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Managed Services refers to the practice of using specialized service providers for executing specified operating tasks leading to cost & delivery efficiencies and releasing management bandwidth for mission critical activities.

Telecom, BFSI, IT, ITES, Consumer Products

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Managed Services

  1. 1. Managed Services
  2. 2. Index Managed Services Business Today What is Managed Services Product Guidelines Why deploy Managed Services? Advantages Deployment Model Transition Methodology Sectors / Products Projects Handled Ikya Group Overview Highlights Industry Associations & Media Coverage Our Services Our Office Network Key Client Leadership Team 2
  3. 3. Business. Today. M A N A Reduced PLC Operations G Cost Efficiency E M E N TIKYA’s Managed Services Model has evolved to address the needs of today’s business context w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 3
  4. 4. What is Managed Service? Managed Services refers to the practice of using specialized service providers for executing specified operating tasks leading to cost & delivery efficiencies and releasing management bandwidth for mission critical activities. w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 4
  5. 5. Product Guidelines SLA Based Operations approach Intensive MS Asset Lite + Service Right w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 5
  6. 6. Why deploy Managed Services? Market / End User MANAGED SERVICES: Field Ops | Help DeskEnables enterprises to Migrations | DMS | Sales | Customerincrease touch points Support | IT | etc…with end users / markets Support functions –Achieve scale with accounts / HR / Marketing /reduced management Admin, etc.effortGain cost & deliveryefficiency Core activities
  7. 7. Advantages OperationalEconomic Process • Fixed costs • On Demand • Disaster • Predictable scalability Recovery expenditures • Quick • Business • Increased turnaround Continuity Productivity • Just-In-Time Planning • Better ROI deployment • Access to latest • No Overtime • 24x7 support know-how • Managed • Access to • Business as Growth advanced usual, even if solutions employee leaves • Low CapEx • Pay-As-You-Go • Single Contract w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 7
  8. 8. The IKYA Managed ServicesDeployment Model Initial Customer Analysis SLA Assessment Requirements Improvements OLA Reporting Monitoring Implementation
  9. 9. Transition Methodology Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV Phase V Plan Acquire Transition Operate Exceed KNOWLEDGE REPOSITORYPlanning & Knowledge Transfer Guided Transition Steady State ProcessAcquisition Phase Support Phase Phase Excellence Phase Infrastructure Setup Quality Process Setup Business Process Analysis Operations Process Knowledge Management Enhancement Infrastructure Support Transition & Service & Quality Knowledge Operations Support Measures Knowledge Transfer Process Understanding Reinforcement Planning Technical Understanding System Understanding Phase PROJECT MANAGEMENT QUALITY MANAGEMENT CLIENTS
  10. 10. Sectors - Telecom Service fulfillment New service installations – Consumer & Enterprises – Fixed & Mobile operations / Sales help desk & technical support / Service add-on & amendments Field Operations New service installation / Ready for service / Field inspections / Structure cabling / Maintenance of IDF, MDF, POP Rooms & Data center / Fleet Management / Tower maintenance Service Assurance Trouble ticket handling – Services disruptions, Tier 1, 2, 3 levels Migration Projects Technology migration, Network migration, Software / application migration Infrastructure Tower Maintenance POP Room / IDF / MDF Network Operations Activation, Maintenance & Monitoring, Data cleansing Document Management Document collection, Archiving, Indexing, Warehouse management w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 10
  11. 11. Services - BFSI Document Collections Application processing Verifications Document verification / Field verification Document Management Document collection, Archiving, Indexing, Warehouse management Mail management ATM Maintenance Management Physical Infra inspections & maintenance / ATM machine maintenance (Non cash) w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 11
  12. 12. Sectors – Consumer Products Product Launch Visual Merchandising Delivery & Installation Sales Support Post Sales Service w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 12
