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Ag infra pilot_programmatic_access_jkklapp


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This is the presentation I made at NCSR Demokritos on December 12th, 2013, about accessing agINFRA programmatically

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Ag infra pilot_programmatic_access_jkklapp

  1. 1. Open Data in Agriculture Hands-on with data infrastructures that can power your agricultural data products 12/12/2013 Athens, Greece Supported by EU projects
  2. 2. Access to agINFRA programmatically Jaakko Lappalainen UAH
  3. 3. Intro • agINFRA provides a set of high level APIs to access the power of the infrastructure. – • Available dataset and service catalogs to ‘discover’ apps and data – A python wrapper to your convenience – • Please download and try it out Slide 3 of 63
  4. 4. Objectives • This hands-on pilot aims to provide a view of the programmatic access to the infrastructure. – Access and experimentation of the APIs: tools to ingest and retrieve data, data processing. – Access and experimentation with catalogs: descriptions of data and services that makes them ‘actionable’ through a python script. High level APIs Dataset catalog Service catalog Slide 4 of 63
  5. 5. Proposal (to be done by you) • 1) Discover and get some data (using data catalog) • 2) Discover services (using service catalog) • 3) Learn a bit from some service (In the API) • 4) Invoke a service over a dataset • 5) Repeat, combine, play Slide 5 of 63
  6. 6. Example of proposal • Pseudocode for a Python script –Get a random dataset containing only records in english language –Download dataset –Download agKEA software package –Run execute agKEA on the dataset Slide 6 of 63
  7. 7. Start coding!!! Chosen Data Catalogs So easy! agService1 Data staging agService2 agINFRA 12/12/2013 7 Slide 7 of 63
  8. 8. Thank you! Jaakko Lappalainen UAH