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Generation Bold Deep Dive


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Once dominated by a largely young consumer base, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is at a demographic tipping point. Over-50s in the region are a growing force to be reckoned with, and are reinventing cultural preconceptions about aging and retirement. While the wave of retiring boomers in the West has been explored in detail, the dynamics of this shift in the MENA region have not yet received adequate attention.
This is a group that refuses to be sidelined by younger generations. That’s why we’ve called this study of contemporary MENA consumers in their 50s and 60s: Generation BOLD.

For this report, we conducted extensive desk research, in addition to a quantitative survey across six key regional markets; Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Kuwait using SONAR™, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary online tool. In December 2014, we surveyed 244 adults aged 50-69 (BOLDers) and 248 adults aged 35-49 (Generation X).
We ran eight in-depth discussions with five subjects in their 50s and three in their 60s.

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Generation Bold Deep Dive

  1. 1. '4: ENERAT A .1» »>’ ‘ r '5“. ‘ ’ X‘. -“‘»J"~s1l| ‘l3i. 2 Fax, ; . . . .A / /1 A REPORT BY INNOVATION GROUP MENA | —| INNOVATION “"““"" THOMPSON GROUP jl INTELLIGENCE
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION GENERATION BOLD Daring and undaunted by the massive social changes that have taken place in their lifetimes, today's 50+ consumers are wealthier, healthier and can look forward to more productive years than any similar age group in history. Once dominated by a largely young consumer base, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is at a demographic tipping point. Over-50s in the region are a growing force to be reckoned with, and are reinventing cultural preconceptions about aging and retirement. While the wave of retiring boomers in the West has been explored in detail, the dynamics of this shift in the MENA region have not yet received adequate attention. This is a group that refuses to be sidelined by younger generations. That's why we've called this study of contemporary MENA consumers in their 50s and 60s: Generation BOLD. Currently representing 12% of the population in MENA Arab countries, this cohort is expected to grow by 42% from 2015 to 2025, yielding a projected population size of approximately 53 million. ‘ Taken together, Generation BOLD and its successor, Generation X, represent one—third of the region's population—a huge untapped market. Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab at the and of his SSM collection show, Paris Fashion Week
  4. 4. “What we're dealing with here is a group of optimists who still want so much out of life both for themselves and for others. That means getting up off the couch and finding fulfilling experiences or new ways to make that happen. " Roy Haddad, Director WPP, MEA GENERATION BOLD But it's not just about their numbers. They are engaged, they are numerous—and they are ready to spend. Globally, the over50-s will have spending power worth 158 trillion by 2020, according to Euromonitor? Our work on Generation BOLD grows out of a global rebranding of aging that J. Walter Thompson Intelligence calls "Retooling for an Aging World. " In the 2014 report "The Elastic Generation, " our colleagues in London investigated the new +50 consumer in the United Kingdom. While many of their findings translate globally, Generation BOLD — identified in our MENA Trends for 2015 Report — remains a different group with its own unique needs and identity. Vastly improved life expectancy and health have created a generation that is fitter and more energetic than their predecessors. While the average person in the MENA region could expect to live to 65 in 4990 1995, average lifespan is expected to increase from 71 today to 73 in 20232020. and to 75 a decade later. " Shedding preconceived notions of what it means to be older, Generation BOLD is intent on maintaining youthfulness, keen to add life to years, not years to life. Rejecting traditional linear paths through aging, they are skipping and revisiting life stages at will; dating, studying, travelling the world, launching new businesses and much more. 4
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION Born between 1946 and 1965 and currently aged 50 to 69, Generation BOLD was shaped by the rise of Pan—Arabism, an ideology founded on the concept of a unified Arab nation bound together by common linguistic, cultural, and historical heritage. These 50—somethings grew up during an era when governments emerged as key socio- economic agents, ‘ when optimism and prosperity reigned, and when consumerism and self-indulgence thrived. It was a time when family structures were sacred and patriarchal contracts were set in place. It was also the era when women dressed more liberally and when timeless pop icons appeared on TV screens for the first time.5 Like their counterparts in the West, they are the first generation that has had to parent upwards and downwards simultaneously. With average life expectancy up by 50% from 1960,“ looking after aging parents is a huge new burden. Gen BOLDers must often shoulder the expenses for this. which may include vast sums spent on health care. living expenses and professional caregivers. Obligations toward children are also changing, as Gen BOLD's offspring no longer inevitably leave the nest. Today's 30—somethings, burdened by the rising cost of housing and consumer goods, are returning home, often with families of their own in tow. They may even need extra GENERATION BOLD 5 _ V &, ,r ‘I. O ' » 7 / 099 O O <' _ financial assistance from their parents, which can send Gen BOLDers back into the job market. While Gen BOLDers may experience age discrimination in conventional workplaces, rather than giving up, many are using their decades of experience to go into business for themselves. Gen BOLD is also rewriting the romantic playbook. Marriages are dissolving in midlife—not solely because husbands are leaving their wives for women half their age. Women are fueling a rising tide of divorce, asserting their rights and refusing to let traditional expectations of marriage consign them to a lifetime of unhappiness. Online dating is booming among the 50+ set and is no longer seen as just for the young. J. Walter Thompson MEA would like you to meet these contemporary consumers who are smashing outmoded notions of how life should be post—50 and post-60. We hope to persuade you that we need to change the conversation around middle age and help realize the latent potential of the 50+ consumer, whose life trajectory is now sinuous rather than linear, filled with energy and limitless beyond imagination. These consumers are ageless and, yes, bold. Meet Generation BOLD.
  6. 6. METHODOLOGY METHODOLOGY Generation BOLD are Middle East and North African adults aged 50-69. We focused on this group because of their growing strength in numbers and their affluence, as well as their characteristics as a group: they are confident, spirited and fearless. These qualities also inspired our choice of name. The concept of "bold" reflects the courage, tenacity and vivacity of this generation. For this report, we conducted extensive desk research, in addition to a quantitative survey across six key regional markets; Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Kuwait using SONARW‘. J. Walter Thompsons proprietary online tool. In December 2014, we suweyed 244 adults aged 50-69 (BOLDers) and 248 adults aged 35-49 (Generation X). We ran eight in-depth discussions with five subjects in their 50s and three in their 603. All data was correct at the time of writing in October 2015. Actor I‘/ Iliskafa Fa him inVodafI: in5 5 commercial Egypt c C'IHt‘I1.'UaVIIOI. k‘~ : .«: »
  7. 7. DEFINING GENERATION BOLD GENERATION BOLD DEFINING GENERATION BOLD bold adj courageous. confident and fearless: ready to take risks old adj having lived or existed for a relatively long time generation BOLD noun A tenacious demographic born between 1948-1964, defying the stereotypes of agiitg through youthful. active and fulfilling’ lives I‘I3qi¢LaEIF‘i: l.'fi'iI peffuiffiiiig gYJi: l.ii. i€I’i Rstri‘al,2EiI5 7
  8. 8. TRENDS TIMELINE 1944 1945 1948 1949 1952 1956 1958 1960 1962 1963 Women of the Egyptian Feminist Union lead the formation of the Arab Feminist Conference End of World War II; Arab League formation Lebanese singer and actress Sabah makes her debut in the film El- Oalb Louh Wahid Palestinian exodus, Al Nakba Syria grants women the right to vote End of Egypt's monarchy; the arrival of Gamal Abdel Nasser spurs a new era of cultural prosperity Lebanese singer Fairuz's first huge success “Itab, " composed by the Rahbani brothers. marks her rise to stardom Invasion of Egypt by Israel, France and Great Britain Egypt annexes the Suez Canal Morocco regains independence from France Formation of the United Arab Republic (UAR) temporarily unites Syria and Egypt Egyptian singer and composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab authors Arab nationalist song "Al Watan Al Akbar" (The Greatest Homeland) Algeria regains independence from France Actor Omar Sharif makes Hollywood debut in Lawrence of Arabia A royal declaration in 1963 gives Libyan women the right to vote and run for office; pioneering broadcaster Khadija al Jaahmey is a prominent campaigner 1967 1968 1969 1973 1975 1977 1979 1980 1981 1983 GENERATION BOLD Baath party takes over in Syria, limiting press, civil society and cultural life Israeli air force attacks Egypt. taking control of the Gaza Strip. the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights and the West Bank Egyptian singer Umm Kalthoum performs at the Olympia concert hall in Paris for just over seven hours, setting a record Baath party takes over in Iraq, bringing Saddam Hussein to power Shadi Abdel—Salam directs Al»Mumyaa (The Mummy), a masterpiece of Egyptian cinema October War. led by Egypt and Syria against Israel Oil embargo: OPEC hikes oil prices Start of the Lebanese Civil War Algerian director Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina's The Chronicle of the Years of Embers wins the Palme d'0r at the Cannes Film Festival Saudi Arabia's King Faisal assassinated by royal opposition Egyptian singer and actor Abel Halim Hafez dies Egypt and Israel sign a peace treaty; Egypt suspended from Arab League Iranian Revolution spurs rise of Islamic politics in the region Start of eight-year long Iran-Iraq War Anwar Sadat, president of Egypt, is assassinated; he is succeeded by Hosni Mubarak Civil war breaks out between north and south Sudan when Sudanese president Jaafar Numeiri abolishes South Sudan's autonomy 8
  9. 9. TRENDS 1987 1938 1990 1991 1992 1998 2000 Moroccan athletes win two gold medals at the Los Angeles Olympic Games First Palestinian Intifada against Israeli occupation Zein Al-Abidine Ben Ali comes to power in Tunisia. introducing a new wave of “Arabization" Algerian political liberalization "Law Leki" is a huge hit in the emerging genre of Arab pop Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz wins the Nobel Prize for Literature Iraq invades Kuwait; UN introduces sanctions on Iraq End of Lebanese Civil War US—led coalition forces Iraqi troops out of Kuwait; Iraqi regime survives rebellion Algerian military cancels parliamentary elections; Islamic revolts start Radical Islamic groups in Egypt rebel against the government Algerian rai music becomes a hit in Europe with Cheb Khaled's "Didi" Algeria's Hassiba Boulmerka takes a gold medal in the women's 1,500—meter race at the Barcelona Olympics Morocco and Saudi Arabia make it to the group stage of the World Cup finals Second Palestinian Intifada Israel ends 22-year occupation of South Lebanon GENERATION BOLD 9
  10. 10. TRENDS THE | i! FLUEI! CES THAT SHAPED THEM A period of optimism and security; guaranteed jobs for all, social security programs and protective legislation, stability, prosperity and ample opportunity An era of consumerism and self-indulgence: economic growth marked by the oil boom, the prosperous post—World War II era, a privileged generation that had it all Sacred hierarchical structures: patriarchal society and the gender contract, family as a key institution, vertical managerial structures in the workspace Gender equality: the MENA region witnessed the rise of the liberal. free-spirited woman both in society and in the workplace Era of Pan—Arabism: the end of World War II and the independence of Arab nations, the birth of a richly diverse but strongly united Arab culture. Al Ouroubiya, The Arab Identity: a common linguistic, cultural and historical heritage; dignity, generosity and hospitality cemented as core Arab values Golden age of Arab pop culture: the first generation to have grown up with television, cinema and music as part of a golden era of Arab culture whose icons include Sabah and Umm Kalthoum Top Image: Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser returns to cheering crowds in Cairo after announcing the nationalization ofthe Suez Canal Company, August 1956 Bottom iriage: Lebanese singer and actress, Sabah GENERATION BOLD 10
