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"Brands that are doing great are the ones that are doing good" - Jaime Rosado speaking at Dubai Lynx 2014


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Jaime Rosado is VP Regional Creative Director / JWT Puerto Rico

Support Ford's "Endless Race" by visiting:

("The Endless Race" supports a summer camp for children with special needs run by El Centro María de Los Ángeles)

There's a new business model taking shape in the world. People have been talking about it for a while -- how businesses are evolving to incorporate a higher purpose in their company ethos, that of benefiting society.

A significant number of major brands are already on board with this new way of conducting business. There are countless reports on how companies which have taken the step to do great things in society are also doing well financially.

So it should come as no surprise that a company which has been engaged with consumers for as long as JWT has, also shares the "doing good" vision.

In his seminar Jaime Rosado brings you you his perspective on how doing good is not only necessary, but fun. Jaime has identified regional brands that are already successfully implementing the new business model, and doing great things in Middle East and North African societies. He will proffer ways in which, when greater creative storytelling is applied, the results can be magnified, and turn the spotlight onto a brand's ethical conversations.

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"Brands that are doing great are the ones that are doing good" - Jaime Rosado speaking at Dubai Lynx 2014

  1. 1. Brands that are doing great are the ones that are doing good.
  2. 2. “I want to tell you a little story. A week ago, I was at home writing this. I have to say I was very nervous. First of all, it’s the first time that I give a talk outside of America. Second, my native language is Spanish, so speaking in public in English is a bit difficult for me. Finally, and most importantly, is that I am from Puerto Rico, a very small island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, so I have to wonder why in the world would you want to hear what I have to say. Anyway, I was staring at my computer, but the TV was turned on and, suddenly, this came up.”
  3. 3. [What's Your Problem? Sport Doesn't Care - Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games] by Samsung
  4. 4. “After watching this commercial, I have to admit that I have no excuse to be afraid. I have no excuse for not doing what seems hard or impossible. None of us has an excuse for not using our talent to work for a better society, of a better world. This Samsung commercial, one of the world’s most valuable brands, is proof of what I want to say to you today:”
  5. 5. Brands that are doing great are the ones that are doing good.
  6. 6. “While the media bombards us with negative news every hour, brands can use their power to generate change.”
  7. 7. “In fact, those same media outlets, as the brands they are too, have started little by little to create content that highlights all the good that’s happening in the world.”
  8. 8. Humans are good by nature.
  9. 9. “And that’s because humans are good by nature, and societies around the world are increasingly making that good nature stand out. Last year I was moved by the city of San Francisco. An entire city displayed an astounding amount of goodness. Let’s see the film.”
  10. 10. [Official Batkid Video] by Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area
  11. 11. Brands that are doing great are the ones that are doing good. “That goodness in society is spreading all around the world. That’s why we see, right here in the Middle East, that Alaa Wardi’s “No Woman, No Drive” is a YouTube sensation with more than 11 million views. “
  12. 12. “Mother, Daughter, Doll”, a photography exhibition by Bushra Al Mutawakel was a sensation at the New York Museum of Fine Arts.”
  13. 13. “And “Wadjda”, directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour, has won many international awards. There’s no doubt that we need to celebrate these achievements.”
  14. 14. “But what we must also ask ourselves is:…”
  15. 15. “Why wasn’t “No Woman, No Drive” created for Ford? ”
  16. 16. “I know why. Because women can’t drive in Saudi. But we still have to push ourselves with the questions we ask.”
  17. 17. “Or why couldn’t Wadjda have been a great story for Toys ‘R Us in the Middle East?”
  18. 18. “Researching for this talk, I found something said by a very successful businessman from Dubai. He said: “We don’t need Corporate Social Responsibility or Marketing Social Responsibility, or whatever the West wants to call it.”
  19. 19. “We are doing it for God.” I found this absolutely fascinating and very true. So much that I would like to respectfully take it to a broader context to include any religion or belief we may have.
  20. 20. Let’s do it for love. Like the famous Beatles song goes, All You Need is Love. Love is definitely the engine that is not only capable to transform the world but also the brands we represent. We have the duty to help build societies that foster love. And when I speak about love, I mean love in all its forms. You can love your family, your friends, your country, and even those who don’t think like us.
  21. 21. Brands that are doing great are the ones that are doing good.
