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Unleashed voices[poetry]

A rejuvenation of your teachings
Those lessons of old
At times the stick did the trick
Then ...
Falling from servants tables
The left over masses
The rest decimated
Wallowing in squalor
Feeding from garbage bins
Just t...
Spewing those caustic words
Bad mouthing the future
Regret will be your seat
There you will wallow
In the murky water of s...
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Unleashed voices[poetry]

  1. 1. UNLEASHED VOICES TO MY FATHER A rejuvenation of your teachings Those lessons of old At times the stick did the trick Then it was brutally frank talk Those lessons that I learnt Is it enough to say ‘Thanks’ Those lessons in humility Shunning unbridled love for trinkets Your immortality is guaranteed Take then your rightful place in those courts Those august courts in that place TALK IS CHEAP That question irrelevant Then you answered it Ever the philosophical one Told her to go to hell Enthusiastically she went Staring death in the face Harangued with prayers Fervent prayers of apostates Talk is very cheap Thought they had you She did not listen That out of place turd The roots could not succumb That concerted uprooting Bask in the glory of victory PEOPLE’ SERVANTS The dog fights Juicy bone at stake That is the bottom line Falling over each other Just to be servants The masses are the masters Feeding on the crumbs
  2. 2. Falling from servants tables The left over masses The rest decimated Wallowing in squalor Feeding from garbage bins Just take a look ON THE HORIZON Oh ! No, not again Falling victim to euphoria Victim to alienation This chameleonic caution The tortoise will get there The diviner may label your mother The reason behind the graves Hear the wisdom of Africa Artist sing your song That tension is healthy Forever it has to remain CERTAINTY The sun will set Dawn will sprout Birds will twitter The cocks will crow Each one to his chores That is how it is That is how it should be The children will play On the road to the future WITH MUD AND SPITTLE This prophet has spoken Those that have ears Then let them hear Those that have eyes Let them now see For what has been hidden To the wise and the prudent To the babe and suckling Now been revealed BAD MOUTH COMRADE
  3. 3. Spewing those caustic words Bad mouthing the future Regret will be your seat There you will wallow In the murky water of shame Blinded by those trinkets Steeped in our blood Enjoying those stolen fruits Watered by our misery Ever heard of the last laugh Ever heard the wisdom What goes round comes around The lessons are plain to see ANOTHER FEAST To celebrate a birth A lot of deaths Cattle massacred Fowls too ,throats severed All for a celebration That is how it is Deaths from over-indulgence Then we have to give Even what we do not have That is how it is The blind lead the way The one eyed follow LONG LOST CHILDREN To Germany they went That was long ago Off my children went They did not return Still in Leonberg? Still with Martin Kirchhoff? Gone from the year 2000 Maybe a presumption of death? FIGHTING ON
  4. 4. Not by choice That this blood is here Coursing through these veins Through the arteries By the will of the most High That this blood grows Fighting on relentlessly Beyond limit push it That warrior spirit lives on Fighting against all strictures The pulsating blood beat That end is nigh WARPED STORY The story is warped That reversal of roles The servant is master That story is warped The leader is master Pampered by the servants Living in abject poverty Drinking dirty water Smote by hunger and thirst The ubiquitous shack dwellers RAGING STORM Blinded by trinkets Poly tricksters’ trinkets That is not my style Forever to be indebted To be a praise singer Veiling the wickedness This soul is not for sale See the raging storm That is your demise Play your games of poly tricks Mine is the last laugh DESTINY CALLING Sharpened at the whetstone The whetstone of my maker
  5. 5. The bull will gore you Pull the dog by its tail You may never live again Live to tell the tale A hindrance to your way Then move out of my way Hear the vibrations of fairness This mind is not your shit paper This mind is not your playground Go on along that road Your destiny calls, listen That was how it was meant to be Not one can blame you There it is in your blood OBSCENE FEASTING The obscene feasting The pimps and prostitutes With the hounds in tow Who will spoil the party The obscene feasting The mesmerized poor Jostling for the crumbs Then it's back to poverty Pawns in a mindless game THINKING OF YOU Show me the way Forever wield the compass In this wilderness Am I alone in this Surrounded by hypocrites Parasites abound too Maggots lurking in the dark Hairy maggots all around Waiting for their turn Show me the way Come in my dreams Come in my waking Be here with me always
  6. 6. OPEN YOUR EYES The pain of benevolence Picked the mangy dog The pain of betrayal The gaping wound Lessons learnt soon forgotten The road to happiness is too long The short road to pain WATCHING A FEAST In the scorching sun Young minds expectant For the dear leader waiting Waiting and waiting The pangs of hunger The parched throats The waiting goes on Tortured by the smell of food Never to taste a morsel The forgotten school children The parents too watch the gluttons Coerced to watch the feast EQUALITY OR EQUITY Take your crooked ways away Your warped ideas about rights A bull will never moo A hen will never crow That is the way it is That is how it will always be Wait till the maggots have me Then you can trample my dead body This warrior is on a war path WALK THROUGH HEART ACHES Tears ordinary They do not move me Con-artists Parading their tears