  11. 11. "! :L= lll! }~3‘ GENERATION BOLD ROCK & ROLE MODELS Creative pioneers, stylemakers and highly successful people. these over—50s from the Middle East are inspirational to all ages. Elie Saab, fashion designer. 51 Amr Diab, entertainer, 54 Maxime Chaya, explorer, 54 Sultan bin Salman, astronaut, 59 Al»Waleed Bin Talal, businessman and investor. 60 Georgina Rizk, Miss Universe 1971, 62 Zaha Hadid, architect, 65 George Kurdahi. broadcaster, 65 Yousra. actress, singer and United Nations Development Program Goodwill Ambassador. 65 Tf1pIIY1i'Agf"7J1‘flMfldld Photography by / lltix Tclfcr Bullum Image. Sullaii bin sairrrarr vi 1932 11
  12. 12. DRIVERS
  13. 13. DRIVERS DEMOGRAPHIC TIPP| i! G POINT The days of a predominantly young Middle East are approaching their end, as populations in the region grow older than they've ever been before. According to the United Nations Development Programme/ International Labour Organization, the ratio of youth to adult population across the MENA region decreased by 10% from 1990 to 2010,’ due to the declining fertility rates across the region—a direct result of delayed marriage and access to contraception and acceptance of it. as well as empowerment of young girls and women through education. Generation BOLD and Generation X together make up one third of the region's population, but control a disproportionate share of its spending power, which is set to increase as the population as a whole ages. Brands ignore this group at their peril. 73% of the Gen BOLDers we surveyed agree that today's world caters mostly to younger audiences. — JWT "10 Trends for MENA 2015" GENERATION BOLD 13 SCIENCE OF LONGEVITY Advances in science mean that people are living longer than ever. One in three UK babies born in 2013 will live to celebrate their centenaries. “ Researchers at the universities of Harvard and New South Wales recently discovered that certain proteins and molecules can reverse aging in mice, and are already conducting early human studies? A drug that reverses aging in humans is now a serious possibility. Thanks to continuous medical advances, improved nutrition and healthier lifestyle choices, 60 is becoming the new 40. People are not only living longer, they are remaining healthier as they age. They're also getting a boost from an ever-widening range of products and procedures, targeted at almost every age group and both genders. that help to maintain health and wellness and mitigate the effects of aging. Future generations will be astounded that we ever considered people in their 50s, 60s or even 70s as elderly, and the label "old" is already losing its meaning. By 2030, the 60+ population will make up 12.5% of Muslim-majority countries in North Africa and 9.1% of Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, up from 7.8% and 5.0%, respectively, in 2010. — Pew Research Center, "The Future of the Global Muslim Population, " 2011
  14. 14. DRIVERS RAGE AGAINST AGE Many of today's Generation BOLD are as lively and vivacious as they've ever been—an incurable case of Peter Pan syndrome. They refuse to be bogged down by outdated stereotypes, and don't let their age determine the life experiences they seek out. As the genders experience aging differently from both biological and cultural perspectives, our survey shows MENA women are more likely than men to embrace subjective definitions of age, for example, phrases such as "50 is the new 40." Men prove more difficult to reach with such messaging, and are more likely to believe 60 is 60, plain and simple. 63% of Gen BOLD say they did not feel any different when they hit 50 or 60 and enjoy life more now than when they were younger. — JWT "10 Trends for MENA 2015" GENERATION BOLD 14 A LIFETINE OF TRAILBLAZING Accustomed to achieving personal triumphs through a lifetime of hard work and dedication, this self—assured generation is constantly looking for ways to break new ground. Self—taught and self—reliant, Gen BOLDers brim with personal pride and self—determination. They've spent their lives forging their own paths, so why stop now? They came of age in the radical 1960s and '70s, when anything seemed possible. They enjoyed successful careers. prosperity and wealth. In return, they revolutionized culture in the MENA region. They spearheaded Arab unity and regional victories. They made strides toward gender equality and, in much of the region, produced the first wave of women to enter the workforce. idealistic and disciplined, they pioneered and engineered new successes for themselves. Brands that do not allow them to thrive and shine will lose them as an audience. 41% of Gen BOLDers want to spend their retirement traveling and exploring the world. — J. Walter Thompson MENA SONARIM, 2014
  15. 15. DRIVERS UPWARDS AND DOWNWARDS PARENTING Gen BOLD is also a selfless generation. Generous caregivers. its members are ever—ready to support, educate and transfer knowledge, values and resources to their kids—all while finding the patience and willpower to care for an older generation that that has raised them into the men and women they are today. This can place financial and emotional pressures on Generation BOLD, some of whom are members of the "Sandwich Generation"—they are simultaneously supporting their children and their parents. Our research found that up to 73% of MENA consumers are worried about caring for their ailing parents. Many of them are working well into their older years to secure comfortable futures for themselves and their families, and more than 11% are delaying retirement out of necessity. Those who find themselves in the "Club Sandwich" sub~classification are shouldering responsibility for three generations of their family. GENERATION BOLD Clearly, it's dangerous for brands to assume Gen BOLDers are all empty—nesters. Caring for multiple generations may leave them financially stretched, but it also means they influence buying decisions across generations. "Losing physical agility" and "having enough money to live comfortably" are cited as primary concerns by 57% and 44% of this generation respectively. — Nielsen, "The Age Gap, " 2014 15
  16. 16. DRIVERS THE DIGITAL NEW NORNAL The digital age has dramatically changed the world across all areas of life. While the merits of the digital “new normal" are indisputable, for Gen BOLD, it has disrupted the interpersonal interactions to which they are accustomed, Nonetheless. Gen BOLD remains unfazed by this “new normal" and is readily adjusting to the new processes and dynamics of our digital age, acknowledging it as the gateway to an extensive scope of opportunity the world has to offer and which they have yet to explore. Gen BOLD will appreciate brands that help them bridge this “digital divide" or can provide digital solutions leading to more fulfilling lifestyles. Egypt's tech industry has reached an important turning point. Older late adopters are suddenly connecting rapidly; 45% of internet users aged over 55 only started using the internet during 2014. — Nielsen, “Connectivity is King, " 2015 GENERATION BOLD 16 LOOP-SHAPED LIFESPANS Life used to run along a familiar, linear path, but this is being disrupted as lifespans extend. For Generation BOLD, it's all about loops—life-loops, that is. With newfound time on their hands and a greater understanding of what life has to offer, Gen BOLD is skipping or revisiting life stages as it suits, sailing through life with an undeniable joie de vivre. Gen BOLDers are re—inventors at heart. They are continually exploring new hobbies and careers, and stepping out into the dating game or choosing to remain single. They are working hard and playing hard- planning the holiday of a lifetime several times over, with a fierce eagerness to reboot their lives, try new things, and seize opportunities. All the while. they are also spending as much time as possible with the people they love, doing the things they love most. Their life trajectories are now sinuous, looping, bold, and filled with energy. While millennials believe #YOLO (you only live once), for Generation BOLD, once is no longer enough. Brands need to create products that give Gen BOLD's savings mileage, while also allowing its members to enter a world of endless, ageless possibilities. 30% of Gen BOLD want to work towards bettering their communities, and 30% would start a new career. — J. Walter Thompson MENA SONAR“, 2014
  17. 17. BY NUMBERS GEi! ERAT| Oi! BOLD BY NUMBERS GENERATION BOLD They're a sizeable segment. .. . ..and they're expected to get bigger Their numbers are projected to grow at a rate of %42 from 2015 to 2025' They currently make up %12 of the MENA Arab countries’ population‘ They feel as young as ever. .. %63 enjoy life more than when they were younger and didn't feel different when they hit 50 or 60’ . ..but they worry about their wellness %57 and %51 believe that losing physical and mental agility is a primary concern about life in old age’ They are patriotic. .. %49 believe that their country has a leadership position in the region§ but are concerned about their countries’ futures %68 worry about corruption and high unemployment, and %55 are concerned about the poor quality of education§ They're financially secure. .. %56 are financially satisfied with where they are today" . ..but they're not ready for retirement Only %26 are financially prepared to ensure a comfortable retirement" They are online. .. %7O use social media to look at what family and friends are doing and %63 but they prefer direct interactions %42 still own and use a basic mobile phone (without Internet of Gen BOLD access the Internet daily§ They are fans of the web. .. %33 use their smartphone to compare products features and prices online‘’ connectivity feature)§ but they rarely shop online %52 prefer to deal with an actual person rather than using e—commerce§ They are hunting for adventures. .. %41 want to spend their retirement traveling and exploring the world’ but can't find experiences that cater to their needs %8‘I would like more experiences to help them live a fulfilling lifestyle’ Sources: ‘ US Census Bureau 7015 (J Walter Thompson MENA SONAR I’ 2014 1 Nielsen 2014 "The Age Gap " § Strategyfli/ PwC Z013 "Generations A differences and similarities across the Arab generations " II Towers Watson 2013 "Savings and Retirement Attitudes Survey MENA" ti Nielsen 2011 "The Global impact of an Aging World‘ ‘ii J Walter Thompson MEA Disco Lab 2015 17
  18. 18. PERSONAL VALUES GENERATION BOLD 18 PERSONAL VALUES MENA 2013, RANKING Dignity Generosity Hospitality @ G) @ 6 ALL ADULTS Honesty Commitment Affection Achievement Creativity Adventure OOOOOOOOOOEOLDERS 690996) Religiousness T Difference in Rank _ IG I Source Strategy 3. Generations A oirrerenees ane similarities Aeiess tne Arab Generations, 2013
  19. 19. TYPOLOGIES
  20. 20. TYPOLOGIES GEi! ERAT| Oi! BOLD TYPOLOGIES Generation BOLD, complex and diverse, refuses to be consigned to a box marked "gray hair and slippers. ” An analysis of our MENA SONARTM survey reveals four clusters of traits that allow us to segment Generation BOLD into four distinct groups: Traditionalists, Adventurers, Self-Actualizers and Activists. Top Image: nnli—. i-. ii. Gabaiina family ad Bottni1iirriage: Poitrait of Maxime ctiaya ; ::a . _,e 1‘ GENERATION BOLD 20
  21. 21. TYPOLOGIES 17% — The Self-Actualizer Motivated by financial need or personal pride, Gen BOLD Self- Actualizers have no interest in slowing things down. Retirement presents a fresh chance to leverage their years of experience by trying out something new. For those who derive their identities from work, exploring a new career or starting their own business is the way to go. Those who crave continuous learning find that going back to school keeps them mentally astute and gives them a sense of purpose. 11% - The Activist Activists are the movers and shakers of this generation and the agents of change in their communities; the socially committed trailblazers of our times. They are the caring contributors who start foundations. support charities or fight for a worthy cause. On a mission to make a difference, these legacy-seekers are motivated not by money or status, but by the desire to leave their mark on the world. GENERATION BOLD 21 37% — The Traditionalist Although fewer Gen BOLDers are choosing traditional retirement, over a third still prefer to spend their newly abundant leisure time just sitting back and relaxing. Traditionalists, who have dedicated their entire lives to their jobs, have no interest in starting second careers or reinventing themselves, let alone changing the world. Nurturing caregivers at heart, they devote themselves to spending time with or looking after their grandchildren. 36% — The Adventurer The Adventurer values the unknown and the unexplored. Today. Gen BOLDers have a greater awareness of what's out there, and time on their hands to make up for a lifetime of missed adventure. As their bucket lists grow longer, the globe-trotting Adventurers dream of exploring the world, one destination at a time. A newfound appreciation for experiences over possessions has made travel and adventure their new status symbols.
