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Evaluation Q1.


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Evaluation Q1.

  1. 1. Evaluation Q1.In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of realmedia products? S
  2. 2. My TrailerS I set out to make a teaser trailer for a film. To do this I had to look at real teaser trailers and do my best to copy the structure. To look at trailers I visited Teaser trailer are shorter then film trailers and last for approximately 1-2minutes. Football teaser trailer are up tempo so I took this into consideration when constructing my own. They all have idents at the begging so I made my own ident and they all have awards after the footage. I copied a picture off to make it as realistic as possible.
  3. 3. ResearchS So as I was looking at football Trailers on I found a list of football trailers on My favorite trailer was ‘GOAL’ and this was my inspiration. The trailer was up beat by the use of short fast shots. I wanted my trailer to be up beat so I tried to use short fast shots where ever I could. The trailer was based around one individual trying to become a pro and I took this idea and based by teaser trailer around 1 person. ‘Ollie Moon’
  4. 4. To make my trailer feel like a conventional teaser trailer Iused the same principles that real trailer have. Thisincluded;S Fast tempo by the use of short shotsS Strong title sequencesS Close up shots for intensityS A Strong and relevant Sound track
  5. 5. S The film trailer ‘Goal’ was based around one character. This character is the protagonist of the film and I used this idea when constructing my own trailer. Most of the shots feature the protagonist, this shows the audience that the film will be centered around this one character.
  6. 6. S My trailer finishes on a kind of cliff hanger. This makes the audience then want to go and see the film to find out what happens. This is common in conventional trailer as they want as many people to watch the film as possible. This is because the more viewers the film has to more money they will make. My trailer differs from conventional trailers as you think the film is finished after the title scene. The screen stays black then all of a sudden you see the shot of Ollie score the penalty.
  7. 7. PosterS My poster follows the conventions of real film poster in a number of ways. To research real posters I looked on Google images. The majority of film posters include the protagonist, they usually have a quote. They all have text mentioning the producers and directors etc and they are usually eye catching. My poster has all of these characteristics as I wanted it to look realistic. I didn’t challenge many conventions as I thought it would look professional and I may not of picked up many marks. However film posters don’t tend to have rating so to challenge the conventions I added a rating.
  8. 8. Magazine CoverS When researching Magazine covers I liked the layout and structure of ‘Total Film’ magazine. I copied the title and layout to make it look as realistic as possible. It has the same features that a convention magazine has such as a main character, a date/issue number, a title, a barcode and text down the side showing what is inside the magazine. My picture of my character covers the title and this Is popular with magazine covers as its demonstrated in the majority of then which I researched.