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How to assess and showcase the impact of open environmental information


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The important questions related to INSPIRE and open spatial data are: “What is the impact of INSPIRE services?” and “What is the impact of open spatial data?”
In this presentation we describe the new methodology for impact assessment. It was used to analyse the impact of Finnish Environment Institute’s (SYKE) open environmental information. The indicators were defined based on the strategic goals of SYKE and data for the indicators were collected automatically from SYKE’s services providing environmental information such as web maps, spatial web services and download services.

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How to assess and showcase the impact of open environmental information

  1. 1. 1 How to assess and showcase the impact of open environmental information Jaana Mäkelä, Spatineo Kaisu Harju and Riitta Teiniranta, Finnish Environment Institute INSPIRE Conference 2018 Make it work together 19.9.2018
  2. 2. Crucial information and innovative solutions for a sustainable society • Respond proactively to society’s ever-changing information needs. • To make a difference for decision-making in the public and private sector through our internationally recognized research and development activities and our high quality expertise. THE STRATEGIC GOALS OF THE FINNISH ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE (SYKE)
  3. 3. SYKE’s Open Data Services • Open environmental data available since 2008 • Spatial datasets • Environmental information systems • Web map applications • Web services • Satellite observations • Usage of open data increases every year → impact? •
  4. 4. ● Technology transfer ● Improvement of Indicators Recognize your Success Measurable indicators ● Spatineo Platform ● Customer’s data ● Automated surveys ● Third party data ● Real-time dashboards ● Automated reports ● Transparency Strategic goals ● Evaluate all options ● Specific technologies ● Communication with stakeholders RecommendationsImplementation Automated Data Collection Assess Impact
  5. 5. Goal: Citizens' participate more widely in observing and collecting data from environment Impact indicator: Citizens' activeness in providing observations Lake wiki Ice condition Algal situation Surface water temperature
  6. 6. Goal: Comprehensive information on built environment to authorities, companies and citizens Impact indicator: Who are the specific users of data on built environment
  7. 7. Goal: Key information user groups use environmental information Impact indicator: Division of usage of environmental information in user groups
  8. 8. Goal: Decrease the vulnerability of cities in climate change Impact indicator: All municipalities that have flood risk areas use data of flood risks
  9. 9. • Ensure that all information from web maps, data downloads and citizens’ submissions of observations are collected • A study to understand why there are big differences between the amount of users of web maps • Natural? • Potential users do not find web maps? • Better communication of flood maps and flood information to municipalities • Impact assessment can be developed based on user experience of SYKE: • Which indicators are most beneficial? • Do new information needs arise during 2018? RECOMMENDATIONS AND FUTURE ACTIONS
  10. 10. Contact information: Jaana Mäkelä Tel + 358 40 847 4008 JM_Spatineo Kaisu Harju