  22. 22. TYPOLOGIES Gen BOLD Post—Retirement Activities (percent who plan to do the following) an ID in U Em! IE Em! Move to a senior center (Traditiunalists) VHF Morocco Join a club I. attend activities madltlanallsts) I Morocco Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia UAE UAE Kuwait Kuwait Lebanon Lebanon an In in so 2» Em! Em! Morocco Garden (Traditionalists) Saudi Arabia UAE Kuwait Take care of grandklds (Tradltlonalms) Morocco Q1 Saudi Arabia UAE Kuwait 2'1 Lebanon Lebanon GENERATION BOLD 22
  23. 23. TYPOLOGIES so an an In III an on Earn! 20 Egypt I don't have plans to retire (Self Actualizers) Morocco Saudi Arabia UAE Kuwait Join a new company (Self Actuallzers) Morocco Saudi Arabia 23 was Kuwait ‘i2 Lebanon 16 Lebanon so an an In In In Eayp! Egypt Adult education (Self Actualizers) Morocco Morocco Saudi Arabia Be a volunteer (Activists) 39 Saudi Aiabia 13 17 14 UAE UAE Kuwait Kuwait ‘i4 Lebanon 22 Lebanon GENERATION BOLD 23
  24. 24. TYPOLOGIES an ID in In All an 28 Em! Egypt Romantic experiences (Adventurers) 24 Morocco Saudi Arabia uAE Kuwait Explore the world/ travel (Adventurers) Morocco 48 Saudi Arabia 50 UAE Kuwait 27 Lebanon 45 Lebanon so to ii Em! Start a new career (Adventurers) 34 34 Morocco sauoi Arabia uAE Kuwait Lebanon GENERATION BOLD 24
  25. 25. TYPOLOGIES ADVENTURER PORTRAIT Danielle, 51, traveler, explorer and storyteller A regular day in Danielle's life Danielle, a hedonist, loves all of life's pleasures, particularly those she has yet to discover, and considers every day an adventure. Her passion for experiencing the unknown and her thirst for “knowing and telling" has fueled a life full of discovery: she has explored everywhere from continents abroad to the familiar streets of her own city. “Adventure is a perspective, " says Danielle. “Taking a different approach or choosing a different route can open doors to unknown paths and teach you something new. That way. adventure can be found in even the most tedious of chores. " Danielle says she starts each day "planning" for adventure, aiming to make every day matter. Her passion for life and all it has to offer sees her carving out downtime in her busier—than—ever day—and "inviting" adventure to happen. GENERATION BOLD 25 How Danielle‘s life has changed in her 50s Danielle has always been an explorer and her life is a magnificent, colorful ride. Each quest is becoming more daring and she pushes herself ever further. Determined, more than ever. to make every minute count, Danielle is embarking on a personal adventure of her own, using her accumulated experience and knowledge to start an exciting new career in storytelling. “What I've realized is that pushing myself further and further out of my comfort zone, actually brings me closer to extraordinary things. " she says.
  26. 26. TYPOLOGIES How is life better today? “I am more determined. I know exactly what I want out of life and I’m confident that I can achieve anything I want. My colorful stories also make for the most interesting company! " And how is life worse today? “The body and mind get tired, so it's important to keep feeding them with inspiration, physical exercise and strong mental choices that drive you. Time is running. That's why I don't postpone things any more. I do things as soon as I feel the urge. " Age is. .. ‘.7 “Nothing but a mindset. Life is a responsibility that I want to experience fully. Each new adventure feeds into me and shapes my stories—shapes MY story. " What do you care about the most? “Family. " What do you miss the most? “My innocence. It's what makes us experience everything in awe and makes us unafraid to try new things. There is no fear in innocence. " GENERATION BOLD 26 “Of course I would try new brands. However, they have to deliver something that doesn't exist in the brands I already use. ” Danielle, 51, traveler, explorer and storyteller
  27. 27. TYPOLOGIES What would you like to leave behind? “I've done and seen so much and I have so much knowledge, I want to be able to tell people my stories. I hope I will be able to inspire them to do more, live more. be more. " What do you see yourself doing more of? “More living, more discovering, more connecting with people. We sometimes forget we are Neanderthals at heart. born to roam. hunt and discover. At this stage of my life. I want to find and grow old with someone who has lived as much as me and who will share the rest of my adventures. Motherhood is also an adventure I have yet to experience. in any form and whenever it presents itself to me! " Which brands do you swear by? “Nikon; Apple products; Bordeaux wines; Patron Tequila; Taschen books; Martin Margiela fashion; Skinceuticals beauty creams; and Amazon. " Are you open to buying new brands? “Of course I would try new brands. However, they have to deliver something that doesn't exist in the brands I already use—something that is different or that I need badly. I would never replace or trade GENERATION BOLD 27 in my Nikon or Apple brands. As for the rest. I'm open to convincing. After the years we spend reading about. trying and experiencing different brands. the ones we finally choose are the ones we're comfortable with and have built a relationship with. .. we become loyal. so changing to another brand is like asking me to cheat. " What attracts you to a brand? "Whether what the brand has to offer resonates with what I need. the brand's package design and functionality. and whether it is readily available. Friend or family recommendations might persuade me to try, but it is only my own experience of the product that would make me continue to use it. " Do you prefer shopping online or offline? "Some things you don‘t need to touch and try and smell and taste, so I would definitely buy online. The rest I will pick with my own eyes! " Which media do you tend to use? “Online 90% of the time. The rest is divided among magazines that I buy when I find a really crucially interesting article, and TV when I tune into a particular program. I rely on the internet for work- related research. "
  28. 28. TYPOLOGIES ADVENTURER PORTRAIT Zeki, 54, sports enthusiast and daredevil A regular day in Zeki‘s life No stranger to danger. Zeki embraces sports and extreme challenges with open arms, starting as early as seven in the morning. That is the time he water skis, as he‘s been doing for the past 30 years, every day, rain or shine. with moves that would put most 20-year~olds to shame. After battling the waves. he heads down to his passion- turned—business—his bike shop. A professional racer in his heyday. he spends the better part of his day among the shiny machines. and fills his weekends with group motor bike rides across the scenic city. His favorite part of the day is the early morning. when the rush of the waves make him feel alive. Anyone who thinks daredevils belong in comic books can think again: according to Zeki, it's a lifestyle. How Zeki's life has changed in his 50s Zeki‘s hair might be gray, but he is healthy. fit and happy. and living life exactly as he wants to. Being a water sports enthusiast all his life has served him well in his 505. "My life cannot be any better. " says Zeki. "It's both invigorating and indescribable. " GENERATION BOLD 28 How is life better today? "I am doing exactly what I want to be doing. Not many can claim that. " And how is life worse today? "It isn't. Or maybe it depends on how you choose to live it. I choose to live an invigorating life and I'm filling it with the things I love. " Age is. .. ‘.7 “Not a barrier to enjoying the things you love. It's a choice and I choose a life of adventure. " What do you care about the most? "My health. I can't imagine a day where I am not doing one kind of sport or another. " What do you miss the most? "Absolutely nothing. It was a life of adventure then and it is a life of adventure now. " What would you like to leave behind? “I haven't really thought about that. I live day by day completely and wholeheartedly. I've even started a new family. The end is nowhere on my radar right now. " What do you see yourself doing more of? "More of what I'm doing right now. It's worked for me so far, so why change it? "
  29. 29. TYPOLOGIES TRADITIONALIST PORTRAIT Lina, 61, retired business owner A regular day in Lina's life Lina's day starts early; she gets up at five, works out. has a good breakfast and works in her garden before setting out to make a round of calls to friends and family. Mornings are her favorite part of the day: the time when she's most active and has the most energy to get things done. ‘'I'm blessed by the promise of a new day, every day. where I have the choice to do whatever I want. " she says. Until her recent retirement. Lina owned over 60 restaurants worldwide. and cooking and baking are her main passions. When her evenings aren't packed with socializing with friends for dinner. she winds down by scouring her social media networks, which help her stay on top of various topics. How Lina's life has changed in her 60s While Lina's motivation and enthusiasm for life hasn't changed, it's physical challenges that slow her down. Aware of this. she works out religiously to stay fit and healthy. as she never wants to become a burden to her children. "I want to live well and healthy right into my 80s. " she says. GENERATION BOLD 29 How is life better today? "With the advent of new media, there's so much more to do and to learn. " And how is life worse today? "It's become too fast—paced and it's stressing everyone out trying to keep up. Also, with everything so instantly available, we're losing respect and appreciation for most things in our lives. It's become a lot easier to discard things than to mend them. " Age is. .. ? "A mindset and an attitude. It's up to each person to work with whatever cards they've been dealt. " What do you care about the most? “My physical freedom. " What do you miss the most? "Non-stop laughter. " What would you like to leave behind? “I want to be able to pass on my business experience to young entrepreneurs. but they are not always willing to listen, even though I myself am still learning new things every day. " What do you see yourself doing more of? "Whatever I need to be doing in the moment, in this wonderful adventure called life. "
  30. 30. TYPOLOGIES TRADITIONALIST PORTRAIT Herbert, 58, retired business owner A regular day in Herbert's life Although Herbert has retired, he still likes to pop into his office during the morning to check in. His favorite part of the day is meeting up with clients, discussing new ideas and strategies. Staying involved helps pass the time. After work, he usually spends time with his children, listens to music or goes out to dinner or a movie with his wife. Weekends are reserved for exercise or trips to various sports clubs he frequents. An avid skier and golfer, Herbert cherishes uninterrupted "me—time" in the outdoors, which helps him clear his mind and think about life—-something he never previously had time for. How Herbert's life has changed in his 505 Life has become more calculated. Herbert has millennial children living at home and bears the responsibility of caring and providing for them. It's also a time for learning new things in an ever-evolving world and Herbert wants to stay on top of it all. He attributes his ability to juggle everything to his diverse and well~traveled background, which has made him more adaptable to today's new ways of life. GENERATION BOLD 30 How is life better today? "I have time for myself, to think and enjoy the little things. I never had time for that before. " And how is life worse today? "| t's become more competitive and stressful. Even the quality of life was better before. " Age is. .. ? “Just a number, until your health fails you. " What do you care about the most? "My family. " What would you like to leave behind? “I miss the solid values we had in the past. We used to have a lot more respect for one another and would like to be able to instill that in my children. " What do you see yourself doing more of? "Traveling. I want to be able to take more vacations, which isn't possible right now because of all my responsibilities. "