  7. 7. Tears of blood Maybe their uniqueness Tired of cheating games Then I move on AGAINST APOSTASY AGAIN When you see the tranquility Stand aside When I speak to my creator Away with your doctrines The apostasy you preach Spare me the crap Their hearts and minds were not in To the dung heap your foreign gods The bruised spirits of my land call Now I must answer I have mastered your language So that I open your minds I will always talk to my creator The spirits of my people call SWEEPING Wield the brooms now Sweep out the garbage These polluted minds Minds brimming with corruption Even men of the cloth There below the cross The horror show is on Not one seems spared Fornication even in the church yard Hiding beneath mounds of hypocrisy Now wield the brooms This nation under strangulation TO A WHITE SLUT
  8. 8. That racist shit You threw into my meal Your alcohol drenched mind Those centuries of oppression That was not kindergarten material Not one could restrain your foul mouth The stench pervaded the bar Sucking us all into the vortex of violence You sang the wrong tune Making the blood of my ancestors boil Civility got the better of me Could have pounded you to pulp Of the Achilles heel you took advantage That makes the victim apologise That makes me extend the hand Extending the hand of reconciliation For me to be smitten again That pool of patience is drying up THE WALL The cracks in the wall Push down the wall None is safe behind it Not one basks in the sunshine Leaning there against it See the dangers now Push down the wall The safety of the children See the paramountcy of it WHEN TIME IS UP Let the maggots feed Feasting time for them All comes to nought Carefully read Ecclesiastes Chase away the priest Drive away the politician Forsake their speechifying Abusing my corpse Dance to those songs
  9. 9. Eat to your heart’s content THE CORONATION Under the snot apple tree With the chibuku you enjoyed With your profound dreams With my vibrant hopes Above all, that humility With my desire to fight Then I listened to your counsel The killers have no pity Not with any trace of bitterness But with that unbelievable humility Now I should genuinely smile I take it to be a relay race The sweat from your brows wipe off For now you deserve your rest This is the moment of your coronation VICTORY The clouds part Sunshine filters through Blades of grass in dew The dampness everywhere The sun shines Dew takes flight Songs of victory in the air BULLET OR BALLOT That game of numbers More about quantity To hell with quality Ask even the dim wits Bashing heads with logs All in the name of free choice Swept away by waves of intolerance Confine those freedoms to paper That declaration in 1948 Here it has no relevance Forget about the ballot box The truncheon, the bullet These call the shots here
  10. 10. Forgive my Socratic skepticism PROMISES AND LIES On the podiums The con-artists at it Hear the oratory The dew like promises Their henchmen at it In towns, cities and villages Gratuitously dispensing violence Pleasing the sadistic masters Con-artists with poly-tricks Raping the people again Those bags of poly-tricks The demise is at hand READY TO SACRIFICE The rats scurry for cover The menace is around That cat growing fat None prepared to sacrifice The hyena devouring the goats The villagers quivering Not one ready for confrontation Cowards hiding behind closed doors HORSE AND RIDER This boiling blood Your soul will be scorched That horse and rider game The lessons behind it The colour of your skin Your passport to superiority
  11. 11. Price open this healing wound The stench of pus Baas nauseates me *Shef sickens me too! That horse and rider game That I vow never to play • word that is used to mean boss in Zimbabwe generally TOWARDS DEATH The hurt deep inside Seeing you lying there Those last days of pain Those lonely days Those dark, dank days Today it hurts deep inside That emptiness inside me Deserted by kith and kin Will I ever know happiness POET AT WORK Knowing neither day nor night That is my station in life The beast of burden that I am I know I am not alone in this Carrying the rider and his baggage The reward is their ingratitude The twenty-four hour worker Usually working even more Heavily indebted to the future The beast of burden at work The tools of my trade by my bed side Those flashes of brilliance to be captured ONCE BITTEN Out of their cocoons now
  12. 12. Sleeping in huts on reed mats Throwing trinkets like confetti The floods of sweet promises Opportunists and their henchmen Giving rides in fast imported cars Building the false consciousness Then the deathly silence comes The broken and forgotten promises The rich man’s heaven, the poor man’s hell With their concubines wining and dining Elsewhere the whirlwinds and dust They are gone, gone for a long time GRAND VISION Not delusions of grandeur Not an illusion That is not a mirage A profound vision That looming greatness Anointed by the maker Called for a mission divine The children in bondage Breaking those chains Spreading this message Chanting down Jericho walls Babylon crumbling like a sand castle COMPATIBLE A square peg in a round hole A rat and a cat friendship Blending water and oil Hear my lively ululation The hyenas and the goats at peace A round peg in a square hole The height of perfect blending FORGIVING That lively plant within Looming stunted growth Sandy soil of bitterness The nourishing manure of forgiveness
