Evaluation Q4.


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Evaluation Q4.

  1. 1. Jamie Sansom
  2. 2. • Through the stages of construction, research and evaluation I used many different media technologies. I tried to be as diverse as possible and I already had knowledge on how to use several technologies from last year, this meant I had no difficulties when using them. This includes programmes such as; Microsoft PowerPoint, YouTube, Word Press, Photoshop, Google, After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro and Microsoft Publisher.
  3. 3. • I used my blog (wordpress.com) to upload all of my recent activities and upload all my research and planning. I uploaded real film trailers to my blog which I used as inspiration to make my own trailer. I was unsure about how to end my trailer so I posted a poll onto my blog for my class mates to vote and pick the ending. I used the results from this poll and decided to go with the majority of the votes, this meant I choose the ending that was most popular.
  4. 4. • After looking at trailers similar to my own I wanted to use and re create some of the shots used. There are several close ups, medium and long shots, establishing shots and pan shots. For the editing of my trailer I used Adobe Premier Pro.
  5. 5. • When I knew the genre of what I wanted my trailer to be I searched on Wikipedia for football films. I then went on YouTube to watch some trailers to get some inspiration.
  6. 6. • When I began planning my trailer I started with a story board. I drew this by hand and followed it throughout my trailer. I used my own camera (iPhone 4) instead of the school camera’s as I thought it was better quality. This meant I didn’t fight amongst my colleagues about who’s turn it was to use the camera. My main character is one of my best friends at school therefore he was able to be flexible with my filming times. He plays in the school football team so I arranged to go along to a real football game to get footage of him in action. Once I knew the majority of my storyline I began filming, I was unsure how to end the story and that’s when I used my poll.
  7. 7. • I created my trailer using Adobe Premier Pro. I uploaded the footage from my iPhone, added texts and edited my footage. I used After effects to create my ident and I imported a picture at the very beginning. I cut my shots down shorter shots to increase the tempo of my trailer and try to build sum suspense. During the construction phase I used a tri pod to rest my iphone on. I did this to get a steady shot as I don’t have a steady hand. Adobe Premier Pro was easy to use and if I had to use any other programme I may not have had the same outcome.
  8. 8. • To upload my progress of my Trailer, My film poster and my magazine I kept posting updates on my blog (www.wordpress.com) Over my years in doing media studies I have understood how to embed a video clip from YouTube instead of just pasting a link. Technology has helped me to post all off of my video’s and last year I would of pasted a link instead. Wordpress allows you to post Pictures. To post a picture of my poster and film magazine I had to change the formats to JPEG’s, this was easily done as I knew how to do it from my year 12 course work.
  9. 9. • For the research of Film posters I googled real film posters. I took some ideas from this poster when making my own. The similarities I used were; the main character is the centre of attention and the text and information is at the bottom. To construct my poster I used Photoshop and I’m happy with
  10. 10. • When planning my poster I took a number of pictures that I could of used. They were all in the same place in a similar position, however my character portrayed different body language and was looking in different directions. I chose the picture I thought was most appropriate and also what my class mates thought was most appropriate. I used Photoshop to make my poster as I had a rough idea of how to use it. Inserting the picture and texts into this document was easy and making changes was easily dealt with.
  11. 11. • For the research of Film magazines I also googled real Film magazine covers. I did this to help me develop ideas and make it look as conventional as possible. I really liked the design that Total Film used so I decided to base my magazine of the cover of Total Film
  12. 12. • When planning my magazine cover I looked at a number of conventional magazine covers. I did this so if I was to imitate real magazines then mine would look realistic. It also means if it was to sell in a retailers peoples attention would draw to my magazine and hopefully they would buy it. I began my Magazine cover using Publisher, but because of the photo I used I needed to use the features that only Photoshop could provide. I saved my work and opened the file using Photoshop. This meant I was able to finish my cover by using the fill tool to fill in some gaps. I saved it as a JPEG file and I have uploaded it to my blog ready to be marked.