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How to start learning android development (easy and fast)


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How to start learning android development (easy and fast)

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How to start learning android development (easy and fast)

  1. 1. How to start learning Android development (easy and fast) BY BHATHIYA PERERA
  2. 2. What should you know ? •Java knowledge is essential. •With knowledge of concepts such as inheritance and other OOP concepts. •Eclipse is the preferred IDE for most users (use EGit plugin with eclipse to access a git repo, also supports GitHub).
  3. 3. What makes an Android app better ? •The Better Design oUse Action Bar or Navigation Drawer. oUse Action Bar Icon Pack. oConsistent feel, navigation similarities. oDon’t place a back button, It’s not iOS. [Note : Action Bar up is different]. oMore info : oUse Action Bar theme generator.
  4. 4. Designing for multiple screen sizes and resolutions •Use wrap_content, fill_parent, or dp/sp units. •Avoid pixel values. •Do not use AbsoluteLayout (it's deprecated) -> RelativeLayout is better. •Different drawables for different screen densities (ldpi < mdpi < hdpi < xhdpi < xxhdpi). Use a calculator. •Consider both landscape and portrait orientations (Fragments). •Source :
  5. 5. Units (used for XML-layouts) Unit Meaning Use px A pixel Avoid in An inch Avoid mm Millimeter Avoid pt A point Avoid sp or sip Scale-independent pixels Only/Must for Fonts dp or dip Density-independent pixels Everything Else
  6. 6. Support Library •Use modern features such as Fragments and ActionBar on older devices. •More info : •Setup : •Note : Eclipse can automatically set these libraries up when creating a new android project. (Use Froyo as Minimum Required SDK)
  7. 7. Choosing the Development Environment •Android Studio – Based on IntelliJ IDEA (Under development) •Eclipse + ADT Bundle : •Tegra Android Development Pack : pack o You can use this even if you are not developing for an NVIDIA product. o There is a plugin for Visual Studio (to use with Java and CC++). o Comes with SDK , NDK. o Available for Windows/Linux/MacOS
  8. 8. Languages other than Java •CC++ can be used to develop android applications if you are using the NDK. o Use vs-android to use Visual Studio. o Otherwise Eclipse CDT. •C# can be used with the commercial Xamarin tool chain (IDE : Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio). •PhoneGap or Cordova can be used to bundle a web-app (CSS3/HTML5/JS) as an android application. o PhoneGap is the Adobe’s distribution of Apache Cordova. •Rhomobile and Rhodes for Ruby. (Windows and MacOS only)
  9. 9. Tutorials (Java) •Android Developer Training (recommended): • •Android Developer Tools : • •Other good tutorials: • (recommended) • •