  13. 13. Now desperately needed The refreshing water of love The life bright within What a beautiful sight to see OUTSIDE That door you slammed ‘bang’ in my face That was it Then you shut me out Pushed me away Violently shoving me The joy on the outside That I began to accept Enjoying it even Now you try to reach out Trying to embrace me Maybe to the outside I belong CAPTURING A MOMENT Big ships sailing The turbulent ocean Vendors and wares All on the beach In the water The seeming harmony Women, men, children Ecstatic about the waves The myths about the water The imagination fertile OUT OF DARKNESS Out of this morass Your own redemption
  14. 14. There is hope yet Grab the chance That dark, dank past Confine it to the past Those mind games stop Those dung heap games Casting away the cloak of fear On the road again Those lessons we learnt No more room for euphoria WITCHES AND WIZARDS AT IT Waves of anxiety Relentlessly pummelling our minds Quicksand of despondency Threatening our hope Giant waves of anxiety Tightly gripping this nation The looming abyss avert The ominous personality cult There is a price to be paid Reason knocked loudly There was no welcome at all Together diffuse this bomb These spirits yearn for freedom TO A NUTTY PROFESSOR Then you had incisive thoughts Delivering telling blows you did The thunder and lightning of protest Then you tasted evil candy Joined the obscene wining and dining The songs of praise submerged the dirges [Will you say you were the cancer] Din of doubt in our minds That protracted assault on independent minds The truncheons outpaced thought Those draconian pieces of legislation That we forever bitterly remember
  15. 15. DWARFS Propagandists at it Weaving their evil webs Trying to capture our minds Our skeletons on the outside Repelling the protracted attacks The people march on See the short memories That stolen revolution Now back to haunt them The dwarf lives of lies Bayonetted by the truth Cunning opportunists kicked Kicked into the trash can of shame The wretched miscreants Self seeking disciples of Narcissus Lessons abound in history That will cannot be held back BRANDED MAN Thought it stranger than fiction Read it then in the newspapers Thought it the figment of a fertile imagination At best a very fertile one At worst a very sick one Thought it was an illusion Thought it was another nightmare The reality dawned on me Wincing in excruciating agony The indelible print plain to see A branding iron on human flesh This mind on the race track Tugging at the roots of this sadism The unbridled brutality exposed Seeking tirelessly for elusive justice What will heal that scarred mind INDELIBLE TOUCH Under the snot apple tree Sitting and listening to myself To your profound thoughts listening
  16. 16. That light house made of humility That this ship may reach its destination The sea has its usual turbulence Waves pummel this ship in vain The heavy load that I carry Now light like a feather This tree cannot be without roots These are the lessons for posterity The lessons of your profound love That indelible signature remains PRAYING TO GOD ALMIGHTY Their empty talk People of little faith That I have no time for Their god is dead Mine is a living God Asking for nothing but faith Giving, giving without flinching Protecting me from foes Repent for the time is nigh You people of little faith Those snarling vampires, see My God keeps them at bay That I may sleep soundly That I may walk on Carry out this divine mission No harm befalls my soul This flesh cannot be immortal Let them have the empty egg shell My God is not dead at all SHATTERING THE DREAM Those lofty dreams That spirit of Pan Africanism This major set back Fiery fires of xenophobia Hear the wailing African children South Africa see the shame The scorn is upon you Whose song is this you sing What became of the rainbow
  17. 17. Today the colour red only The deep respect for colonial borders What has become of African renaissance What wiry, ghoulish hand is this The primeval beast devouring us Turning dreams into nightmares THE DEEP SEA AND THE DEVIL The drought and the hunger Shocking levels of unemployment The ominous emptiness Mounds of dead and decaying dollars Jumping out of the frying pan Marauding gangs of robbers The man eating crocodiles Turbulence in the Limpopo river The stench for the elusive rand Dreams of Egoli now nightmares The smell of death everywhere Jumping into the fire again THE UNWITTING PROXIES Wielding the axes, pangas, pistols Assortment of weapons The blood spilling The proxies at it Those deep divisions That legacy to the fore The reverence for that madness The 1884 madness 2008 AFRICA DAY PRESENT Africa Day present from South Africa The burning, looting and killing in glee From the victims of apartheid Who yesterday sought refuge Who today forget their Africanness Another truth and reconciliation commission
  18. 18. To expose the present day murderers The inexplicable mayhem in the ghettoes That black blood continually spilled What is this now children of the rainbow nation The blood of your kith and kin wails The mark of the beast plain to see Your 2008 Africa Day present, South Africa The deafening silence of progressive forces TURNING IN THEIR GRAVES Hate me for this indignation This righteous indignation The truth will cause offence But let it be spoken still That shocking backwardness shown A bloody exhibition conducted Through whose eyes do you see foreigners Shooting yourselves in the foot Giant strides into backwardness Maybe even into oblivion The pitfalls are just too many The Pan African dream takes a knock Kwame Nkrumah turns in his grave So do the other Pan Africanists The pain shall be indelible Maybe it is a harbinger of greatness THE DEAD WEEP Tear drops flowing Flowing from the graves The dead weeping The agony of the dead The dead weeping Weeping for their assailed dreams Dr Kwame Nkrumah weeps Marcus Mosiah Garvey weeps Peter Tosh wailing still Till Africa and Africans are free Bob Marley wailing still
