Todorov's and Propp's theories


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Overview of two theories that apply to most films and stories.

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Todorov's and Propp's theories

  1. 1. Todorov and Propp’s theories By J.Elsey and S.Hirasaki
  2. 2. Todorov’s Theory of Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
  3. 3. Part 1: Equilibrium Everything is how it should be. By J.Elsey
  4. 4. Part 2: Disequilibrium The state of equilibrium has been disrupted. By J.Elsey
  5. 5. Part 3: Recognition It is recognised that a disruption has occurred. By J.Elsey
  6. 6. Part 4: Fixing the Problem An attempt is made to fix the problem.. By J.Elsey
  7. 7. Part 4: Fixing the Problem An attempt is made to fix the problem.. By J.Elsey
  8. 8. Part 5: A New Equilibrium Everything is how it should be again, although there may be a few differences. By J.Elsey
  9. 9. Propp’s Character Theory
  10. 10. Hero Heroine Villain . Wiseman/Helper(s) The Wizard Mentor Guy . You'll probably find these in most films... Usually the main character. A protagonist who tries to restore an equilibrium by defeating the Villain and possibly saving the Heroine. A friend of the Hero, who usually needs saving after being captured by the Villain. Usually fully befriends the Hero at the end. Another central character who’s disrupting the equilibrium and is opposed to the Hero. Normally gets defeated at the end of most films and stories. A helper of the hero who gives the Hero advice or objects to help him/her achieve victory. The character who usually sets the quest in the first place and may give help along the way. May reward the Hero at the end. By J.Elsey
  11. 11. Kung Fu Panda 2 is an example of a movie that follows these theories…
  12. 12. These are in Kung Fu Panda 2... The main character who is initially not very heroic, but eventually contributes to the goal he shares with his helpers and mentor, both of whom he needs a lot. A LOT. Po the ‘Hero’ Peace is the Heroine There is not one person he’s trying to impress or befriend in the film. However his goal is to restore peace and find out about himself. Him defeating Lord Shen, and restoring peace could be the ‘heroine’. Lord Shen the Villain O Lord Shen, is a clear and typical villain who’s trying to gain power himself and disrupt the normal way of things. He’s determined to defeat Po and his comrades, and vice versa. The Five Furious Helpers The furious Five, a team of fellow kung-fu veterans help Po along the way, albeit with a bit more skill but less humour. They each express different fighting skills. Master Shifu the Mentor The tutor of the Furious Five and Po, he’s set Po off on two quests, despite his initial lack of skill. Shifu has helped and supported him throughout. By J.Elsey
  13. 13. Todorov’s theories is Kung Fu Panda 2…
  14. 14. Po living happily with his dad and his Kung Fu friends. And eating lots of stuff. By S.Hirasaki
  15. 15. The wolves appear and attacks a village. Also Shen destroys Master Rhino with his cannon. By S.Hirasaki
  16. 16. News of Master Rhino’s death reaches Po and the others. By S.Hirasaki
  17. 17. Po and his Kung Fu family go away on an adventure to fight Shen. By S.Hirasaki
  18. 18. Po defeats Shen and goes back to living with his dad, even though he realises that his dad is not his real dad. By S.Hirasaki
  19. 19. Todorov’s and Propp’s theories apply to most films and stories. There may be a few exceptions but it’s a fairly widespread format. Thanks for viewing!