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Sales & salesmanship


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Sales & salesmanship

  2. 2. ABOUT THE COMPANY:  A cosmetic company that sells high quality natural skin care and other beauty products.  Founded in 1967.  An international Sweden brand selling product to over 60 countries.  Has approximately 3.6 million consultants.  A product range of over 1000 products  Unique business concept “Make money today and fulfill your dreams tomorrow”
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES: To go by personal and mass selling by explaining the benefits of such a brand in the cosmetic industry.
  5. 5. PLAN: 1. Prospecting customers on basis of needs, willingness and ability to buy. 2. To go by Affiliative selling. 3. Then mass selling to the hosteliers .
  6. 6. PLACE:  Nearby girl’s hostel namely Kumar girl’s, Sai hostel, guardian hostel, Shruti hostel etc. (during evening snacks hours)  Various residential apartments in Lalpur, Kokar, etc. (afternoons between 12 to 2)
  7. 7. PRE- APPROACH:  Gather knowledge about the availability of the products.  The major benefits of such a known brand, its qualities, its need have to be studied.  Information about the needs of the customers.  Major objections that can be raised and handling of such obstacles.