  19. 19. Africa unite ERASING MY MEMORIES Mutabaruka then you moved me To take up arms against apartheid The killings in Soweto, in Sharpeville The bombing of exiles in Zimbabwe The bombings in Mozambique The bombings in Zambia and elsewhere Peter Tosh you moved me to tears Moving me to fight against apartheid That callous jailing of Nelson Mandela The hanging of now little known Benjamin Moloise The mysterious death of Steve Bantu Biko The deaths of all heroic sons and daughters How can I forget Dennis Brutus Choose to forget Ruth First Choose to forget Umkhonto We Sizwe Separate me from that struggle That African struggle for freedom Those attacks on so-called foreigners The smell of burning flesh Those all too familiar photos The infamous necklacing of fellow victims Fellow victims of poverty, ignorance and disease The shocking violence on fellow Africans The displacement of fellow citizens Europe dismantles her borders We slavishly cling to colonial legacies Why alienate me from my struggle? Why, why seek to erase my memories? BEYOND THE HOPELESSNESS Will time heal these wounds These wounds inflicted on me Inflicted by my own flesh and blood Will time heal these wounds Inflicted by my brothers and sisters While my parents ululate
  20. 20. Will that laughter die The laughter of foreigners That laughing at our foolishness What lessons shall we learn Perfecting the instruments of torture That we are less human What lessons shall we learn That dangerous claim to superiority That we can pick the broken pieces Pick them up and move on THE EXORCISM See the dark clouds The dark clouds of evil The air is humid Ubiquitous hate speech What now nation builders All the mud slinging Listen to the statesmen Their words pure venom Frothing at the mouth No distinction between opponents and enemies To the throne by any means Murder, rape, kidnapping The nation lifeless In the web of fear See the dark clouds The dark clouds of evil The thunder of their oratory The lightning of poverty Satisfying their evil egos Nothing for us in all this
  21. 21. We refuse to be cannon fodder Refuse to be pawns in their games RED CARPET When they roll out the red carpet Then my heart skips a beat Taught to revile the colour red That I could by lightning be struck That death and destruction it symbolizes On the red carpet they walk Under their feet the sufferers’ blood INNOCENT BLOOD That blood drips Drips from your hands The mark of the beast There on your forehead See that stain Plain for all to see That stain, that stain Behind it the pain How to forgive them Those that never sought forgiveness That blood drips From the hands of my kith and kin IN THE HANDS OF EVIL Bombarded by those images Images of gloom and doom Images of hopelessness everywhere Questioning our collective conscience The media stands accused Fanning fiery fires of xenophobia Stand up men and women of conscience The verdict is indeed yours DYING BULAWAYO
  22. 22. Sense of smell smote Stench of urine and shit Pronounced in the city centre Sense of sight smote Everywhere garbage mounds Right there in the city centre Evidence of neglect exhibited The decadence and decay in the city Bulawayo slowly and painfully dying The shadows moving about Stinking business deals conducting Oblivious of mounds of trash VENCEREMOS In cheap t-shirts clad Fed on alcohol and drugs Spreading the web of fear Propping dangerous personality cult Messengers of death everywhere Kith and kin bludgeoning to death One song must be sung Waves of intolerance spreading Chaining those desiring freedom Out of this morass our lives Bursting out of this bud of poverty Between the hammer and tongs of hardships Fashioning real men and women OUR PSYCHE That is how it has been How it has always been From a distance the vulture watches There shall be carrion Intently watching the cork The fisherman waits still That is how it is For it has always been this way
  23. 23. Too much haste splits the potato The chameleon will reach its destination NATION BUILDING Stylus still stuck Stuck in the groove Compact disc scratched The monotony of it The mad man dances Oblivious of the monotony THE DECAPITATION To you I would come Just for a pinch of salt That mirth across our fences Today it’s all gone Gone like dew in the morning To me you would come No fire in your hearth Today my home razed to the ground Trapped in the inferno The wailing of my children EYE OF THE STORM That avenging spirit Decapitating the children The horrendous wailing Parents unable to bury children Children unable to bury parents Everywhere vibrations of violence POLITICIANS AND PRIESTS The dominance submerges discussion That elevation to the podium The raping of the mesmerized audience Those that submit to your machinations Listening to your befuddling poly tricks Listening to your self righteousness Politician and priest in the same mould Thriving best where fear spreads But listen now to this ant voice
