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Finishing Mail Prep


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Finishing Mail Prep

  1. 1. Finishing & Mail Prep You need your direct mail program to get results fast. With finishing and mail preparation services from Corporate Graphics Direct Marketing Solutions (CGDMS), your mail will enter the postal system successfully, and you’ll reap the benefits. Our completely computerized bindery equipment provides the consistency you require: • Trimming • Cutting • Folding • Gluing • Slitting/Merging From the smallest envelope to large, complex pieces, our robust inserting equipment offers you a range of specialized capabilities to better target offers for customers. Intelligent inserting allows you to customize every promotional offer. CGDMS saves you production time and money because you can test right along with your rollout programs, and programs can be processed in one mail stream to reduce postal costs. • Test different packages by varying the inserts • Upsell based on demographic profiles • Utilize selective merchandising to include complimentary offers from other companies With our jumbo inserting capabilities, we’re able to insert your 9"x12" material and more complex Postcard Plus applications. We also offer the full range of intelligence capabilities with our jumbo inserters. Every hour, each machine goes through a stringent and documented quality control process, where samples are pulled to verify accuracy and completeness. Let Corporate Graphics Direct Marketing Solutions focus on your finishing needs, so you have more time to focus on what’s really important— your business.