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Create awesome Azure Functions with PowerShell


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Azure Functions are a great new addition to the Azure platform that allow us to repeatedly automate tasks in a cheap and efficient manner. In this session we will go into what Azure Functions are, what features and functionality and how can we use PowerShell to develop our own Azure functions and integrate them. How can we use them and what does the future bring for us? Join us today in our adventure into serverless computing!

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Create awesome Azure Functions with PowerShell

  1. 1. Create Awesome Azure Functions with PowerShell Jaap Brasser @jaap_brasser
  2. 2. • Technical Marketing Engineer at Rubrik • PowerShell Conference EU/Asia • Dutch PowerShell User Group • Speaker / Blogger / Tech Enthusiast • PowerShell Gallery • TechNet / MSTechCommunity @jaap_brasser
  3. 3. Agenda What are Azure Functions How do they work? What can we do with PowerShell Demos Questions
  4. 4. Why PowerShell ???
  5. 5. What is serverless?
  6. 6. What are Azure Functions
  7. 7. Azure Web Apps
  8. 8. Advantages of Azure Functions Pay for what you use No Infrastructure to manage No maintenance of servers Can be placed in existing subscriptions Simplify code writing
  9. 9. What are we solving? Using our scripting skills in the cloud Re-using existing code / scripts Faster deployment Less maintenance
  10. 10. Demo Summary •Triggers available •Scenarios available •Experimental flag •How to create Azure Function •Delete Azure Function
  11. 11. PowerShell language support is still experimental
  12. 12. Demo Summary •Create PowerShell function •Used cron notation
  13. 13. Demo Summary • Which PowerShell version • What variables are defined • Saw the variables & files • Reconfigured function.json • Used Invoke-RestMethod to run
  14. 14. Error handling
  15. 15. Demo Summary •Had our function fail •Looked at different error logs •Fixed the code based on output
  16. 16. Which tools?
  17. 17. PowerShell best practices Develop code in proper tools Use source control Run script analyzer for coding practices Keep your code simple Write tests
  18. 18. Durable Functions scenarios
  19. 19. Durable Functions Open source on GitHub Task orchestration Extension of Azure Functions No experimental languages
  20. 20. Summary Use existing PowerShell skills Develop serverless code Interact with other services Free tier
  21. 21. Questions?