  24. 24. That ominous warning : beware the ides of march That myth of your invincibility shattered King Owl’s horns exposed for what they were That folk tale still holds that lesson VICTIMS Driven by dreams of Egoli That place of elusive gold That place of the elusive rand Driven from the burning home Evading the murderous gangs Evading the man eating crocodiles Also the real possibility of drowning Scavenging for an existence Still chasing after those illusions Jumping from the frying pan into fire The shacks razed to the ground The gruesome deaths in the ghettoes The victims of the victims The real foe remains unscathed Like amoeba the poverty multiplies TO A BROTHER The pain has not abated The pain of not knowing Not knowing the truth His was hearsay evidence Now it lies buried deep Deep in the six feet deep grave Deep in my troubled mind That you labelled me : charlatan Before my face you smiled Where lies the truth? KILLING SEASON Thugs at the helm Spattered brains Deaths at door steps The sadism everywhere Murder in the air Rising waves of brutality Deserted homes Fires gobbling up homes
  25. 25. Those wailing souls In the steel grip of evil Evil seemingly triumphant Killers on the loose Fatal scythes everywhere REPEAT PERFORMANCE A real possibility The same sad song New singers on the stage Exhibiting the scars Claiming saviour status Mercenary tendencies ahead Champions of our struggle Claiming those privileges Forsaking the greatness Forsaking lessons in humility NO PART IN THE CHARADE To desecrate that blood To give the devil pleasure To appease the vampires To steal from the poor To find pleasure in pain These fingers shall bear no stain The stain of the blood The blood of my slain people QUESTIONING NON-INTERFERENCE How long shall you stand there Stand there with folded arms Stand there in deathly silence There with your caged pity Seeing the father next door turn monster Taking his wife for a punch bag Feeding his children on dog shit Making them drink his alcohol laden urine VANTAGE POINT The podium The pulpit Pedestal placing
  26. 26. Warped ideas Demagogues at it WORDS Words, words and more words Word hoards at it Turning to the thesaurus Turning to dictionaries Hood winking us all Politicians with more words Priests with more words Floods of words everywhere For in the beginning was the word Sacred issues now profaned Words, words and more words THE MIGHTIER ONE Someone forgot to tell the emperor Maybe someone misled him Could it have been his obduracy All that raving and ranting Then the basics were abandoned That the pen is mightier is known In the beginning was the word The donkey jaw bone came later The sling and the stone too The gun can never be mightier Who led the emperor into this abyss THE GREAT BETRAYAL That bitterness is understandable That betrayal is quite apparent Then you ran with the hares And hunted with the hounds The opportunist you always have been Those accolades they showered you with The medals they pinned on your chest The overlord they turned you into The leopard had not changed its spots You had taken the thirty pieces of silver A perpetual guest at their banquets Those high sounding titles they gave you Those trinkets that blinded you to our suffering
  27. 27. Today you drag us along into your schemes Still you pull wool over our eyes Your self preservation becomes our business Not all fall prey to your machinations Those machinations will not hold sway THE RAPED FUTURE I am the raped future Look at me and you will understand See the deep physical wounds Inflicted on me by political thugs The psychological scars of propaganda The past and the present raped me I am the raped future Now standing at street corners Facing shocking unemployment levels Waylaying travellers by the roadside Driven by need and not greed Selling pounds of flesh in bars and brothels Languishing in putrid prison cells I am the battered and bruised future Eking a living on South African farms Vainly evading violent arrests and detentions Waiting and waiting for deportation at Lindela* Back home to face naked brutality Hoping that one day the sun will shine • South African jail where illegal immigrants are held almost indefinitely before deportation to their countries of origin. Soul seekers Candy tongue Viper tongue Soul seekers Preaching apostasy Devouring souls Promising heaven Giving hell PAWNS And you chant slogans
  28. 28. Slogans of death and destruction Then you kill and maim None is worth killing for No politician worth dying for Nothing in common with the benzocrats Just a pawn in evil games Meanwhile they congregate in secret places Dividing the cake among themselves All you get are the crumbs See the irretrievable loss of your humanity TOWARDS THE ABYSS Where are the God fearing leaders? Where are the true patriots? Where is that fountain of altruism? Where are you now nation builders? What is the root of this avarice? MARCHING ON This is no time for lullabies No, not at all This is no euphoria time This is vigilance time Stay awake all you artists Be the beasts of burden still Remain the nation’s conscience Though dirges may subside Do not let the praise singing take control The dangers of a personality cult The dangers of unbridled power The militarisation of our institutions Have you forgotten already Wake up men of time, wake up This is no time for slumber The future is calling, answer now NO SYCOPHANT I am no one’s praise singer I will never be a sycophant I am a man on a mission Never to fall for Delilah’s charms There is a long road ahead Pharaoh I will give sleepless nights