  31. 31. TYPOLOGIES SELF-ACTUALIZER PORTRAIT Mayda, 55, university alumni coordinator A regular day in Mayda's life Mayda has been alumni coordinator for one of Lebanon's top universities for just over a year Her workday starts at nine in the morning and is filled with events to plan and fundraisers to track. No day is ever quite like another, which, she says, "is always hectic, but interesting. " She checks her social networks before starting her day's meetings, keeping tabs on what friends are up to and what they are sharing. Her favorite parts of the day are meetings and staff visitors. and she says it's "face to face interaction" that she values the most. How Mayda's life has changed in her 505 For Mayda, life has begun again. Recently divorced after 25 years of marriage, and with two children to support, Mayda's 505 were emotionally and financially challenging at first. Refusing to give in to the fear of "what next? ", she embraced the responsibility of finding a job she enjoys to support herself and her family. Throughout her life, both at work and as a homemaker, Mayda never stopped learning about everything and anything she could, and she attributes her current success to this. GENERATION BOLD 31 How is life better today? ‘'I'm stronger and self~confident. I have lots of plans for myself and I know now that nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams. I am no longer afraid. " And how is life worse today? “It isn't. I acknowledge my societal limitations and I face them head on with no shame. " Age is. .. ‘.7 “What you make of it. Fifty used to be a scary number. But I'm active, I'm still learning and teaching and I'm fully functioning. But it can be physically challenging if you don't look after yourself. " What do you care about the most? “My children. They still need me. I want to spoil them, pamper them and help them grow to be the best version of themselves. " What do you miss the most? "My health. " What would you like to leave behind? "I want to motivate and empower women to stay independent and strong, no matter how old they are or the circumstances they face. " What do you see yourself doing more of? ‘'I want to help people who want to help themselves. I want to change people's lives for the better, including my own. "
  32. 32. TYPOLOGIES which brands do you swear by? “I don't swear by a particular brand. I shop according to my needs. I will always pick good quality over brand name and over price. I will not settle for items that are convenient or items that are cheap. I need to be convinced of my purchase and satisfied with the experience that I have with the product for me to buy anything. But brand names are not an issue. I am not really interested in new tech purchases—I have all the techy gadgets that I need. As for fashion. my favorite brand is Gerry Weber: great quality and somewhat affordable pricing. But quality is what attracts me to it. " Are you open to buying new brands? "Yes—always open for anything new. I am not a 'classic' person and I tend to experiment with new products in all categories. If I see anything that I like, that catches my attention, I am willing to buy—as long as it satisfies a need I have. " What attracts you to a brand? “Advertising might help me lean towards a brand and friends might also influence my purchases. However, I need to try it to believe. I have to be convinced first—hand and see the value myself. My own experience with the product trumps everything else. " GENERATION BOLD 32 Do you prefer shopping online or offline? "To be honest, I don't shop online here. If I were living in the States, for instance, I would, definitely. Don't get me wrong, I am more than willing to give it a try, but I am worried about the quality of the service. Will it be delivered on time? Will the item displayed online look the same on delivery? Is there an after—sale commitment whereby you can return the item for free if you don't like it? In the US, I can try something on and return it instantly—but do Lebanese e—retailers promise the same? Lack of trust is what scares me, but. guaranteed good service, I'd give it a try. " Which media do you tend to use? "I mostly rely on social media. I love Facebookl I use it to connect with my friends and to share inspirational ideas. I also spend a good amount of my day reading online. I watch TV at my own convenience at home. However, social media remains my go—to source. "
  33. 33. TYPOLOGIES SELF-ACTUALIZER PORTRAIT Toufic, 60, entrepreneur A regular day in Toufic's life Toufic's days are anything but regular, as he juggles time zones on two different continents. In America, life starts as early as 5am to work to Middle Eastern time zones. Come 1pm, when the Gulf markets are done for the day, he attends to his North American life with his family. When he is in the Middle East, his focus is solely on work, and his time is filled with business trips for research and client meetings across the Gulf. How Toufic's life has changed in his 505 Life for Toufic at 60 is fulfilling. He has taken his 30 years of corporate experience and is doing something that interests him, while allowing him to take control of his time and pace of life. Although he works across two continents, self—employment allows him to define his personal, professional and financial objectives, thus limiting his stress levels. GENERATION BOLD 33 How is life better today? "I play by my own rules and control the pace of life. I get to spend more time with my family. Life is no longer dictated by someone or something else. " And how is life worse today? "It isn't, provided my health is intact. " Age is. .. ? “It does not mean a thing, provided a person is in a youthful frame of mind and believes in their ability to do whatever they want. I have no intention of retiring any time soon! " What do you care about the most? “My family. I still want to be a part of their life and support their goals and ambitions. " What do you miss the most? "My health. I sometimes wish I had the physical energy to take on much more. "
  34. 34. TYPOLOGIES What would you like to leave behind? “A business legacy, helping people find the right careers and setting goals for themselves. " What do you see yourself doing more of? "Preparing young generations for life. " Which brands do you swear by? "I am becoming more and more dependent on Apple as a tech brand. I am realizing the benefit of how devices connect to each other and rely on Apple tools to get my professional and personal lives organized. As a fashion brand for men, Gant offers me good quality and is not overly expensive. Cadbury: I love chocolate. The Adidas range of products attracts me. Variety is a must. Their design is on point too. And they support my favorite football team. " [Toufic is a die—hard Chelsea fan]. GENERATION BOLD 34 Are you open to buying new brands? "Yes, definitely. Regardless of the category, I look at how useful the product is. I am a traditional in my decision-making process. I emphasize the technical aspect first (I won't compromise on qualityl), then develop an emotional bond with the brand later on. But functionality trumps all. " What attracts you to a brand? "Both, depending on the product. I am relying more and more on online channels, particularly for brands that I know well, brands that I do not need to try or see first—hand, where I won't get any surprises. or brands that are well established in their categories. Usually I buy electronics, books and music online. " Which media do you tend to use? “Increasingly, the Internet. I am watching less and less commercial TV and leaning towards this medium only for ad—free movies and football matches. The only advertising that I see on television is in between news programs or entertainment shows. As for reading the news, I mostly rely on online sources. I even read books online. "
  35. 35. TYPOLOGIES ACTIVIST PORTRAIT Nahla, 58, chair of a center for children with special needs A regular day in Nahla's life Despite her own physical disability, Nahla chairs a center for children with special needs, and acts as fundraiser, accountant and trainer. Due to the unavailability of qualified personnel in her region, she works closely with the children to diagnose their individual needs, and with local suppliers to design and manufacture their assistive devices. When her working day ends, at 3pm, she rests before getting an early night, in preparation for the next day. How Nahla's life has changed in her 50s Nahla says that her priorities in life have never been clearer. Her enthusiasm for her work is stronger than ever, and is now a strong emotional tie as well as a vocation. Her passion for life is also stronger. "I look forward to going to work, even on my worst days, " she says. Her disability has not prevented her from pursuing a lifelong career; in fact, it has allowed her to develop a strong sense of empathy, which has helped her in her current role. She is currently writing books to empower children with special needs to live life to the fullest, despite the physical challenges they face. GENERATION BOLD 35 How is life better today? "It is more fulfilling. My attitude has become more relaxed and stems from a place of love. " And how is life worse today? "It can become a bit frustrating when your mind works faster than your body can keep up with. But I don't let that hold me back or dampen my passion for life. " Age is. .. ? "Not an excuse. " What do you miss the most? "Falling in love. " What would you like to leave behind? "I want to ensure that these marginalized children I work with have the care, attention and emotional support they need. It's hard enough as it is for them, having to be isolated from their friends and family, to get the right kind of treatment they need. "
  36. 36. TYPOLOGIES What do you see yourself doing more of? “Empowering these children emotionally. We've always worked to enhance these children's capabilities and skills, and we'll be working towards empowering them further as they grow older. That is the area I want to tackle next. " Which brands do you swear by? "My favorite brands fit generally within the health, wellness and body care category. As I start placing more importance on food products that prolong my health, one of my favorite alternatives to carb—loaded white bread is a seven-cereal bread brand that boasts boosting nutrients and digestive functionalities. Also, skincare brand Lubriderm is a lotion I can't live without, keeping my skin moisturized in dry conditions. As for the entertainment category, books are my biggest indulgence. Two authors that truly inspire me are Slovenian philosopher Slavoj iizek and contemporary Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. " Are you open to buying new brands? "I am not really attached to brand names and I'm open to buying new things as long as they fit an existing need. I am mostly open to new experiences in the realm of travel. I love exploring new destinations and I seek relaxation and beautiful scenery from my GENERATION BOLD 36 travel experiences. As for tech brands, I recently purchased my first smartphone, which randomly happens to be a Samsung. I've always used the good old Nokia phone for basic communication, but as the need for connectivity and streamlining work and life arose, I was more than open to purchasing a new mobile phone, which I use for calls, messaging and emails. " What attracts you to a brand? "When it comes to products that relate to my professional life. heritage, practicality and ease of use affect my purchase decisions. For instance, I've always worked on PCs, instead of Macs, because I believe that they are more popular in general and more convenient for the type of administrative work that I am responsible for. While I have no set—in—stone conditions for buying certain brands, products need to deliver on their promise and optimize the efficiency of my work. "Overall, when it comes to decisions in my personal life, I mostly rely on family recommendations when considering a brand, particularly on my sister and my son. My health is a factor that dictates every product/ service decision that I make, meaning that what ultimately attracts me to a brand is its ability to make my day—to—day life as comfortable as possible. "