  13. 13. Sectors – E Commerce Help Desk Logistics / Delivery ManagementOther Sectors IT Helpdesk – Voice & non voice System & network administration – HW & SW w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 13
  14. 14. There is no power in the worldthat can stop an idea whose time has come ~ Victor Hugo w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 14
  15. 15. Projects Handledw w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 15
  16. 16. Enterprises Sales Support Client: Leading Telecom Operator Project Details: Process all sales orders, validate, activate the services Volume Matrix: 9000 WOs pm SLA: 24 hrs Manpower: 9 resources Area: Client site S/W: BSCS, CRM, ERP, Payment gateway, CAT (power billing application) w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 16
  17. 17. Enterprises Sales Support w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 17
  18. 18. MSTV Migration Client: Leading Telecom Operator Project Details: Migrate legacy set-up boxes to MSTV decoders within 6 months Volume Matrix: 60,000 customers SLA: 48 hrs, 6 months Manpower: 84 resources S/W: BSCS (billing system), Seibel, Payment gateway H/W: MSTV set up boxes (Motorola) w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 18
  19. 19. MSTV Migration FTs will collect the Task 2 Drivers will pick up required nos of and drop the FTs Set top Boxes for to the allotted the day from the locations Client Client provides the schedule for delivery and FTs will visit the installation (48 hrs Client will keep customer location in advance) the required set and replace the old top boxes at Al set top box with the Barsha office new set top box & MIS give a demo CST (IME) – Collects and allots the appointments area wise on the FTs will report to If the customer is same day. Each FT the Client - Field not available, the Ops office on same will be Close the Task is allotted for a informed to DU for specific area daily basis rescheduling The supervisor will The FT will be given The rescheduling organize for the Old set top the list of will be done by required no of set Du, and will be boxes to be top boxes from appointments on considered as a new handed over to Client the same day task, the process would re-start Client w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 19
  20. 20. EWSD Nortel Migration Client: Telecom Operator Project Details: migrate Analog lines from ESWD Siemens to Nortel M-SAN within 6 months Volume Matrix: 25,000customers SLA: 48 hrs, 6 months Manpower: 10 resources w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 20
  21. 21. w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 21
  22. 22. EWSD Nortel Migration w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 22
  23. 23. TSP - Consumer Client: du Telecom (EITC) Project Details: Provisioning of Triple play services (Telephone Internet, Video) Volume Matrix: 6000 wos/pm SLA: 48 hrs Manpower: 70 resources Area: International city, Academic city, Arabian ranches, Motor city, JLT, JVT, JVC, Mirdiff, Warqa S/W: Seibel, Nortel, BSCS, HSPA, CAT (payment gateway) w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 23
  24. 24. TSP - Consumer w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 24
  25. 25. TSP - Enterprises Client: Telecom Operator Project Details: Provisioning of new services Broadband internet professional Business landline / fax (analog) DNS request Business ISDN2 (BRI) Business trunk line Hosted Email / Web Managed LAN Managed IPTV (stb) National IP VPN (mpls) IPLC International Leased Line services Suspension & resumption Volume Matrix: 17000 services/pm SLA: 48 hrs Manpower: 80 resources S/W: Seibel, Nortel, BSCS, HSPA, CAT (payment gateway) w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 25
  26. 26. TSP – Enterprises w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 26
  27. 27. Document Management Client: Leading Bank Project Details: Collection, Processing, Validation, E- archiving, Warehouse Mgnt Volume Matrix: 300,000 documents/pm SLA: 48 hrs Manpower: 122 resources S/W: Inputaccel, Captiva, Access, EDMS VCK, Document retrieval software w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 27
  28. 28. Document Management w w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 28
  29. 29. Ikya Group Overvieww w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 29
