Gordons Castle Brochure 2012


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Company Information, Background, and Capabilities

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Gordons Castle Brochure 2012

  1. 1. Builder of Fine Properties 220 East Forsyth St. • Jacksonville, FL 32202 Office: 904-642-7777 • Fax: 904-642-1747 info@gordonscastle.com • www.gordonscastle.com
  2. 2. Company ProfileGordon’s Castle, LLC successfully delivers large and small renovation projects, new custom homes andcommercial general contracting services throughout the North Florida market. In executing our clients’projects with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and oversight, the Jacksonville BusinessJournal publications, during 2011, ranked Gordon’s Castle, LLC 24th amongst general contractorsin Jacksonville, Florida. The press further included that GCLLC was then engaged in the fifth largestcommercial construction project in the Jacksonville area. In addition, Gordon’s Castle ranked 7th intotal revenue among commercial remodelers. To date our projects have individually spanned from$50,000 to over $12 million. Gordon’s Castle, LLC earned the award of “Outstanding Multifamily Renovation of 2011” by the prestigious Riverside Avondale Preservation for the Condominium at John Gorrie. The project converted two school buildings circa 1920, totaling 109,000 square feet into 68 individual units on a 3 ½ acre infill site. The company continues to raise the bar of excellence by translating the same qualities that made us an award winning builder from inception to the broader arena of general contracting and construction services for award winning commercial and multi-family projects. Our highly experienced Gordon’s Castle Team is primed to assist clients in meeting their goals and objectives by building new or renovating projects of any size in the pipeline.
  3. 3. Client & Partner Reviews “Gordon’s Castle demonstrated the agility required in adjusting to the unpredictable challenges that arise in renovating any depression-era building. As challenges arose, the construction team consistently demonstrated the ability to not only identify problems but to be proactive in developing solutions…… Supported by the team, in particular, Jimmy Martin, Job Superintendent, and his talents and expertise in customization, we were able to capitalize on these challenges and create a product that boasts of unique features and gives it a truly special quality.” Delores Barr Weaver / J Wayne Weaver, The Condominium At John Gorrie (68 Units) “We commend Mr. Sutton and his company for their excellent workmanship, professionalism and attention to detail. Deadlines for completion were met and we are enormously proud of the improvements and renovations to our campus.” - Dr Davy Parrish, President / CEO, The Bridge Of Northeast Florida.KirbyCo Builders, Inc.Please accept this letter as a recommendation to the qualitycharacteristics of James Sutton and his company, Gordon’sCastle, LLC. I have personally known Jim for approximately3 years and I am impressed with his leadership abilities,fairness and integrity he demonstrates on his projects. Jimtruly cares about the “team concept” and the relationshipthat each subcontractor has with his company. This quality isreflected in his office and field support team as well.Chris Kirby
  4. 4. ServicesProject ManagementGordon’s Castle, LLC has developed an experienced team that manages itsclients’ projects with integrity, professionalism and effectiveness. Our attentionto detail as well as the company’s focus on tracking the overall project and scopeprovide a significant return. For our clients, that return is to keep the projectwithin the approved schedule and budget. The Gordon’s Castle Team prides itselfon building lasting client relationships based on the foundation of sound projectmanagement and client services.Budgeting & Estimating Top QualityUnderstanding the financial needs of a project Gordon’s Castle, LLC has developed lastingand maximizing value is a core competency of and trusted relationships with suppliersthe Gordon’s Castle Team. Solid and realistic and sub-contractors that are essential tobudgets are extremely important for projects to attaining the high level of quality all ofultimately gain funding and approval. Gordon’s our projects demand. Our clients deserveCastle, LLC accurately estimates project costs the best in quality and craftsmanship andfrom conceptual drawings through construction we understand what it takes to achievedocuments while keeping our clients’ primary this level on any project. Excellence is agoals as our top priority. hallmark of Gordon’s Castle, LLC, and from Senior Management to the field staff, we provide the very best.