  37. 37. TYPOLOGIES “My favorite brands fit generally within the health, wellness and body care category. ” Nahla, 58, chair of a center for children with special needs GENERATION BOLD 37 Do you prefer shopping online or offline? "It largely depends on the category. I usually buy my books online since there is a breadth of choices. Being an avid reader, variety and greater availability is something I can't compromise on. My go— to source is Amazon, since it is a convenient option that happens to deliver books to Lebanon. However, prolonged delivery time is a frustrating inconvenience, especially when you're eagerly waiting to put your hands on that best—selling book. "As for other categories like fashion and work stationery, I generally purchase products in—store. The advantages clearly relate to the instant satisfaction of consuming something on the spot. However, it is sometimes a hassle to actually go to the shop, not to mention the smaller variety on display, compared to online retailers. " Which media do you tend to use‘? "I am increasingly using social media—Facebook—for entertainment and social purposes, mainly connecting with family and friends who live abroad. I still watch TV on a regular basis, particularly for viewing science and nature—related documentaries. I am always on the lookout for self—growth and knowledge—building opportunities. Traditional books are a medium that I heavily consume and can't live without. I rely on the Internet for work—related research. "
  38. 38. TYPOLOGIES ACTIVIST PORTRAIT Fady, 60, communications and relations director A regular day in Fady's life Previously a successful banker and management consultant, Fady has shifted his passion to working for his country, hoping to help it rise above its difficulties through good citizenship and estate building. He spends most of his day behind his desk at his NGO, collaborating with activists and professionals across the country who operate on similar platforms. How Fady's life has changed in his 605 Experience has given Fady a much wider perspective on life. His professional success has provided him with a wide network of support and has made him swift and effective in his current role. GENERATION BOLD How is life better today? "It's more intellectually rewarding. " And how is life worse today? "It‘s less financially rewarding than the corporate world. " Age is. .. ? "Not a barrier to life, provided that we are healthy and physically capable. " What do you care about the most? "My professional credibility and my personal health. " What do you miss the most? "Racing cars and traveling. I can't do that now. " What would you like to leave behind? "I would like to be able to change people's attitudes towards their country and encourage them to become better citizens. " What do you see yourself doing more of? "More of the same. I'm very happy doing what I'm doing now. " 38
  40. 40. WELL-BEING E WELL-BEING Good health and well—being are crucial to Gen BOLDers, who expect to stay alive and healthy far longer than their parents‘ generation. Driven by a fierce desire to live well, their approach to health is holistic, focused on mind and body alike, with good relationships and social connections as the foundation of later~life emotional well—being. As they grow older, Gen BOLDers naturally experience certain physical constraints that hinder this desire. On a global scale, brands have been uncooperative, overlooking their needs and failing to help them remain independent. Emaar Heallhcares Downtown Burj Dubai Medical Centre
  42. 42. WELL-BEING El A healthy body. .. Enable long—term “healthspan" With 57% of Gen BOLD fearing “loss of physical agility, ” this cohort is making wellness a priority. Refusing to let failing health get in the way of their dreams and goals, they are hitting the gym, running marathons and making healthy choices an integral part of their daily routine. Brands should focus on their desire for age—friendly—not age—oriented—offerings and spaces that boost vitality and overall wellness. They should offer Gen BOLDers fitness—focused experiences and be sure not to exclude them from the rising interest in holistic wellness currently seen throughout the world. Example: The U Energy fitness center. one of Dubai's top gyms, provides special classes and personal training programs for older members. The Najran Summer Festival in Saudi Arabia includes a race for older men that is supported by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) to promote health and fitness among this generation. Example: Zen Yoga, Dubai’s most popular yoga studio, targets both international expats and locals with mixed and single—sex classes and a diverse program. The studio is currently using an image of a woman Yoga Zen. Dubai GENERATION BOLD 42 in her 50s to promote its offerings to those with an established yoga practice who want to progress to a more advanced level. The studies imagery targets the late-middle-aged women of Dubai who live an internationally inspired, flexible-faith lifestyle and are constantly working on their minds and bodies—and perhaps considering sharing their approach by teaching others.
  43. 43. WELL-BEING IS Create smart aging solutions According to our research. up to 73% of Gen BOLDers are worried about caring for their ailing parents. To help Gen BOLD overcome or manage physical limitations. brands can enlist smart monitoring and tracking technologies. creating solutions that keep tabs on this generation at home and also double as a personal emergency response system. According to Fast Company. the "next hot market for wearables is your grandma. " Tech companies such as Apple are moving into smart-home automation. with the promise of developing. for example. the HomeKit. which facilitates the control of connected devices at home and thus could support aging—in—place. Example: TIMEZS. the world's first “physiological prayer mat. ” assists people with knee and joint pain. body stiffness or fatigue. to perform prayer rituals with ease. As Gen BOLD's physical limitations increase with age. this solution provides the comfort its members need. Example: Health startup CardioDiagnostics manufactures wearable devices that monitor heart rate around the clock. The devices detect abnormalities. alert the caregiver and even deploy the data to CardioDiagnostics GENERATION BOLD 43 healthcare professionals. who in turn analyze the report. make a quick diagnosis. and respond to critical events. Though not exclusively designed for use by the over 50s. the technology can help save the lives of this generation. which is more prone to irregular cardiovascular activity. (afiw-—v fi # — 'f—‘ 1 . ,~. 4 . .I. . mg‘ . '. ... .n. a. ... ..a. . . 4 ' . 7 . . r 57 fl - ' - .1 l I . - - ~ , ’ I ‘I ~ ‘ ' '7?‘ ‘T ‘I x f / ‘, ; ‘ -. A7 ‘ii, Dial 1 ' . _. -, 9'~: ‘I’I 5"’ In; f’ I ' / A "T _. /.2) N,
  44. 44. WELL-BEING A healthy mind. .. Keep gen bold minds active and challenged Good mental health is fundamental for this cohort. with 51% of Gen BOLD citing mental agility as a primary concern as they advance in years. “ As this generation continues to associate an active and alert mind with well—being. brands must provide challenges that boost brainpower. stimulate cognitive performance and enhance mental aptitude. According to Crain's Chicago Business. members of this generation are fueling the brain—fitness industry. spending an increasing amount of time working on puzzles. solving math problems and playing memorization games. The market for these brain fitness games is worth about $1 billion and is expected to grow to $6 billion in the next five years. ” Think online games and competitions to keep Gen BOLD's minds sharp, structured group programs for exercising the brain. or art classes to improve mental function. Example: Dubbed the 0uizUp of the Middle East, Al Mwajaha is the first Arabic social trivia app. The game is a two—player virtual challenge; users have to answer a set of questions in Arabic related to general knowledge. history, religion. geography. nature. movies. medicine. television. music. literature. and science and technology. GENERATION BOLD 44 Gen bolders as influencers This cohort might eventually lose its physical stamina. but if there is one thing that will live on. it's Gen BOLD's passion to both teach and learn. Banking on this aspirational trait. brands must help Gen BOLDers pass on their experience to younger generations. They can also provide Gen BOLDers with opportunities to learn new things through reverse mentorships (younger people teaching older generations new technology skills) or 50+ apprenticeships—training for older people who have either been unemployed for a while or simply want a change of career. Example: The Speaking Exchange project run by FCB Brazil allows lonely American boomers in retirement homes to teach young Brazilians English via video chatting. enabling the development of “relationships that enrich both sides culturally and emotionally. "
  45. 45. WELL~BE| NG IS GENERATION BOLD 45 . ..and a focus on social relationships, key to gen bold well—being Kill the loneliness Loneliness can quickly become a big problem for Gen BOLDers. They may have lost partners or close friends. Younger generations can be part of the problem, as they no longer seek advice and guidance from their parents as they used to. This means that Gen BOLD's traditional family role sometimes no longer has the meaning it once did. Brands have an opportunity to help bridge the distance between older consumers and their families. They can create experiences and spaces that combat later—life isolation and help Gen BOLDers preserve emotional well—being. Example: In a region where many Arabs have left their countries to work abroad, staying in touch with children and grandchildren can be difficult, especially for the more tech—wary members of Gen BOLD. Johnson & Johnson helped bridge the distances between families by connecting the elderly to their kin through the Grandparents Frame. a digital photo album that lets young relatives upload pictures using a free accompanying app Grandparents name by Johnson 3 Johnson Example: In an effort to drive down old—age isolation. the Community Development Authority in the UAE organizes regular cultural and recreational trips for the elderly. to help them break their cycle of social isolation and subtly “reintegrate them into society. " Grandparents Frame r. ><ni>si» FHMIJIE Ami smut Grandma Grandvn SH~iI)ii'1iH; Ml
  46. 46. WELL-BEING Power of eternal love As women become more financially independent and the cultural stigma of divorce declines. attitudes towards “mature" love are changing. Gen BOLDers are not prepared to “put up or shut up" if a marriage is no longer working. and those who are single. or newly single. are diving headlong into romantic adventures. They have another 20 or 30 years ahead of them—so why not? However. the rules have changed drastically since this cohort's youth. and negotiating first dates or first nights together is a whole other proposition at 50 than it was at 20. Just as the dating rules have evolved. so has the playing field: older daters must now swim in a bigger pool. What's more. as many are already parents. they now have their children's seal of approval to consider. With 20% of Gen BOLD in the MENA region set on injecting some romance into their lives. “ brands must help consumers master a whole new courtship etiquette, focusing first on companionship as the gateway to forging new lifelong bonds. GENERATION BOLD 46 Example: LoveHabibi is an online dating platform where Arabs from around the world connect to meet other likeminded individuals. whether they are simply looking to expand their social circle or are seeking a companion or spouse. The site allows users to filter potential matches by age. allowing mature users to connect to people with similar needs and interests. Example: Stitch. net is a dating startup more suited to a grown-up dater than a 20-something on the lookout for no-strings fun. The online platform caters to an older segment still looking for romance, but who want to take things at a slower pace or simply find a companion they can go dancing or watch a film with. By focusing on companionship. the matchmaking service puts less pressure on users to make immediate connections that they may regret.