  29. 29. The shackles and chains must be obliterated Total emancipation is what I yearn for The righteous fight I shall wage Fighting poverty, ignorance and disease Fighting the demonic conditions holding us Holding us in murky hopelessness I will not preach about empty peace Peace without equal rights and justice I am a man on a mission Those hurdles I will surmount Euphoria will not get the better of me I will continually wield the sword of justice ANGLICISED There at Windsor castle Is chiShona spoken at times What about IsiNdebele Any other African language Deep down in rural Zimbabwe Listen and you will hear The so-called royal family will blush A HERO The story shall be told The story of your villainy How you refused to be a hero Then you stood at the cross roads The path to betrayal you chose Turned against the wailing masses Decided to go for thirty pieces of silver Decided to get medals for buffoonery The story shall be told Your children shall bear the curse The trumpet of revolution is sounding BARE FACTS Where do we fit This scheme if things These dog fights The thugs at the helm Their concubines in tow The fight for privileges That is the whole story
  30. 30. MOTHERLY LOVE Then she feeds them Smote by biting hunger There by the road side Picking fallen maize grains Fierce competition with the birds TO THE PATRIOTS A nation under siege The protracted brutal assault Those values of old slain Ubiquitous stench of greed Withholding food for political ends Amassing stinking wealth Squalor holds us by the throats Rich man’s heaven, poor man’s hell See the dramatized philanthropy Their pretended benevolence exhibited Playing dangerous games with our lives ‘Justice now!’ is the refrain NO DROWNING Never to drown these thoughts Drown these thoughts in euphoria Still in love with Socratic skepticism Questioning the answers they give Espousing chameleonic caution still Nothing wrong with doubting Thomas The tortoise will complete its journey WHICH WAY? Your mind in turmoil You left when you could This place you once called home Devastated by years of misrule Exiled by extreme poverty Now you wait anxiously FREEDOM SONG
  31. 31. I yearn for lots of space Lots of room for me to grow Don’t want to be a potted plant With my branches trimmed By the merciless gardeners I yearn for lots of space Being closeted brings much trepidation Don’t want to be a caged bird Want to soar through the air And perch on the highest places I detest all this stifling domestication I am a dove and not a pigeon I will never be a Brahman bull Watch out I am a buffalo OIL AND WATER Still steeped in arrogance Those many years of obduracy Add the unbridled profligacy Maintaining the status quo The fragility of peace deals The oil and water deals But then time is the master THIS ANGER Sitting in the darkness Writing this poem by torch light Somewhere someone screaming Poverty holding someone by the throat Inefficiency keeping us thirsty Looming possibility of diseases Getting to the root of this mess The people’s mandate trampled SOUR TASTE IN THE MOUTH Just yesterday rolled a spliff Lit the chalice Fought against their malice Those that outlaw the herb Poisoning minds with alcohol
  32. 32. Killing and maiming millions Just yesterday took the herb Smote the Babylon wickedness Soothing my troubled soul Drew closer my guardian angels Today jailing a brother For possession of the sacrament Cleanse me of this wickedness Take me out of the Babylon shitstem THE NEW SONG This has been a long night The thick wintry darkness The sad song of croaking frogs The rumbling thunder and lightning The eerie hooting of owls Hyenas laughing in the distance This has been a long walk The way thistle and thorn laden Stumbling, falling and rising again At the back of the mind the refrain: The darkest hour is before dawn The first rays of the rising sun The sweet songs of the birds The doves cooing in the distance The cymbals of African laughter The vibrancy of life plain to see DENTED PRIDE Our dented pride Rands in our pockets Green backs in our wallets Zimbabwe dollar reviled Pushed into the slime and grime The stench of selfishness Hear the wailing souls The stolen revolution At the helm the opportunists See the avenging spirit
  33. 33. A WORD OF WARNING Then narcissus drowned Mind befuddled by illusions Transformed into delusions Worshipping the ego Alone in delusions of grandeur Then narcissus drowned THE CASUALTIES Many are the casualties While the bickering continues See the monstrosity around No end in sight at all The hunger and starvation The galloping inflation The flummoxed rural folk Cunning city dwellers Driven by the need to survive Devising lots of wicked schemes All hope fast dissipating Still soldiering on though Now seeking divine intervention The casualties are too many QUESTIONING STILL The birth pangs of a new order [Is this blind optimism?] The truncheon bashing heads Lodged in lice infested cells Unimaginable brutality exhibited While I cling to Socratic skepticism Keenly aware of the poly tricks A nation in the vortex of violence Power drunk monsters at the helm While I ponder over the derailment The wailing souls of liberators
  34. 34. Are we a nation of dim wits? Maybe a peace loving nation Or is there terror deep in our hearts LESSONS FOR POSTERITY Listen children to these lessons The lessons of your roots Those lessons of old Resonating into the future Posterity must not starve Bereft of the foundation Lessons in profound humility Lessons in self sufficiency Too proud to beg For begging is enslavement Learn from the eagle Learn from the lion Learn from the elephant Those lessons of old beckon The future should forge ahead The time is nigh TIME NOW Time now for moral regeneration To salvage those ideals To do serious introspection Collective conscience trampled for too long Time to clean up the mess To wipe away the stench of greed Time now for moral regeneration Rapists, killers, pimps and prostitutes Drive back into the crevices of society Never again to be pedestal placed Listen to this wailing nation Time now for moral regeneration ORPHANS My people sacrificed To please the devils To please the vampires How many more must die Dying of this neglect