  5. 5. ServicesValue Engineering Pre-constructionThe talented team members that There is more to advancing awork on a project’s feasibility, project’s objectives than alternativeand ultimately the construction, construction cost exercises. Theunderstand that client service means Gordon’s Castle Team embracesbeing opportunistic in reducing costs the entire life cycle of a projectand providing additional value for the including walking the propertyclient at all times. We utilize creative for constructive suggestions,ideas and solutions that only come and meeting with architects andwith experience in the field and in- engineers during the early designdepth industry knowledge. We make phase. We have developed ourit our priority to understand the goals reputation of quality and distinctionand expectations of each client and through a concerted effort todedicate our expertise to facilitate coordinate and collaborate withthose objectives. all of the professionals on a given project. Achieving our clients’ goals is our number one objective.ScheduleProperly managing the project schedule and field supervision are key areas offocus for our managers. At Gordon’s Castle, scheduling begins as part of thebid process and reflects planning level protocols as well as communication withsubcontractors. That process creates a system of accountability before the projectstarts and is further managed during construction through advanced schedulingapplications. GCLLC utilizes premier scheduling software that affords greataccuracy in tracking and providing real-time updates for our clients. Gordon’sCastle, LLC understands that delivering a project on time is critical to success.From start to finish the GCLLC team is organized to achieve that standard ofexcellence at every turn.
  6. 6. Adaptive Re-use... One of Our Specialties John Gorrie School, circa 1925
  7. 7. The GCLLC TeamJames M. Sutton, Senior Manager, Gordon’s Castle, LLC, co-founded the company inlate 2006. Responsibilities include planning and risk management oversight. Equallyimportant, Sutton plays a key role in how GCLLC formally addresses Client Relationshipsand services. On a day to day basis, oversight includes debriefs on project progress andfuture schedules from Project Management, Construction Management in the field andAdministration. In the past, James Sutton has qualified as a Certifying Agent for theFlorida Green Build Coalition and as an Energy Star Rater for new construction plans.David Miller, Director of Development and Project Management, began his relationshipwith GCLLC as a consultant slated to provide a periodic review of GCLLC’s systems,contracts, and staff coordination. A relationship developed where Senior Managementbecame confident that Miller could play a key role in taking GCLLC to the next levelbeginning in 2012. Miller brings a deep experience in project management and has beenbased locally in Jacksonville for the past 11 years. Miller has been involved in projectmanagement for over 2,000 apartment units with various developers and contractors.David. Miller works closely in coordination of all phases of the business with SeniorManagement.James R. Martin, Construction Manager, has been GCLLC’s qualifying agent andconstruction manager on all projects since inception. Martin’s experience spans morethan 20 years in the building industry as a Superintendent and as the President of ABSIncorporated, a framing company. During that time, projects have included adaptive re-use and historical renovation, light commercial, multifamily residential, HUD remodeling ofan apartment complex, and high-end single-family homes. In recent years, James Martin’sresponsibilities have grown to include design development review, problem solving, andvalue engineering at all stages of design from conceptual to engineering drawings.Angela Hall, Construction Administrator. Angela’s contribution to Gordon’s Castle, LLCcan be summarized by her over 30 years of accounting and administrative experience,with more than 20 years construction industry experience. Since March, 2009, Angela Hallhas played an important role in revamping GCLLC’s system of accounts, integration ofsoftware applications, contract administration and enhancing the company’s administrativeprotocols for pay applications.David Osborn has worked as field superintendent with some assistant project management duties for Gordon’s Castle since late 2010. He is OSHA10 Certified and is an effective safety coordinator, who understands the importance of applying discipline in regard to safety and risk on constructionsites. Further, in GCLLC’s system, our superintendents play an important role in updating schedules and providing those reports to the ConstructionManager and other team members.
  8. 8. Give Us a Call The Gordon’s Castle Team prides itself on building lasting client relationships based on the foundation of sound project management and client services. Excellence is a hallmark of Gordon’s Castle, LLC, and from Senior Management to the project and administrative staff we provide the very best. We make it our priority to understand the goals and expectations of each client and dedicate our expertise to facilitate those objectives. Please contact us by telephone, email, or visit our office per the contact information below. We look forward to serving you. Gordon’s Castle, LLC 220 East Forsyth St. • Jacksonville, FL 32202 Office: 904-642-7777 • Fax: 904-642-1747A minority owned businessCGC1520099 info@gordonscastle.com • www.gordonscastle.comFRO2906