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NFC - Gavin Payne - May 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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NFC - Gavin Payne - May 2012

  1. 1. USING NFC TO CHANGE THE WAY WE WORK, LIVE & PLAY Gavin Payne Head of Retail Technology at JWT (MEA)
  2. 2. @gavin_payne #jwtmea
  3. 3. Provide communication based business solutions to a number of global and local brands
  4. 4. Analyst are saying... •  NFC-based mobile transactions are expected to reach nearly $50 billion worldwide by 2014 •  1 in 6 users worldwide will have an NFC enabled phone by 2014 •  There will be approx $113 billion made in NFC transactions worldwide in 2016
  5. 5. Can NFC change the way we work live and play? tv mobile phone internet Lets try make sense of all this hype Is NFC really that important? NFC?
  6. 6. Lets talk about technology •  Something amazing is happening in the •  world of "technology" It's important to understand the role of NFC
  7. 7. last year something profound happened...
  8. 8. The number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold
  9. 9. In a few years, the number of smart mobile devices will DWARF the number of PCs
  10. 10. It's a very exciting time
  11. 11. The Technology Landscape •  Infrastructure such as 4G & cloud computing is enabling business to create and amazing new solutions •  New mobile devices allow us to interact with richer and more meaningful content •  Enabling technologies like NFC allows us to interact with real world objects
  12. 12. All this new interaction has started a DIGITAL REVOLUTION
  13. 13. •  •  Access Find •  •  Sharing Collaborating
  14. 14. But what does this really mean?
  15. 15. Let me put it this way •  We all have a social profile •  Its extending: Graph API & Social Plugins which “allows any page on the web to have all the features of a Facebook Page.” •  It enables us to have personal and meaningful experiences online •  Google vs Facebook: control of your digital passport
  16. 16. The DIGITAL REVOLUTION is our social profile spilling out and consuming more and more of our off line world •  Its the fusion of online with offline •  This fusion will only happen once... think about it
  17. 17. Gen - Z: Digital in their DNA Will not use the term digital Will not use the term E-commerce Will not even use real Money
  18. 18. We are at the cusp of the largest technology jump of our lifetime... it not ever
  19. 19. We are moving fast towards a smart, HYPER CONNECTED WORLD where new customer behaviors will emerge
  20. 20. So what about NFC? •  It's no coincidence that nfc just happens to be maturing as this "Digital Revolution" is gearing up •  NFC is making this possible •  It's an essential ingredient •  It's the enabling technology
  21. 21. Can NFC change the way we work live and play? •  Technology is changing how we work live and play... and NFC is enabling this great change •  NFC is the essential ingredient for a better digitally enabled world •  Advertising, Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Transportation, Travel & Entertainment
  22. 22. It's not just about mobile wallets and smart posters.. NFC is an enabler
  24. 24. Restaurant experience
  25. 25. Sleep experience
  26. 26. Logistic experience
  27. 27. Amazing brand experiences •  Advertising is longer had a one-way conversation with consumers •  Today consumer demand a two-way conversation with "meaningful connections" •  JWT is working with technology for engagement to create amazing brand experiences •  Very excited by NFC
  28. 28. Quick Summary •  It's a very exciting time •  The "Digital Revolution" is here •  NFC is an essential ingredient •  Creating meaningful and useful experiences •  NFC will change how we live, work and play
  29. 29. THANK YOU :) @gavin_payne