  47. 47. SHOPPING SHOPPING There is a dramatic divergence in this generations attitudes to shopping. With their overriding preference for human interaction. members of Gen BOLD are still having a hard time coming to terms with the complexity of a tech-infused retail sphere. But don't assume they need special treatment—overall. they're plugged in. with 55% of 50+ consumers preferring the digital over the real physical world. ” Gen BOLD is happy to spend. but needs to be convinced of value, and its members love to feel they are getting a good deal. For the time—pressed and budget—squeezed Gen BOLDer. shopping is a just another item to tick off the to—do list. so efficiency, convenience and frictionless transactions are key. This means retailers have to transform their spaces—online and offline—into desirable destinations for spending. socializing and leisure. Yas Mall in Abu Dhabl. opened 2015 GENERATION BOLD 47 There are countless opportunities for brands in the leisure space to tap into Gen BOLD's appetite for experience. discovery and learning. Forget armchair afternoons spent watching reruns—Gen BOLD has better things to do.
  48. 48. SHOPPING If] A love-hate relationship Shopping as a sanctuary Attitudes to shopping are polarized between Gen BOLD members in their 50s and those in their 60s. largely due to differing time pressures. Younger Gen BOLDers tend to view shopping as an onerous task. just another item to tick off their extensive to-do lists. so convenience. efficiency and simplicity solutions are key for this group. On the other hand. older members of the cohort, who enjoy more time to amuse themselves as they please. see retail as a viable alternative to leisure. and even the daily trip to the grocery store becomes a good source of social contact. Retailers looking to lure this generation should strive to provide a calm atmosphere. in an uncluttered space with plenty of room to circulate. Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. opened 2iJi5
  49. 49. SHOPPING Experiential retail So what switches Gen BOLD on when shopping in—store? Expectations of retail spaces are growing. particularly for this generation. which goes to the mall for reasons beyond fulfilling basic shopping needs. Gen BOLDers want to share experiences with other shoppers. get news and ideas. receive an education and even haggle for a bargain. As this cohort continues to place greater emphasis on living more vivaciously. retailers need to address them with more age-agnostic — g : ‘ ' ' ‘ ‘I Wm concepts and allencompassing lifestyle—driven environments that j j , r ‘ I I ii I incorporate spaces to shop. socialize. eat and be entertained cl , , . _j II j . ' Example: The Antoine bookstore in Lebanon houses the locally I I — an 7 . renowned Grid café. where booklovers can lounge and discuss coffee and culture. Example: Dubai's Level Shoe District—the world's largest shoe store- houses the Vogue Cafe. a chic eatery where gastronomy meets style. The cafe is an extension of the retail experience where Gen BOLDers can unwind after a day of shopping. enjoy a sophisticated meal and mingle with fashion lovers in a glamorous. vibrant setting. IG The Antoine bookstore
  50. 50. SHOPPING GENERATION BOLD 50 I6 I Vague Cafe, Dubai
  51. 51. SHOPPING Deal hunting Retail—happy Gen BOLD As a “sandwich generation, “ often caring for parents and children at the same time, Gen BOLD is conscious of the value of every dollar spent. The home proves a key focus for Gen BOLDers seeking to boost comfort or optimize living arrangements for multigenerational tenants. For these reasons, we expect to see activity around home improvements, DIY, furnishings and home technology. While this should be viewed as an opportunity, brands should encourage responsible spending and offer curation, comparison and deal sites to expedite more informed transactions. Example: Sallety, a Dubai—based food and commodity price monitoring app, is perfect for the budget—conscious Gen BOLDer. The app enables users to search, check and compare the latest prices of grocery products across the city's major supermarket outlets, allowing them to shop for the best deals at their own convenience and make informed decisions about their purchases. Sallety app, Dubai sour du -. - sallety GENERATION BOLD ms: -' . ,.u 51
  52. 52. SHOPPING Plug-in tech The love of omnichannel As online and mobile shopping continue to gain momentum in the region, Gen BOLDers are adapting to the new rules of consumerism in a multi—channel retail environment. Gen BOLDers are just as "plugged- in" and tech—dependent as anyone else in the MENA region, and tech is woven into the fabric of their lives. In fact, 29% of Gen BOLD in the Middle East and Africa order online for home delivery, a higher percentage than in North America, Latin America and Europe, and 23% use online/ mobile shopping lists (on a par with the global average). ‘5 A stores online retail environment is a crucial storefront for these omnichannel shoppers, and is thus deserving of careful design, curation and personalization. With 59% of Gen BOLD already soliciting feedback on products, services and brands on social networks, “ social media—driven e—commerce will gain popularity among this population. Marketers will need to recognize social stores as an integral part of their multichannel strategy, in order not to exclude Gen BOLD consumers. Spirmtzys super marktzl GENERATION BOLD 52 Example: Middle East regional supermarket chain Spinneys launched an online delivery service, a concept whereby older consumers can shop for their groceries from the comfort of their homes and have their purchases delivered to the door without the worry of online payments. Shoppers pay upon delivery, and can request specific personal shopping assistants to prepare their orders, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and a more personalized shopping experience.
  53. 53. SHOPPING Simple, seamless and secure The perception that Gen BOLD is tech-phobic is completely incorrect—83% of Gen BOLDers that we surveyed are no longer able to imagine life without the internet. Digital pain points for this generation differ little from those experienced by younger consumers: 32% of Gen BOLD in the MENA region cite the inability to see and feel products before purchase as a reason for not shopping online. " Brands must therefore bank on new technologies that move physical retail habits into the digital world (like | kea's virtual room), ensuring that online processes as are as seamless as offline ones, helping customers make a perfect purchase the first time around. GENERATION BOLD 53 With 25% of Gen BOLD worrying about online payment security, “ retailers should also prominently underline the steps they take to ensure data security and privacy, or offer alternative payment solutions such as click-and-collect services and pay-upon-delivery features. As for time-strapped members of this generation, brands should provide them with time—saving solutions such as online product subscription models that take the effort out of keeping the home stocked up with necessities. Example: Amazon's 50+ Active and Healthy Living Store is a one—stop online platform for customers over 50. The shop offers an array of items in different categories, gathered into a single destination. In addition to providing fast and free shipping for specific products. the site allows consumers to sign up to the Subscribe 8. Save service, which offers a collection of everyday essentials that can be delivered automatically at a discounted rate.
  54. 54. TRAVEL AND LEISURE TRAVEL AND LEISURE As they reach retirement age, Gen BOLDers have lost none of their zest for life—they are seeking out new experiences, collecting new interests and traveling to their dream destinations. Fancy sports car? Oversized mansion? Forget those—Gen BOLDers are far less interested in high—end possessions than in experiential luxuries. Brands should help them maximize their enjoyment by promising fun and adventure, offering leisure opportunities, or simply helping them discover and grow hidden passions. Travel is a key focus, particularly for adventurous Gen BOLDers. During our research, we met scuba divers, budding entrepreneurs, adventure travelers, voracious activists, and more. While some Gen BOLDers are happy to sit back and relax, others plan to carry on working or start studying something new. This is the generation that never stops developing. Etihad A330 lobby lounge social area image courtesy Etihad Airways GENERATION BOLD 54 There are countless opportunities for brands in the leisure space to tap into Gen BOLD's appetite for experience, discovery and learning. Forget armchair afternoons spent watching reruns—Gen BOLD has better things to do.
