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Jreg website media kit

  1. 1. JaRealEstateGuide.com Media Kit
  2. 2. Advertising on JaRealEstateGuide.comWhen trying to maximize your advertising dollar repetition and visibility is key.Experts say that unless you have enough advertising dollars for a frequency of atleast 6 exposures, effectiveness is greatly reduced. Advertising on the WorldWide Web allows you to increase exposure for your brand at a reasonable cost.Get your business or product in front of targeted traffic throughJaRealEstateGuide.com
  3. 3. Why Advertise on JaRealEstateGuide.comTop Ten Website for Jamaica Real Estate searches or Inquiries on the WebWhen people do a search for real estate information in Jamaica,JaRealEstateGuide.com shows up in the top ten results for the major searchengines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. Our website has been search engineoptimized to ensure maximum exposure for your brand for the growing targetmarket of Real Estate prospects for Jamaican property.Our site visitors are in the market for real estate and are doing as much researchas possible about their eventual purchase. Advertise on JaRealEstateGuide.comtoday to drive this highly targeted traffic to your site!
  4. 4. Why Advertise on JaRealEstateGuide.comBrand recognition Increase customer recall and visibility of your brand and addmore value to your Ad campaign by advertising on JaRealEstateGuide.com. Themore often consumers see your brand or Ad, the easier it will be to rememberyour brand or message.Affordability Advertising on the JaRealEstateGuide.com is an affordable optionwith various alternatives to suit your advertising need or budget.Mainstream Media Coverage The Jamaica Real Estate Guide Print magazinewill be distributed once per quarter via the Daily Gleaner. The amountdistributed via this method will be 10,000 copies, this guarantees increasedexposure of the website, JaRealEstateGuide.com and by extension, increasedexposure for your brand. The next distribution will take place during the weekof June 9th to June 13th , 2008.
  5. 5. Advertising OptionsBannersBanner Ads will be made available on ALL JaRealEstateGuide.com pages.Advertiser will need to supply the image in jpg or gif formats. Banners areavailable in the following sizes:120 x 60 ‘Badge’: Positioned on the right side of each page125 x 125 Square: Positioned on the right side of each page728 x 90 Horizontal Banner: Positioned at the bottom of each page160 x 600 Vertical Banner: Positioned on the right side of each page
  6. 6. Advertising Options Sponsored Text Box Ads Small text box with a link to the Advertisers web site with or without a small thumbnail image or logo. These Ads will be placed on special pages throughout the website based on the Advertiser’s primary business type and needs. For example, a Mortgage Lender can place text box ads on pages that supply Mortgage Information, rates, articles, etc. See examples below: FEATURED SPONSOR FEATURED SPONSORTropical Sunshine Properties the summary ofan interesting point. You can position the textbox anywhere in the document. Use the TextBox Tools tab to change the [Type a quote in Tropical Sunshine Propertieswww.tropicalsunshine.com teresting point. You can position the text box anywhere in the document. Use the Text Box Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.] [Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You can position the text box anywhere in www.tropicalsunshine.com
  7. 7. Advertising CostsWebsite Ad Type Cost per Month (US$)120 x 60 ‘Badge’ 100125 x 125 Square 150728 x 90 Horizontal Banner (bottom of page) 200160 x 600 Vertical Banner 200Sponsored Text Box (no image) – 35 wds. Max 75Sponsored Text Box (w/image) – 50 wds. Max 100
  8. 8. JaRealEstateGuide.com Pricing StructureMonthly Payment can be made Monthly with the minimum initial term being 2Months. After that the client will be invoiced Monthly. The Rate of Exchange forAdvertising will be the Bank of Jamaica 10 day moving average selling rate at thetime of contract for local clients.Annually Payment can be made for the year and will attract a 10% discount onthe 12 Month cost, plus lock in the foreign exchange rate the time of the contract.
  9. 9. JaRealEstateGuide.com Ad GuidelinesWe strive to provide quality, relevant content to our visitors so we reserve theright to approve Ad requests for suitability.We will not accept requests for advertising from sites which feature adultcontent, offensive content, gambling or otherwise unsuitable material.
  10. 10. Advertise on JaRealEstateGuide.com Getting StartedCall or send an email to advertising@jarealestateguide.com We will need thefollowing information:•Name of your Company•Primary Business•Company Website•Type of Ad which you are interested•Duration of Ad campaignThere are easy ways to pay:•Via Paypal•Wire Transfer•Via Cheque or International Money Order payable to Butterfly PublicationsContact Numbers:(876) 927-9854(206) 337-2592