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Presentation computer


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introdution of x internet

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Presentation computer

  1. 1. Title page Name: Jabran karamat Roll No:19 Class : BBA3rd Subject: Marketing University of management Sciences & information technology Kotli A.K
  2. 2. Contents ● The development of the Internet and the emergence of Web ● What is X Internet? ● X Internet advantages ● Related work & problems to be solved ● Conclusion
  3. 3. WWW (World Wide Web) In 1989 by CERN Information in text, image, sound, video, etc. As of the year 2001, the Internet hosted more than one hundred million computers and more than four hundred million users worldwide. Internet VS. Web: Web is merely the interface, while the Internet is the wire that connects us to the Web
  4. 4. The unrealized promise of the Internet Web also exposed some limitations that fail to meet people’s expectations Long response waiting time → hampering user experience Limitations in its presentation methods (such as Client/Server-like user interface ) Context-insensitive content & lack of interactivity (Rich real-time collaboration..)
  5. 5. What is X-Internet? The term “X Internet” dubbed in October, 2000 by a Forrester Research’s CEO, George F. Colony ‘X’ in X-Internet stands for: 1) EXecutable Internet 2) EXtended Internet
  6. 6. Executable Internet Moves the locus of application execution closer to end-user devices Smart code, such as Java and a distributed infrastructure Reduce latency and enhance online users’ experience “Intelligent applications that execute code near the user to create rich, engaging conversations via the Net.” Minimalize unnecessary data exchanges
  7. 7. Extended Internet - 1 “Internet devices and applications that sense, analyze, and control the real world.” Internet connectivity reaches beyond the traditional PC Driven by ever cheaper sensors, smart tagging, and tracing technologies Bridge the gap between the physical and online worlds
  8. 8. X Internet advantages - 1 X Internet incorporates Internet’s advantage with C/S’s advantage
  9. 9. X Internet advantages - 2 X internet provides easy to develop, C/S-like User Interface.
  10. 10. X Internet advantages - 3 X Internet reduces data transfer Processing logic is distributed between the server and client, and this smart client device can process code locally Downloaded executable applications are tiny as the size of a graphic file (approximately 15 Kilobytes) X Internet can overcome these bandwidth limits
  11. 11. X Internet advantages - 4 Connects physical objects to the Internet via RFID, sensors and wireless networks Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are used to identify product location Wireless sensors detect and send condition information of the surroundings Biometrics help to identify trusted individuals
  12. 12. The X Internet connects digital to physical George Colony, Navi Radjou, Eroica Howard, “The X Internet: Leveling the Playing Field for Businesses in Developing Nations”
  13. 13. Related work & problems to be solved - 1 Standards : X internet does not have established standards yet (2007) Built-in intelligence : Rapid deployment, self- management and easy reconfiguration Advanced data interpretation : Data distribution and aggregation, data filtering and fusion, intelligence gathering, etc. Exception-based control : Provide users with meaningful and seamless experience
  14. 14. Related work & problems to be solved - 2 Security and privacy : full control of what information is shared and when IPv6 addressing : IPv4, only supports 4.3 billion IP addresses, IPv4 will soon become inadequate to handle the existing Internet
  15. 15. Conclusion Web has some problems: It does not best utilize limited telecommunications capacity. Web is neither interactive nor real-world-aware enough for sophisticated interaction. With its executable and extended properties, X Internet sounds promising.