  55. 55. TRAVEL AND LEISURE Travel as the new status symbol Devouring Life Gen BOLD has been struck with a bolt of wanderlust. According to our research, 41% of this cohort are planning to spend their retirement exploring the world and traveling. This generation wants to see more of the world, something one might normally associate with younger generations. But gap years weren‘t mainstream when they were young. and travel wasn't available for everyone, so many are making up for a lifetime of missed adventure. As this cohort's bucket lists get longer, brands should whet Gen BOLD's appetite for discovery, allowing them to broaden their minds and explore new places, cultures and experiences. However, avoiding age segregation is paramount: offer “Gen BOLD—friendly" as opposed to “Gen BOLD—only" adventures—the latter will only offend and alienate them. And with multigenerational travel on the rise, don’t forget to accommodate travelers of all ages. MedMiles rvc campaign by Bankmed GEN ERATIO ‘B'(')LD ‘ w. i 55
  56. 56. TRAVEL AND LEISURE IS Example: Bankmed's MedMiles campaign features a married Gen BOLD couple lying to their son about their whereabouts as they attempt to plan a trip using the miles they've accumulated. This humorous series of ads not only reflects this generation's passion for traveling, but also showcases a service that older cardholders can benefit from: a loyalty program that allows them to redeem their accumulated miles against trips of their choice. Example: Middle East Airlines launched an ad in May 2015 celebrating its 70th anniversary with the tagline “old never, young forever. " The footage uses the iconic image of the Lebanese cedar tree, which is the airline's logo, as a metaphor for valuing something that has lasted over time, emphasizing that the brand is timeless. Resilience over time is a powerful symbol for Gen BOLDers, who have witnessed tremendous change, often including war and violence, over the past five or six decades. “Old never, young forever" Campaign by Middle Last Airlines GENERATION BOLD Old never. Young forever J , 56
  57. 57. ‘~ . -iv-‘W . _,3fi'i= GENERATION BOLD 57 Taking it Easy Generation BOLDers no longer expect to rough it: key elements that contribute to a good trip or leisure experience center around comfort. The desire to travel with style and refinement is a requirement that becomes increasingly pronounced with age, and Gen BOLD will demand a high level of service: someone to carry bags, a car to the airport, prepared meals. Gen BOLDers feel they have earned the right to higher expectations and to spend money on themselves. Brands should ensure easy. stress—free experiences followed by upscale relaxation and pampering. Datar Airlines Airbus A380 first class
  58. 58. TRAVEL AND LEISURE i 3. l EXCLUSIVE TABLE AT 35,000 VT GENERATION BOLD 58 Example: Qatar Airways’ latest Airbus A380 features eight first- class suites with ultra—wide seats that double as beds, delivering the upscale comfort that Gen BOLD craves. Not only does the carrier emphasize its relaxing travel experience, it also offers travelers on- board extras such as slippers and pajamas, as well as goodie bags with products from brands such as Giorgio Armani and Christian Dior that appeal to older travelers. Qatar Airways’ other carriers (which are less extravagant, but equally comfortable) provide the same class—A treatment that this cohort appreciates: basics such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors and combs, in addition to lip balm, hand cream, serums, eau de toilette and perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo and Dior. Example: Abu Dhabi's national airline Etihad understands that its older customers want to enjoy a sensation of exclusivity and distinction when they pay to travel first class, an experience which the airline has rebranded as The Residence. The Residence service includes private bathrooms with showers and a full fine dining and turndown service, as Etihad's customers expect similar service levels to in those of a five- star hotel when they fly. In a campaign launched in March 2015, Etihad depicts a groomed, refined older couple dining on board; the ad notes the high—end brands and designers of the dinnerware (Bernardaud), the glassware (Vera Wang), and the bed linen (Pratesi). Experience The Residence by Etihad Airways. May 2015
  59. 59. TRAVEL AND LEISURE Authentic Flair Gen BOLD travelers are just as keen as any other age group to enjoy a truly authentic experience at their destination of choice, sampling local dishes and making local friends. Peer—to—peer startaups, which thus far have tended to focus on millennials, are missing the mark with older consumers. Rewards will be reaped by those that re—appropriate this model for a grown—up crowd, engineering more upscale experiences that appeal to this age group. Il'T""i'ji' Example: Following in the footsteps of Airbnb and 0neFineStay, the latest peer—to—peer travel offering making waves is Trip4Real, which offers over 3,000 activities in 50 cities all around Spain. There are many peer—to—peer travel companies that deliver upscale experiences that appeal to Gen BOLD, but withTrip4Real, the key is in the sheer diversity of its offerings—from the more predictable Rioja wine- tastings to a nightlife crawl of Barcelona's best underground music venues led by a local DJ, or a weekend's sailing trip around the Costa Brava with a captain—and the ease and transparency with which such experiences can be booked. rriparteai ' ~. ‘t'§>-c$Tv¥: IIlIlx‘i : lIIl_I -‘I!
  60. 60. TRAvI'EvL7AND_LEl_SURE GENERATION BOLD 60 Digital Trend Habits Here's something to challenge perceptions: data from J. Walter Thompson MEA's Disco Lab research tool shows that Gen BOLD is increasingly using mobile phones to research and plan trips and find travel deals and promotions. Digital is fully integrated into their planning process, but they don't yet make all their bookings online, so they retain relationships with local travel agents who know them and whom they trust. The human touch is an important factor that empowers decision— making for many members of Gen BOLD in all areas oftheir lives- travel included. Brands will need to help guide Gen BOLD in making digital travel bookings. while online brands will need to incorporate a human element to increase trust within this group. Example: Yamsafer, a Ramallah—based travel startup, is a hotel- booking website and app that serves travelers visiting the Middle East and Turkey. Although the service prides itself on promoting the transition from offline to online bookings in the region, it also takes into account consumer-5' reluctance to make digital transactions. By establishing "cardless bookings, " the startup allows users to make online reservations and pay upon arrival, providing an alternative method for Gen BOLDers who are not comfortable with making online credit card payments. iramsaria app
  61. 61. TRAVEL AND LEISURE TRAVEL TYPOLOGIES Does the shoe fit? As older consumers enter what they are describing as the best part of their lives, many are looking forward to “middlescence" as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. In fact, 81% of Gen BOLD we interviewed wish there were more experiences that would help their generation live a truly fulfilling lifestyle. While many Gen BOLDers are globe-trotting adventurists at heart, brands that wish to capitalize on the full Gen BOLD opportunity in travel have to consider the full range of typologies that make up this group and tailor their leisure offerings to match. We have identified leisure opportunities among each of the four Gen Bold typologies we have segmented: Adventurers, Self-Actualizers, Activists and Traditionalists. Top image: Floating wheelchairs in Dubal. Image Cclurtasy of Dubal Municipality Benern Image: University for seniors. American University of Beirut U , / .4’? / ;i‘i, ,,»» -. -ii GENERATION BOLD 61
  62. 62. TRAVEL AND LEISURE Adventurers: Bucket Listers Gen BOLD Adventurers don't see travel as a privilege, but as a way of life—even a right. But what about Gen BOLDers who share the same desire for adventure, but want to remain close to home? For this cohort, brands must imagine new (and safe) experiences that stimulate and excite their senses as much as jetting off to unknown destinations. These might include physical activities such as sports, camping, group hikes, swimming or other forms of outdoor recreation and extreme exploits like scuba diving and bungee jumping. Even music festivals, clubbing venues and dancing destinations are not off limits for Gen BOLDers, who want to revisit what they've missed out on in their youth. . §.: .z. §.: .:$z8:°. :.°&.8;$: :° 93833’? 3 o ’ 8%‘ '$3'3°$’3’$’$$’$ . we 3 3 r or as Q‘ . I , ¢Q. o.§&o: x: E9 ¢: o : Q . ’ / / / GENERATION BOLD 62 0.9 o .3‘; 9.; o‘; $” 9 o :3‘8‘8'8‘8‘8'3‘3‘ = ’''3$ ‘ ‘38 Example: Dubai's My Concierge is a lifestyle platform that curates the best experiences in the city, using videography, images, reviews and music to give users a clear idea of what to expect before they book, The service is operated by concierges, editors, hotel professionals and residents who have lived in Dubai for more than two decades, and its team of experts recommends only the very best experiences in shopping, restaurants and activities such as race driving, snorkeling and helicopter tours. Not only does My Concierge offer suggestions tailored to its clients, it allows them to make bookings and arrangements online, saving time. avoiding hassle and ensuring value for money. Example: Lebanon's Mix FM hosts an 803 night every Thursday at the B018 club in Beirut. The weekly event has enjoyed a record- breaking eight—year run and brings together partygoers of all ages. Gen BOLD included. e 0 / J O Q Q ‘ ? Q §$. x3.? x§%«. ‘.’3‘. 0. 3*. ‘ / ' ,1 / /’ / , ‘
  63. 63. TRAVEL AND LEISURE Self-Actualizers: Live, Learn, Repeat Self-Actualizers have enjoyed lifetimes of personal achievement. Today, they are looking to prolong their winning streaks and build a lasting legacy. Brands and employers should exploit Gen BOLDers‘ talent, cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit and offer opportunities for lifetime learning. Think reverse mentoring schemes, meet~and-greet networking parties for “encore entrepreneurs" or workshops where seniors can learn new skills. GENERATION BOLD 63 Example: The University for Seniors. a division of the American University of Beirut, provides over 50s with educational and cultural opportunities within a social setting. The program, which promotes lifelong learning and active aging, offers a variety of activities, lectures, study groups, and intergenerational activities with other AUB students. It is changing campus perceptions of aging, as people come to appreciate elders as intellectually and socially engaged individuals. avid learners, and active contributors to their communities.
  64. 64. TRAVEL AND LEISURE Activists: Society Shapers As their motivations shift from making money to making a difference and from finding success to finding a purpose, our research found that 29% of Gen BOLDers in the MENA region plan to become community volunteers after retirement. A large portion of this cohort readily donates time and resources to youth-related projects. Brands should create spaces and experiences where generations can connect, forming complementary partnerships that benefit both sides. Brands should also provide Gen BOLDers with platforms that help them pursue social reforms and leverage their interest in crowdfunding and impact investing, to feed the sense of fulfillment that they long for. GENERATION BOLD 64 Example: Dubai—based social entrepreneurship project myvow aims to bridge the gap between volunteers who want to make a difference and existing volunteering opportunities. By connecting activists with causes they care about through a mobile app, this initiative provides an efficient way of organizing volunteers and empowering socially engaged citizens of all ages. Example: Working alongside the Lebanese government, Lebanon's Civic Influence Hub, a group of business—elite Gen BOLDers, is launching the Blue Gold Project. The initiative aims to "optimize the Lebanese government water strategy" over the next five years, “transforming water from a simple commodity to a national wealth. "
  65. 65. TRAVEL AND LEISURE Traditionalists: Seeking Serenity While traditional retirement has become passe for some, a significant proportion of Gen BOLDers nonetheless want to use their newly abundant leisure time to rest and relax. Brands must create more conventional experiences and serene spaces where Gen BOLD can socialize outside the home. Think senior clubs where Traditionalists can attend activities and conferences, watch performances, discuss the news of the day or recount tales of their youth. Nurturers at heart. the Traditionalists are selfless caregivers, spending a good amount of their time looking after their grandkids. To reach them, brands should facilitate cross-generational experiences for the whole family. GENERATION BOLD 65 Example: Iqraaly (Arabic for “read to me") is a news and literature app set to succeed with Gen BOLDers whose eyesight isn't what it used to be. The app offers Arabic audio podcasts of local newspapers, popular books and trending topics, and provides curious Gen BOLDers with a welcome alternative to reading or watching TV. Example: Ihsan Magazine is published by the Qatar Foundation specifically for senior readers. It covers everything from issues faced by the older generations to cultural and religious topics that might interest them to Gen BOLD—friendly services and activities. Example: Recognizing that older generations enjoy a day at the beach, Dubai Municipality has equipped the city's public beaches with floating wheelchairs, making an otherwise inaccessible leisure activity both possible and enjoyable.
