Living a healthy lifestyle


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Here are a few steps to take in order to live a healthy lifestyle!

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Living a healthy lifestyle

  1. 1. Living a Healthy Lifestyle Jessica Squires
  2. 2. Are you living a healthy lifestyle?• Do you smile for no reason at all• Are you social with friends and family• Does your job take more time then you can offer sometimes• How often do you take time for yourself• Have you been to church lately• Are you optimistic, happy, sad, revengeful, active, lazy or just enjoying life as it goes
  3. 3. Analyze the kind of lifestyle you are currently living?• Are you constantly stressed out• Do you have goals set for yourself• Is it easy for you to adjust your thoughts• Are you exercising• Does work control your life• Are you family oriented• Can you control your destiny – How many of these did you say, Yes or No . – Hopefully you said, Yes to at least 3 of them!
  4. 4. What can you change?• Be a good listener• If someone needs a helping hand give them one• Think positive about life• Have a good support system weather it’s friends, family or co-workers• Make time for yourself• Do things that make you feel good• Your eating habits will help you look and feel better• Try to be active at least once a day
  5. 5. When will you start?• There is never a good or bad time to start living a healthy lifestyle• The only one who can make this happen is you• Wake up in the morning and make it your day to be happy about life• Stop letting others control your life and live it for yourself• Have a clear open mind about your future• You have already started sense you have taken the time for this presentation
  6. 6. How can these changes effect your lifestyle?• They will make you feel good about your future and what it has in store for you• You will eventually see the positive aspects of life instead of what is holding you back• Happiness makes a person feel good no matter what might be happening• Brings good people to your life• Your job will be a happy place instead of stress• Bring joy to your spirit and it will shine for others
  7. 7. Who is supporting your changes?• If you are close with your family, friends or co- workers keep them in the loop about how you are bettering yourself• Having someone else making these changes with you will also help you build strength and courage• The people who seem to hold you back, try not to make time for them• If this is a real struggle for you. Then find a Higher Power, God or Spiritual side
  8. 8. Where will this lead you?• You will wake up in a good mood• Dreams will become clearer• Becoming fit will help your mental state of mind from being under pressure about your looks• Eventually you will feel good about your decisions and not second guess them• It will also help keep negativity out of your life and enjoy the simple pleasures life brings to you• Sing, Smile, Dance and be a free spirit of your own
  9. 9. Why not share this with others?• When you share your happiness with others is will lead others to feeling the same way• Being anti-social will bring you more unhappiness• Keeping others involved will bring you more joy, because you will see happiness in others• More love, peace and happiness in the world will only make it a better place to live in• Start by giving someone a jump and explain what you have done to change your lifestyle
  10. 10. Let’s live a healthy lifestyle!• Include exercise in your life: – Try being active everyday or at least 3 times a week – Going for walks, doing yard work, cleaning your house – Start a game of Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Go Dancing. This may sound weird, but having sex can also keep you happy.
  11. 11. Keep your support system tight!• Who do you have the best relationship with? – Family such as Kids, Husband, Significant other, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunts or even Uncles – Also remember to keep a spiritual connection with God, your higher power or maybe someone you feel is walking hand in hand with you.
  12. 12. Don’t forget about yourself!• When is the last time you did something for yourself? Such as: – Reading a good book, watching a new movie – Finishing a small project – Working on your hobby, what’s something you like to do – Keep you mind clear, but stimulated with happiness, positive outlook in life
  13. 13. Last but not least• Are you eating good or bad foods – What you put in your body is the same thing that comes out of your body. – If you eat healthy food good feelings will shine through you – Junk food, candy, fatty foods bring bad habits and negative thinking – Enjoy your cravings, but to a minimal. Include water, protein and lots of fruit and veggies – Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of wine!
  14. 14. No more excuses allowed• Step one – Focus on what needs to be done, by organizing your priorities• Step two – Evaluate your time, it only takes 10 minutes to vacuum the house• Step three – Stick with it too prove it to yourself and others it can happen