  35. 35. Dying due to all the ignorance No sound of guns Hunger shooting us down Diseases scything us endlessly What became of that bravery Exhibited in that fight What became of that determination Lying deep in our heroes graves CHOLERA The shit hits the fan Everyone gets soiled A nation living in fear Clothing the truth in lies Whispering behind closed doors The truth in whispers The truth is an offence Everywhere the shit A nation feeding on shit Now perishing because of it While mindless games are played A nation living in fear HYPOCRITES AND PARASITES Stick around and fight Or quit in frustration Leave the sufferers alone Save my own skin Questions in a deluge The real criminals free The poor always jailed Facing a hostile system Wiped out by ignorance and diseases Poverty is a crime Criminals out of grim necessity See the poor and needy Treated like vermin in society While the greedy get filthy rich SCHEMING MINDS
  36. 36. That time you congregated Congregated in evil places At the centre of your evil talk You dragged my name into it I will not be smote again Giving you easy victories No more time for polite talk Never to mask my feelings again Shooting straight all the way IN THE CRUCIBLE In this forge In this crucible What’s the refinement Throw in the repression The astounding lunacy A plethora of diseases The unreported deaths The false assurances The future beckons How many will tell the story STENCH OF ARROGANCE Hear the wailing Wailing in the ghettoes The stench of failed systems The putrid arrogance The avoidable deaths Graves gobbling many Hairy maggots in morgues Life rendered worthless Rivers of raw sewage Many a life drowned Hear the wailing Wailing in the ghettoes THE OLD LION
  37. 37. The lion roared Sending chills down spines Devouring whole villages Striking terror in the hearts Grab it now By its shrivelled balls The end is in sight That myth is shattered The invincibility is no more HOPE Living under tonnes of despair Diseases scything our lives Whirlwinds of insanity everywhere Thoughts of suicide afflicting us Vicious blows of poverty Mindless automatons bereft of love I will sing songs of hope JUSTICE TIME That was the time Read the book: Ecclesiastes A time of profound peace Then you rode rough shod on him Then you took him for a mule That time is now up That time has come Now the fangs of war are bared Brace yourselves for it The thunder and lightning Peace time is now up Justice time is now THE FRESH WIND BLOWS Snot apple tree now bearing fruit Sharing chibuku under its shade Oiling our many conversations Talking about trials and tribulations Talking about joys and triumph Stories of your life in South Africa
  38. 38. Deep in the belly of the earth In the vine yards of Stellenbosch About the guidance of the spirits The many battles that you fought Snot apple tree now bearing fruit Your words and ways immortalized Your counsel heeded always The baton must be passed on For this is a long relay race MOTHER OUT LAW Then you showed buffoonery A ravenous love for money That gold digger of old surfaced Had never gone away anywhere Thought of your lewd dancing Sexually suggestive dances for money Preying even on the lust of the insane Attracting even the scum of the earth Today you are at it again Chasing after trinkets as usual Then your schemes will dry up Leaving you empty handed again That caged bird will fly away This one was smote once Never to be hurt again TRIBUTE TO THE TORTURED In the eerie cells The blood stained walls The stench of urine and shit Aftermaths of the brutality The ear splitting screams Those heroes stolen by evil schemers In the torture chambers The tortured torturers Inserting electrodes into vaginas Tugging at testicles with pincers The waves of dehumanization The dead and the dying
  39. 39. In disused mine shafts The ebbing away of pain Tormented souls in corridors of power SHOOTING STRAIGHT What is this patriotism they talk of Another of their poly tricks Asking us to go to shells of hospitals Asking us to go to shells of schools Off they go to the western capitals Searching for the treatment they deny us Searching for the education they deny us Dying in droves of avoidable diseases Nurturing the ignorance that is our demise Show me the true patriots now Those visitors have overstayed their welcome BEREAVED Once respected, almost revered Now reviled and rejected Once vibrant and full of life Now wallowing in sickly slumber The scum of the earth In a dance of death Once great among nations Now become a widow Once the bread basket Now a perennial beggar Singing pitiful songs for survival Minds in the grip of terror The patriots turned traitors Hens feeding on their own eggs Visitors refusing to go Making all sorts of weird excuses The timelessness of Ecclesiastes THE POWER OF PRAYER Praying everyday To see them falling The falling of wicked men