  66. 66. MONEY MONEY Today, younger Gen BOLDers are feeling financially and emotionally squeezed due to the pressures of caring for both ailing parents and dependent children. The absence of housing services. medical insurance and government pensions often adds to the strain. How can they expect to save for retirement? The Towers Watson Savings 8. Retirement Attitudes Survey MENA reveals that only 15% of GCC residents aged 50—59 save over 40% of their income. while 19% save under 10% and 17% manage to save nothing at all. The same survey finds that parents are also supporting their children. financially as well as emotionally, as 20— and 30—something ‘boomerang’ kids struggle to fund their own independence. Among MENA residents aged 5069, 24% say their children‘s education is a main motivation for saving. and 12% are setting funds aside for their children‘s marriage. Natioriaal Bank of Abu Dhaiui GENERATION BOLD 66
  67. 67. MONEY Anticipating the needs of longevity Financial n”iile: .ge As lifespans lengthen, brands will need to create solutions that help Gen BOLD optimize their savings for longer. Globally, 44% of this generation express concern about “having enough money to live comfortably, " while 49% worry about “being a financial burden on family members or friends. “ Brands need to understand that the typical life no longer follows the predictable course it did when Gen BOLDers started working. In the future, Gen BOLD will increasingly require support from brands to make its dollar travel further. Example: Wally is a personal finance app that helps people track their expenses, manage their savings. and set and achieve financial goals. The mobile platform learns spending patterns and provides users with realvtime insights on how to take control of their finances ~ helping Gen BOLDers spend wisely and get the most out of their savings. Wally personal firiaiice app GENERATION BOLD U C M: ir'ina Pr'nmei‘rade Personal Social Work + . ,I , AED 46.00 Cash, Notes: Attach a receipt 08 Today, 6:47 pm 67
  68. 68. MONEY I‘i'I Financial guide While more than two—thirds (67%) of MENA residents hope to retire by the age of 65, over a quarter (26%) expect to work until they are past that age, and maybe even into their 70s.2° Though they regard themselves as seasoned consumers, this cohort plays it cautious when it comes to finances. They are open to advice, but choosy about who it comes from. Financial brands will have to empower Gen BOLDers to make decisions independently, but they'll also have to provide authoritative counseling and credible expert guidance. Example: One of Lebanon's leading banks, Byblos, used the idea of a son teaching his aging father to use its new banking app at the same time as explaining email to him. The Lebanese older generations are generally already fairly adept at emailing and using social media, but the ad makes the point that older people in the region are keen to embrace new technologies, as it portrays the father asking his son for help navigating this new way to manage finances. “When Jeddi) wants to send an email” commercial by Byblos bank ENEIQATI NBOt_% .68 —. ._-. i. an
  69. 69. MONEY New lifestage, new cash-spectations Support the sandwiches: adjustable and multi- purpose solutions This generation's finances may be under strain, yet they are still making buying decisions on behalf of several generations. This presents an opportunity for brands to create adjustable offerings that can be frequently re-evaluated to evolve with the financial responsibilities of bigger families. In general, brands will have to imagine multi-purpose, cost-effective and convenient products and services, allowing time—conscious and money—strapped Gen BOLDers to find choices that can simultaneously serve different needs. Example: Shopping for the most suitable loan or saving plan to match Gen BOLD's multifaceted familial needs can be time- consuming and downright confusing. Lebanon~based Bnooki tackles this by gathering products available from all the country's banks for comparison. The portal focuses on six main financial categories, including credit cards and personal loans, allowing Gen BOLDers to find the deals that best suit their requirements and even apply online to the bank of their choice. GENERATION BOLD 69 Back up post—career career plans The hard line between work life and retirement is yet another life stage transition that has been thrown into chaos. 36% of Gen BOLD in the MENA region are planning on starting a new career during retirement, “ necessitating wider access to financial products and services such as business loans, credit cards and even insurance for business travel. Those setting up their own businesses face further financial drawbacks such as lack of holiday pay, sick pay and the rising cost of pension provision. Regardless of whether they are driven by lack of opportunity elsewhere, pure entrepreneurial spirit or a desire for independence. one thing remains unquestionable: the need for the financial services sector to address these potential obstacles, forgoing the age—determined cut—off point for products like loans and insurance, which effectively create financial exclusion,
  70. 70. 4 FASHION AND BEAUTY . I GENERATION BOLD 70 FASHION AND BEAUTY tr, -—r is _ E , Wage the aging war elsewhere W”? [ ‘I Gen BOLD isn't looking to "fight, " "resist" or "defy" aging. While Gen r BOLDers take pride in their appearance, their aim is not to look L younger. Brands should shift their focus to helping make Gen BOLDers look and feel their best at the age they are, rather than advocating efforts to turn back time. It's about looking good, not looking young, / and brands must take a more positive approach to aging that celebrates Gen BOLDers holistically rather than continually picking at their "flaws. " In beauty, the war on aging doesn't resonate with Gen BOLD at all. I {I Linda Rodin
  71. 71. FASHION AND BEAUTY _ ‘ I I GENERATION BOLD 71 Example: Linda Rodin speaks directly to women over 50 with her Olio Lusso line of essential oils. The 67-year-old model and stylist stands out by making no apologies for her well—earned wrinkles. and prides herself on living life to the fullest. In 2014, Estée Lauder bought Olio Lusso, tapping into Rodin's age-agnostic views on beauty. Example: In the billboard and magazine ads that Dolce 8. Gabbana is distributing in the Middle East for 2015, the Italian brand emphasizes the family aspect of its Mediterranean brand image, featuring grandparents and those in later middle age, and riffing on the Arab touchstone of large, tribal families. Canalis campaign this season stars a male model with a graying beard. Older Arab men aren't afraid to dress up, and are often the ones holding the purse strings. These luxury brands speak directly to the stylish older consumer. AW15 caiiriasigh Phtilogiaplilr LN‘ iarr rvioss-euetne w N for C. '1ii. ':ll distributed in Leuanmr l. ivAi: ili'. i
  72. 72. FASHION AND BEAUTY IG AW15 campaign La Mama. Photography by Domenico DDICE for Dolce 3. Gabanna. dismbuted in Lebanon by Aishfl ‘ . 44 ‘ I ~ - 1 . '~'' , l M. ~ r ' r v
  73. 73. FASHION AN V GENERATION BOLD 73 Fix the role model dissonance Our visual culture is dominated by images of youth and it's no surprise that many members of Gen BOLD find this approach confusing and even patronizing; 71% of our Gen BOLD survey sample agree that “today's advertisements could use better role models for my age group)’ Brands should widen their criteria for models and spokespeople, moving toward role models and sex symbols with more depth and texture from every generation. Ramadan 2015 television ad by J. Walter Thompson for Vudaione, Egypt
  74. 74. TRENDS ~ 1‘ ' IT‘. GENERATION BOLD 74 Example: This year’s Ramadan campaign for Vodafone features a star-studded cast of iconic Egyptian celebrities, including A-list “rock and rolers" Hussain and Mostafa Fahmy, Emy Samir Ghanim and her mother Dalal Abdel—Aziz and the legendary Yousra alongside her husband director Khaled Saleem. The ad's theme, Kouwatika fi A'aylatika, which depicts how individuals are empowered by their families. resonates well with an older audience who values family above all else. Example: The Farfetch-stocked Lebanese jewelry brand Rosa Maria uses a sophisticated. artistic advertising style. This summer Rosy Abourous, the designer behind the brand, shot a casual Facebook campaign of her androgynous jewelry pieces on her older male friend Luca Rossire while on holiday in Mykonos. By featuring gray hair. she sends the message that age is no barrier to attractiveness. AWTS/111 collection campaign Photography by Markus Lamoeit. makeup by Jearkcharles Perrier for Rosa Maria. based in Beirut with global distiioiition / Ia rairetch
  75. 75. FASHION AND BEAUTY TIMELESS STYLE Stylemakers While they are motivated by looking good and flattering their figures, Gen BOLDers often find that their purchase choices are dictated by what fits well, rather than what appeals aesthetically. Gen BOLD members seek stylish, fashion»forward pieces that will reflect their appreciation of what is in vogue, but instead, they are confronted by a sea of beige and shabby, old-fashioned designs. There's a major opportunity for retailers and designers in the MENA region to meet the style needs of these older consumers more effectively. In fact, 73% of MENA respondents we surveyed agree that "certain celebrities have made aging look more glamorous. " Brands need to step up their fashion game when it comes to this age group. Example: High—street fashion retailers like M&S. Debenhams and Next are making some positive strides in meeting older consumers’ needs. M&S “makes an effort to cater to all ages and sizes, " Debenhams is commended for size range, variety and choice of different departments, and Next is popular for its ability to cater to all ages with classic styles and a “contemporary twist. " Among designer brands, Issa consistently hits the target for Gen BOLD women, offering a range of wrap—style dresses that come in appropriate lengths, flattering fabrics, prints and cuts. GENERATION BOLD 75 Romance redux As older singles enter the dating scene, more women over 50 are demanding clothes that are cut to fit and flatter them. While they may be drawn to the style of a garment, they often find that fits are unflattering. Department stores and bridal retailers will find good reason to fill their racks with eye-catching products and styles that appeal to the older set——and also need to provide a more inclusive range of sizes, particularly generous cuts and plus—size styles to present something suitable for the 50+ age range.