  22. 22. “Some might tell me that brands could do this not for love, but for money. And most of the time, that’s probably the case. But there’s no doubt in my mind that helping to build societies based on love and tolerance makes them fairer and more prosperous. You can love and prosper. It’s a case of “the ends justify the means.” Brands should use their power and fame to promote these things. We must look at brands through the eyes of the consumers. So if consumers are increasingly looking at life through all the good that it can bring, I invite you to do the same”
  23. 23. Look at the brands through the eyes of love.
  24. 24. [Coca-Cola Life – Ser Padres (Parenting)] by Coca-Cola Life Argentina
  25. 25. “Wonderful story from Santo, Argentina. An excellent example on how storytelling is always the best ally for love. Let me tell you a personal story.”
  26. 26. “19 years ago I became a father. Sebastian, my first child was born. As you can imagine those months when you are expecting a son are the most happy days of your life. Everything around you reminds you that soon you will be blessed with a precious treasure. Parenthood, as the last commercial showed, is full of challenges and beautiful things. In my case, it was a lesson of perseverance and love right from the start.”
  27. 27. “Sebastian is that beautiful kid that you see in the picture and he was born with cerebral palsy, because of that he can’t walk and all his motor skills are compromised but the love that this young man has for life and for everybody it’s absolutely amazing. For years I have been trying to produce an idea to help people understand Sebastian’s condition and few years ago something happened. My wife wanted to run a very famous race in Puerto Rico and she wanted to do it pushing Sebastian’s wheelchair. The organizers denied my wife’s petition so we decided to instead do our own race. Let’s see the full story.”
  28. 28. [The Endless Race ] by Centro María de los Ángeles & Ford
  29. 29. “Seeing through the eyes of the love I have for my son was the thing that led me to believe that the Ford brand could easily adapt its message to what my son wanted to achieve. The idea was to make the race reach the most countries around the world. The life of my son and of other children like him is an endless race and Ford precisely invites everyone to go further. The combination couldn’t be better. The video has bee seen in more than 77 countries and it’s incredible what the video does for those who watch it.”
  30. 30. The video has been seen in more than 77 countries and it’s incredible what the video does for those who watch it. Please go to and share the video.
  31. 31. “I was mentioning earlier the love that you could have for your country. JWT Puerto Rico loves its country. At the agency we know that if we don’t have a prosperous society, our business will suffer as well. Curiously, three years ago, Banco Popular invited us to participate in a pitch for its account and, in the research we made, we realized that the bank loves Puerto Rico too. The bank and the country are a mirror image. When the country does well, the bank performs better, and vice versa. When we saw this, we didn’t hesitate for a second to recommend something that they didn’t necessarily ask for but that we knew it was crucial for them to do”
  32. 32. [The Most Popular Song – Banco Popular] by JWT San Juan
  33. 33. “This campaign has become a worldwide hit and a case study for the banking category. But, most importantly, it has helped the bank to deepen its relationship with consumers and with the country. The bank has kept creating large-scale, innovative efforts to communicate why is it important that the country moves forward.”
  34. 34. [The Race of a Country – Banco Popular] by JWT San Juan
  35. 35. “And so great is the love that the bank feels for Puerto Rico that this month it will launch a campaign in which, for the first time, a brand will allocate all of its marketing and advertising budget, in fact 1.5 million dollars, to the service of its consumers.” “And you can say well that’s exactly what they have been doing with the last two campaigns. Yeah, but this time when we say that the bank will give their advertising money to their customers, we mean literally.”
  36. 36. [Banco Popular Gives Away Its Advertising Budget] by JWT San Juan
  37. 37. “Can you imagine small businesses that probably would never had the money to advertise their products or services using TV, newspaper or even radio… Well soon they will have that opportunity thanks to their bank. Imagine the loyalty that the bank is creating with these consumers and with the country. The next and last case study is one of my favorites because presents two brands from the entertainment world bringing to life fictional stories. It was done by JWT Sao Paulo and I think is amazing.”
  38. 38. [Superformula to Fight Cancer] by JWT Sao Paolo
  39. 39. Brands that are doing great are the ones that are doing good.
  40. 40. “Well friends I think it’s not rocket science what I’m saying. Real successful brands are those ones who make successful the societies in which they do business. ”
  41. 41. “Let’s put love and brands to work together and please don’t forget to love yourselves because the love and passion that each one of us has for the ideas we produce everyday can really transform the world. ”
  42. 42. Let’s do it for love.
  43. 43. Gracias y Abrazo.