Web based business application


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Web based business application

  1. 1. WEB BASED BUSINESS APPLICATION By:- By Wienclaw, Ruth A. Source:- Research starters Business 2008 PRESENTED BY JYOTI IIBM PATNA
  2. 2. One of the greatest contributors to the global market in the 21st century. Business have a larger market in which to sell their product & services. It is a set of interconnected internet sites that use the HTTP. Electronic pages on the www can be viewed & retrieved using the internet. APPLICATIONS Opportunities for advertising & marketing goods & services. Conducting e-commerce over the internet.Jyoti, IIBM Patna
  3. 3. Capabilities of the web includes:- Use of web sites Business to customer e-commerce application Business to business e-commerce application Web sitesHome pages First page that one see when visiting company’s web site. This is used by a business to identify the site & provide the user with information about the content of the other electronics documents that are a part of the site. Company’s web site is accessed through their web address(URL)Jyoti, IIBM Patna
  4. 4. Hyperlink Interrelated electronics document It is a words or symbol on the web sites that allows user to automatically link with each other. www page Hyperlink between pages
  5. 5. ADVANTAGE Offers companies an opportunity to potentially reach greater no of customer more easily. Provide answers to frequently asked question. Provides technical data about products on the web. Gives customers continual access to technical help. Reduce costs for the organization by enabling the customer to answer the easy questions for him / herself. Business-to-Customer E-Business Applications Online Retailing & Electronic Storefronts Electronic markets Electronics banking Electronic bill payingJyoti, IIBM Patna
  6. 6. Business-to-Business E-Business Applications E-Procurement Systems• Electronic procurement systems give employees access to the electronic equivalent of catalogs from multiple suppliers.• Organization can reduce purchasing costs, provide employee self-service, and increase their leverage with suppliers. Sellers Sellers Buyers Sellers SellersJyoti, IIBM Patna
  7. 7. Electronics Exchange Also known as electronic markets or B2B hubs. Sites on the World Wide Web where buyers and sellers can come together to exchange information and buy and sell products and services. Electronic Exchange Structures Public exchange Consortia backed exchange Private exchangeJyoti, IIBM Patna
  8. 8. Public exchange (Independent exchange) Buyers Sellers Consortia backed exchange Consortia Buyers SellersJyoti, IIBM Patna
  9. 9. Private exchange Buyer Seller Owners Seller Buyer Trader Buyer Seller Web 2.0 Web 2.0 offer companies additional ways to keep in touch with their customerbase and market their services and products through such tools as RSS feeds, wikis,podcasts, and blogs.Web 2.0 depends on many factors-• Image the business is trying to convey,• who the business is trying to attract, and• what the business is trying to achieve through its interactions with its customers.Jyoti, IIBM Patna
  10. 10. • The Web is a set of interconnected Internet sites that use thehypertext transfer protocol (HTTP).• It offers business users a wide range of opportunities for advertising and marketing their goods and services as well as for conducting e-commerce over the Internet.• Some of the more commonly used capabilities of the Web include the use of Web sites, business-to-customer e-business applications, and business-to-business e-business applications.• As advances in information technology continue, businesses find new and innovative ways to use the Web to reach customers and partners alike.Jyoti, IIBM Patna