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Bo Burlingham : Finish Big

Bo Burlingham is a very successful author with book like the Great game of business, Small Giant and Street Smarts. Long time editor at Inc. he is now editor at Forbes.
He is introducing he new book in this presentation : Finish Big.
He is tackling the issue of these business owner who sold out their company and became miserable.

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Bo Burlingham : Finish Big

  1. 1. Bo Burlingham Author & Speaker
  2. 2.
  3. 3. The Elements of a Good Exit 1 You feel that you havebeen treatedfairly during the exit process and appropriatelycompensated. You havea sense ofaccomplishment. You canlookback andknow you have contributedsomething of valueto the world. 2 You areat peacewith what has happenedto other peoplewho helpedbuildthe business. 3 You havediscovereda new sense of purpose outsideof thebusiness. 4 For some people,a fifth element: Thecompanyis going onwithout you and doing better than ever. 5
  4. 4. The Four Stages of an Exit 1 Exploratory Investigatingthe many possibilities,doing the necessary introspective work, anddeciding whatyou do and don’t care aboutinan exit. 2 Learning to view your company as a product and buildingintoit the qualitiesand characteristics that willmaximize its value. Strategic 3 The processyougo through to get a deal done, whatever type of exit you may be lookingfor. Execution 4 It begins withthe completionof the dealand ends when you’re fully engaged in whatever comes next. Transition
  5. 5. 1 Youknow who youare, what you want,and why. 2 3 3 Seven (and a Half) Key Factors Determining the Kind of Exit You’ll Have Youbuilda business thatcan be soldwhen andto whom you want tosell it—for an amountyou consider fair. Yougive yourself enough time to prepare — measured in years, not months. In choosinga successor, you give yourself enough time to fail. ½ 4 Youget help andadvice from people who’ve been throughit themselves. 5 6 7 Youdo right by the people who’ve shared the journey withyou. Youanalyze why potentialbuyers wantto own your businessandfigure outwhat they willdo with it. Youfigure outand become fullyengaged with whatever comes next.
  6. 6. #7: Figure out and become fully engaged with whatever comes next.