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Summer Voltage Deep Dive


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Summer is around the corner and with months of potential memories, adventures, heart breaks, firsts, and next steps ahead of them, we asked some, “Would you rather.. ?” questions to Millennial 18-35 year olds, for a snapshot of the dreams and desires of this generation and understand what they're hoping for right now.

In these uncertain times, independence is the greatest aspiration of the Arab Millennial as chaos reigns and everything around them falls apart. As they come to terms with the fact that reform is a far-off reality, this generation - ‘Generation ‘Why not?’’ - have decided to forge their own futures on their own terms and according to their own needs.

The report highlights how the archetype of the Arab Millennial is evolving beyond being mere ‘Material Collectors’ to ‘Experience Collectors’, where the journey is more interesting than the arrival point itself.

While traditional marketing and advertising techniques have a place at the Millennial table, it is the more digital-enhanced methods – particularly mobile – that seem to play a larger role at capturing the attention of this group.

The Summer Voltage report is the result of quantitative, qualitative and desk research by Brand Intelligence MENA during 2012. Specifically for this report, we conducted quantitative surveys in 6 key MENA markets - KSA (25), Egypt(44), UAE (16), Morocco (30), Tunisia (16) and Lebanon (47), in which we polled 180 Male and Female Arab youth.

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Summer Voltage Deep Dive

  1. 1. Image credit: Corbisimages JULY 2013 SUMMER VOLTAGE M E N A