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Five Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Product Design


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Augmented reality brings benefits to the creative process in rapid visualization, accelerating time-to-market and in adding new dimensions to the way teams collaborate. Here are five essential benefits of using AR in product design.

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Five Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Product Design

  1. 1. �2018 All Rights Reserved. 5 ESSENTIAL BENEFITS OF USING IN PRODUCT DESIGN AUGMENTED REALITY AUGMENTED REALITY BRINGS PRODUCTS TO LIFE COLLABORATION ACROSS GEOGRAPHIES BEYOND THE SCREEN VISUALIZATION IN CONTEXT EFFICIENCIES IN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AR allows us to pull the idea out of the screen and drop it into the real world at full scale. We can visualize in high fidelity much earlier in the process, with a dramatically lower level of investment when compared to other forms of rapid prototyping. AR enables us to pull in a broad range of stakeholders to review in-progress, virtual assets in a more natural way than ever before. With AR we could stick our heads inside the holographic model and see internal details in their assembled state. AR will revolutionize the way that people physically interact with technology. Many current AR executions simply put holographic screens up in space, leveraging the known touchscreen paradigm. It will involve all our senses in a more natural, effective and engaging way. With the tangible benefits of AR, we could capture video walking around a product, observing and understanding the presence of each concept in the context of the space and the ongoing activity surrounding it. AR can streamline development, especially when paired with other prototyping methods. As a flexible process employing a variety of tools, we can explore a broad range of options, visualizing through virtual means. This dramatically reduces our investment and allows us to tweak and iterate at a rapid pace. 01 03 05 02 04