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Context carisse


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Context carisse

  1. 1. Context A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE
  2. 2. Arthur Miller • Born in New York > Brooklyn • Brooklyn shipyards, befriended Italians • Realistic characters and events - Vinny • Political and moral issues • Greek tragedy • Relationships and justice
  3. 3. Redhook/Italy and immigration • Italy in the 1955s • The American Dream to Marco and Rodolpho, America represents work and is a place of opportunity • Marco and Rodolpho - difficult immigration? • Alfieri "This is the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge." • “Like Vinny Bolzano, remember Vinny?” • Sicilian code of honour
  4. 4. Characters and social expectations • Untraditional, blond, a singer • “I want to be an American. And then I want to go back to Italy when I am rich, and I will buy a motorcycle.” • Eddie: “The guy ain’t right!” • Both Rodolpho and Catherine represent the new generation with their relationship and eventual marriage. Rodolpho’s desire for freedom and to work to become rich contrasts Eddie’s values of hard work in the neighbourhood.
  5. 5. Marco • Traditional & masculine • “My wife - I want to send right away maybe twenty dollars”
  6. 6. Beatrice • Devoted wife and homemaker • Raises a family, stays loyal to Eddie, even until the very end even she knows that Eddie has crossed the boundaries of fatherly love towards Catherine. • “When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?” • “Now go to your wedding, Katie, I’ll stay home. Go. God bless you, God bless your children.” • Her role within the family is very traditional, which provides a contrast to Catherine who represents the new and independent generation.
  7. 7. Catherine • New generation - more freedom and independence • Eddie: “I don’t like the looks they’re givin’ you in the candy store.” • Eddie: “What’s the high heels for, Garbo?” • Catherine, with Beatrice’s help and encouragement, eventually breaks away from Eddie’s control. This can be seen when she and Rodolpho want to get married.
  8. 8. To sum up... • Greek drama • Redhook - poverty, secrecy, distrust. The characters’ values of honour and justice are based on where they are from - the community of Redhook and the honour codes of Italy. • Arthur Miller uses places to represent and portray the people and actions - eg. Marco is compelled to revenge upon Eddie which ultimately leads to Eddie being killed. • Justice, law and loyalty