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Agents of Change Tour


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Ja-Nae Duane is on a quest to discover game changers, their ideas, and their communities through the Agents of Change Tour. The tour is a year-long tour exploring the impact of creativity and collaboration on local communities, artists, and entrepreneurs. The Agents of Change tour nurtures collaboration using communal and artistic events, shared resources, cultural exchanges, and ideas to cultivate opportunities for these communities.

Interested in collaborating? Join the crew!

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Agents of Change Tour

  1. 1. The Agents of Change Tour A Quest to Discover & Celebrate Game Changers, Their Ideas and Their Communities
  2. 2. Within the world today, we focus on thenegative; on what is wrong within society.
  3. 3. But What About the Good?
  4. 4. What about the people changingthe world right in your backyard?
  5. 5. What if through an interchange between awesome people……………. there were evenings full of inspiringconversations that sparked great ideas? http://www.arazorashinyk
  6. 6. Inspired by the Our Revolution Road Trip in 2011
  7. 7. We’re launching theAgents of Change Tour #AOCTour
  8. 8. What is the Mission? Image source:
  9. 9. The Agents of Change tour is a year-longtour exploring the impact of creativityand collaboration on local communities,artists, and entrepreneurs.The Agents of Change tour nurturescollaboration using communal andartistic events, shared resources,cultural exchanges, and ideas tocultivate opportunities for thesecommunities.
  10. 10. How to Get Involved
  11. 11. Host a Community Dinner
  12. 12. Host an Artist Salon
  13. 13. Collaborate on an Artisan Pop Up Store
  14. 14. Collaborate on Producing a Cabaret Featuring Local Arts and ArtisansCc:
  15. 15. Become a Featured Artist on the Album
  16. 16. Why Does This Matter?
  17. 17. There are local game changers who aretaking matters into their own hands,forging their way to transform wherewe live and how we all live throughart, activism and social citizenship.These agents of change need behighlighted and their stories told. Weare looking to do both…….with yourhelp.
  18. 18. Our Goals1. To Highlight Local Game Changers through Events and Art Produced on the Tour; and Two Upcoming Books, and Album2. To Create a Space for Inspiration and Communication3. To Increase Awareness Around the Future of Work andCreative Collaboration4. To Create a Catalyst for Communal Participation5. To Inspire Others to Be the Change They Wish to See
  19. 19. Who is Ja-Nae & Why Collaborate?
  20. 20. Ja-Nae Duane is an artist and the author of “How toStart a Business with $100” and “How to Create aRevolution: A Step-By-Step Guide from History’sSocial Influencers.”In 2011, Ja-Nae and her team embarked on a 23 cityroad trip in search of social good. Those storiesinspired her latest book, as well as the OurRevolution project which is focused on highlightingsocial good.This road trip is a continuation of that, but with afocus on building community and inspirationthrough cultural dialogue through artistic initiatives.
  21. 21. Current Tour Partners
  22. 22. How to Get StartedTo collaborateon the tour orhost an event
  23. 23. /JaNaeDuane @TheSunQueen /GoogleJaNaeLet’s Connect!