  40. 40. To see them lose Lose all their ill gotten gains Their wretched lives losing Praying everyday For the stopping of wailing Heart rending wails of my people THE INACTION How many more must die Die of avoidable ailments How many more must die Die of this rampant ignorance Before we lift a finger How many more should be detained Kidnapped and detained without trial Tortured and brutalized in unimaginable ways How many more should be battered and bruised The violence now at our doorsteps Did we think we were immune That fire that seemed so distant Now our homes it devours Did we think it would end at our neighbours' homes CAPS , GOWNS AND HOODS Exhibiting your buffoonery The audience you bamboozle Casting your evil spell on them Getting empty standing ovations You call yourself educated Extensively you make quotations Leaning on other people's crutches Quoting extensively from Plato Quoting from Aristotle extensively You mistake schooling for education Your rote learning with knowledge In you I see an erudite ape
  41. 41. Your lack of humility is baffling The day of simple lessons is dawning ANOTHER PLANE Artists on the go Never to fall into slumber Never again to sing praises Ignoring the dirges around us No time for lullabies While poverty rages on While they wine and dine Wining and dining on our behalf No more time for euphoria Proceeding with that caution The chameleonic caution Learning lessons well Refusing to be used Thrown away like used condoms Never to be propagandists Keeping that audacious eye That healthy tension Seeing through the poly tricks Being the nation' s conscience still Artists on the go still CHANGE RINGING The leopard has not changed its spots That cultivated obduracy remains That murderous streak is there The obduracy and profligacy is here So the stylus is stuck on the vinyl Still the same sad, old and discordant voice See a new day is dawning Soon taste the succulent new wine Not one can hold back the hands of time See the inevitability of change The old order gives way to the new That surely is the way of the word
  42. 42. FORCES OF RETROGRESSION When you think it 's peace and safety There is a sudden destruction They sit and sign peace treaties Then the lions are tamed Like sheep they are then slaughtered The hands drip with innocent blood Many more will have to die Many will shed tears of joy Putting the icing on their cake of evil Their demise is now at hand DEMISE OF ANOTHER DREAMER It is just a soap bubble Maybe a dry and barren wind The poet , philosopher said it Loud and clear is ecclesiastes The finality of death Those hopes and dreams All those thoughts gone to waste Where is life then GRAVY TRAIN 1 Where dirges are due I will not sing songs of praise When I see betrayals everywhere I will not see a shred of loyalty I will not wine and dine with the devil And trample my hungry and angry people They will hate my audacious eye But then I am a man on a mission Will you not help me sing this song GRAVY TRAIN 2 Tales about luxury cars Tales of lavish life styles That gap forever widening Another struggle off the rails Living large in holiday resorts Forgetting all about cholera
  43. 43. Forgetting about the illiterate Forgetting about dangerous roads Shamelessly accepting the bribes That is how blunt it is Again we are taking notes We are not bereft of leaders ANOTHER REVOLUTION The whole lot of you Dirty, rotten scoundrels Looking for privileges everywhere Emulating your role models Guilty of the stinking elitism Riding on our aspirations Now we know your true colours Time for a third force Putting the revolution back on track You have been carefully studied Now you have fallen into the trap That trap of ill gotten gains While we wallow in poverty Our hopes and dreams drowned But we have to survive still HEALING THE NATION Never again should we be subjected Subjected to the profanation of the sacrosanct The sacrosanct symbols of our struggle Never again should there be the arrogance The arrogance of self proclaimed saviours Leaving people to burn in the sun While in hotels they wine and dine With hounds and concubines in tow Inflammatory speeches should forever be gone Statesmen and women should take to podiums Messages of nation building should resonate The time for the healing of the nation is now SAYING MY PRAYERS Dabble in your apostasy Pray to foreign gods Leave the path of truth Your demise is nigh
  44. 44. Your soul shall rot Live then in your hell WHORES AND ROBBERS IN TOWN Panga wielding on the prowl Ready to pounce on the unsuspecting A curfew for law abiding citizens Now the crocodiles have left the river They lie in wait in dark places The darkness of the shitty fathers and mothers Making AIDS kindergarten stuff Whores lurking everywhere in town Brisk business for funeral parlours ARISE AFRIKA ARISE Siphoning our raw materials While in abject poverty we wallow Taking away our diamonds, gold , platinum While we adorn our bodies with fake jewellery Propagating their Anglophone ideas Spreading their francophone thinking Somewhere lusophone ideas held supreme African philosophies on the dung heap The poisoned and stunted crop Choosing to forget marcus mosiah garvey Choosing to forget kwame nkrumah Choosing to remove reggae from the air waves That dream should now bear fruit Those chasms have to be bridged The senseless bickering should end Afrika with mud and spittle get your sight BOMB BLAST That fight is on With renewed vigour The fight is rejuvenated My father lives on He enemies within
  45. 45. The enemies without The humility exhibited Seeking for the truth My father lives on Dropping that bomb Iconoclastic bomb dropped Shattering warped ideas This warrior fights on Fighting fake gods This meekness is not weakness Taking the fight to them Scoring victories against them I am not alone on the wilderness