5749121 Digital Color Printing


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5749121 Digital Color Printing

  1. 1. Digital Color Printing Solutions Propel your print communication into the fast lane with digital color printing solutions from Corporate Graphics Direct Marketing Solutions (CGDMS). Digital printing is an affordable, efficient solution for producing short-run jobs with variable content — without sacrificing color or quality. Whether you’re looking for full-color variable content printing or Print on Demand capabilities, CGDMS is your one-stop shop. Full-Color Variable Content and Page Count Printing The trend in direct marketing is quickly shifting from traditional “mass marketing” to targeted, 1:1 direct mail programs. Today’s technology allows you to remove the time, cost and complexity barriers typically associated with personalized printing. Print on Demand Gone are the days of printing thousands of marketing pieces and letting them gather dust in a warehouse. Now you can take advantage of web-to-print technology that allows you to print on demand in quantities that make sense. At Corporate Graphics Direct Marketing Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping your business succeed. With our digital color printing technology, you can remove the time, cost and complexity usually associated with full-color short run, variable printing. By utilizing the digital printing solutions from CGDMS, you have more options and flexibility with your printed communications.
  2. 2. Full-Color Variable Content Printing Want your direct mail piece to stand out in the crowd? Enhance simple direct mail with full-color variable content, including text and images. By adding the power of 1:1 personalization, you’ll give your business an enormous edge over the competition. Your direct mail will have more impact and will be more memorable to your customers, resulting in higher response rates. Research shows the combination of color and personalization in documents delivers up to a 34% faster response rate. The options are endless: Add customized Employee benefits and compensation self-mailer featuring variable company logos and mailing address, as well as offers, leverage database intelligence or variable benefits information, such as 401(k) contribution, personalized to each recipient. enhance the look with full-color variable images. Full-Color Variable Content Printing is ideal for: • Loyalty programs Specifications • Personalized direct mailings Our digital color printing capabilities allow for • Post-sale, cross-sell marketing materials a large range of substrates, including finishes, • Integrated promotional and transactional communications sizes and weights. The options are endless. • Seminar/program announcements Paper format: • Trade show marketing Uncoated: 16 lb. bond to 130 lb. cover Coated: 60 lb. text to 130 lb. cover Maximum sheet size: 14.33" x 20.5" Print on Demand Minimum sheet size: 7" x 7" Tired of managing a warehouse full of outdated marketing Other acceptable substrates: and collateral materials? Eliminate wasteful obsolescence, • Textured and specialty stocks enhance web-to-print capabilities, and initiate online • Recycled stocks document storage with on-demand print and fulfillment • Perforated from Corporate Graphics Direct Marketing Solutions. • Cut tabs You’ll not only save money with lower inventory costs, • Transparencies but you’ll also improve efficiencies. Now you can store, • Labels track and order all of your printed materials Enhanced graphic capabilities: with the click of a • Precise color-to-color and front-to-back mouse. registration • High image quality (600 x 4800 dpi) Print on Demand • Excellent image quality on coated, uncoated, is ideal for: smooth and textured stocks • Customized collateral, Finishing options: including brochures, sell sheets and take-ones • Stitched booklets • Point of Sale/Point of • Perfect binding Purchase materials • Punch documents for lay-flats • Signage • Coil binding • Greeting cards Four-color sell sheet printed on-demand, allowing for reduced inventory, ordering flexibility and quick updates as needed.