the stockings. To search the living and not the dead You’re feeling me now, right? To follow your heart and not your head Anyway, as is my wont, I’ve To find your truth and not be lost digressed. Things you need to know – the procession normally To follow the mountains across the range starts from St-Michel, this year To take what may on Saturday December 5th, at And come right back about 17h00 (around dusk) and usually finishes at about 18h30. To look at life and know you’re there The speech at the cathedral can Living it through with friends anew be a rather crowded affair and a To take the rough and knew its cool little chaotic, so it might be dif- ficult with small children. Wrap To take the smooth like a long sled ride up warm because none of these The ringing bells of churches toll times are definite and it can be fearsomely chilly standing in the The stories of olde and of lessons tolde wind tunnels of Rue de Romont But still today we have not learnt et cetera. The lessons of the past Christmas is undoubtedly one We look for pearls and not for shells of the hardest times to be away from home, but the warmth of We look to death and not to life Swiss traditions and the simple We look for mountains in the sky celebrations can help us feel We forget our reasons and questions asked more at home here. I know St Nick’s certainly does so for me. We follow the whats and not the ifs And what better backdrop to the And lead with head and not with heart coming Yuletide fun than the Alpine Vistas that are a bonus of We all forget to watch the ball living in this country? And re-assess and question why Merry Christmas, ladies, and To follow a patch that is truly yours hope you have a splendid St Is to follow the heart and seek the shell Nick’s! And to follow the ball wherever it ends