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Mise en Scène - The Bridge


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Mise en Scène - The Bridge

  1. 1. by Jonah Elsey
  2. 2. Setting Lighting Props-Modern office, connoted by -Generally natural light -Standard office props,the presence of computers -Cold e.g. Computers.and the room design. -White -Smaller props, e.g. MugsColour Clothing Camera-Primarily shades of grey -Casual – Contrast to the -Fairly low lying shot-Clothing dark shades of setting. -Mid Shot of a group ofblue/brown -Cold-weather clothing. people.
  3. 3. Setting Lighting Props-A party in a bar/club, -Overhead light -Many wine glasses –connoted by the presence ofdrinks and the large amount -Warm party settingof people -Fairly dim -Beer tapsColour Clothing Camera-Primarily shades of -Quite expensive looking, -Slightly elevated shotbrown/gold – connotes hence the setting -Not formally arranged –warmth/joy -Long-sleeved somewhat chaotic
  4. 4. Setting Lighting Props-A hospital, connoted by the -Light from many angles -Life support machinelife-support machine and the -Artificial -Various tubes connectedsickly man -Screen light to sickly manColour Clothing Camera-All clothing/props white -Hospital clothing – -Low shot-Darkness outside – night denotes that the man is a -Two Person shottime patient. -Mid shot