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Navigate around the edge with PowerShell


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Working with PowerShell is often a joyous occasion, working with the latest and greatest technologies. Remoting from Linux to Windows and back again with the greatest ease, it is an interesting time to be involved with PowerShell. But what if you are in a situation where you do not have PowerShell remoting available, or not accessible because of firewall rules. Or even worse, you are in a virus outbreak and you need access to all systems to remediate a vulnerability. In this session I will go over what we can do in those scenarios, I will show how to connect to such systems and retrieve structured objects and execute and monitor code running on those systems.

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Navigate around the edge with PowerShell

  1. 1. Build an immutable application infrastructure with Nano Server, PowerShell DSC, and the release pipeline Ravikanth Chaganti 2017 Navigate around the edge with PowerShell Jaap Brasser 2018 @jaap_brasser
  2. 2. Agenda • What is the use-case • Mixed operating systems • Non-uniform Configurations
  3. 3. PowerShell
  4. 4. Well Documented Environments
  5. 5. Nothing ever goes wrong
  6. 6. Retrieve the data
  7. 7. Demo PowerShell Remoting
  8. 8. Demo Summary • Invoke commands using PowerShell Remoting • Retrieve information
  9. 9. Mixed Environment
  10. 10. Demo PowerShell with PsExec
  11. 11. Demo Summary • Cleaned up PsExec output • Execute PowerShell remote • Use file share to share CliXml • Convert to CliXml remote and retrieve base64 • Convert Base64 locally to Object
  12. 12. Touches Disk
  13. 13. Demo PowerShell OutputFormat
  14. 14. Demo Summary • PowerShell on PsExec • Output formatted as Xml • PowerShell converts this to objects • Structured content without touching disk
  15. 15. Non-supported software
  16. 16. Demo PowerShell over WMI & Registry
  17. 17. Demo Summary • Win32_Process • Store output on disk • Store output in registry • Remotely query registry
  18. 18. Demo Alternative Remoting Functions
  19. 19. Summary • Use PowerShell to collect data • Retrieve information from old OS • Different methods • PSRemoting • PsExec • Wmi
  20. 20. • Now: 15 min break • Grab a coffee • Stay here to enjoy next presentation • Change track and switch to another room • Ask me questions or meet me in a breakout session room afterwards Next Steps
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. about_Jaap @jaap_brasser• Speaker / Blogger / Tech Enthusiast • PowerShell Conference EU/Asia • Dutch PowerShell User Group • PowerShell Gallery • TechNet / MSTechCommunity