  30. 30. Ikya Group Overview IKYA, founded in 2007, is India’s leading HR and Business Services organization Stable management team been in company since inception IKYA is part of the Thomas Cook Group in India. Thomas Cook Further on is part of FairFax – a 30 Billion Investment Group Nation-wide presence with 32 offices across 22 cities covering tier-I and tier-II cities Diverse client base of over 1000 marquee names across business segments spanning various industries Nearly 55,000 associates deployed across 150 locations Over 90 Million sq. ft. of real estate managed under our Facilities Management business Partner with MoRD and NSDC in Skill Development across 10 states – Training about 10,000 people per annum 30
  31. 31. Industry Associations & MediaCoverage IKYA is an Associate Member at ERA. A non-profit chamber of commerce that represent Indian Executive Recruitment Consulting Firms, and promotes recruitment as an industry. Mr. Marcel. R. Parker – Chairman, IKYA, is a Board Member of the National Human Resource Development (NHRD) Network. He also runs mentoring programs on behalf of the NHRD. Ikya was IKYA was ranked as one of the ‘10 Hottest Start-ups’ by Business Standard in their May 2008 edition. Apart form this IKYA’s Senior Management regularly contributes their views about the recent trends in the HR and Recruitment space to periodicals and dailies, including The Economic Times, The Times of India and Hindustan Times. 31
  32. 32. Industry Associations & Media CoverageContd…. In 2008, Ikya was spotted as one of the Ten Hottest Start- ups by India’s leading business magazine, Business Today. In June 2011, Business Today were elated that in their predictions story on startups, 3 years ago, we have been profiled as a SUCCESS – excerpt follows below. Mr. Ajit Isaac, CEO & MD was nominated for the Forbes Leadership award in October 2011 under the category of the most Outstanding Start up. 32
  33. 33. Our Services Leadership and CXO Level Hiring. Executive Search Partners Middle Management Hiring / Recruitment Facilities Management Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services- A boutique of Facilities Managed Services Management Solutions/RPO Soft services Offering Outplacement ServicesTraining youth of thenation, creatingemployability IKYA General Staffing Skill Development Solutions/ Managed Contract Staffing, Services Managed Services and Outsourcing. Professional Managed Staffing Services Solutions SLA based offering IT Contract Staffing, service offerings and Outsourcing. 33
  34. 34. JAMMU 28 Offices Parivarthan across 22 cities 29 Centers LUDHIANA State Location DEHRADUN Bangalore Nalgonda Ahmedabad Andhrapradesh Khammam Bhopal Adilabad DIBRUGARH Bhubneshwar Gaya Bihar ALLAHBAD Muzaffarpur Chandigarh Idar JODHPUR Chennai Valsad Coimbatore Idar Gujarat Talod Gurgaon Sabarkantha RANCHI INDORE Guwahati Valsad Kochi AmbalaJAMNAGAR Upcoming Offices Haryana Sonepat Lucknow NAGPUR Across 15 cities Yamuna Nagar Hyderabad karnataka Chikbalapur AURANGABAD Jammu Jaipur Tikam Garh Ludhiana Madhya Pradesh Seoni Kolkatta Dehradun Maharashtra Gondia VIZAG Mumbai Ganjam Allahbad Orissa New Delhi Bargarh Jodhpur Hanumangarh Patna Dibrugarh Nohar Pune Rajasthan GOA Ranchi Bikaner Rudrapur Chaksu Indore Raipur Nanakmatta PONDICHERRY Jamnagar Rudrapur Vadodara Uttarakhand Tanakpur,Champawa Nagpur t MADURAI Aurangabad Nainital UAE: Dubai Vizag Goa ` Pondicherry Madurai
  35. 35. Our Value Proposition – Economy, Ease & EfficiencyFunctional Expertise :•Manpower driven business model –Identifying , sourcing , deploying , processing , managing large scale manpower.•In-depth understanding of legal , compliance , process , technology in the Human resources domain.Distribution Reach :•Network of 23 Branches across 18 Cities ,Servicing more than 250 Clients across the country•Strong presence across all industry verticals , ability to source and deploy any HR requirement.Technology Platforms :•Intensive application of scalable technologies to improve process efficiencies and reduce cost.•Inbuilt platforms designed to meet requirements of large users – develop applications as per clients requirements.Management Strength :•Strong leadership team with in-depth industry knowledge .•Trained and experienced manpower across all functions – project management, operations , recruitment , payroll , finance andcomplianceFinancial Capabilities :•Generating positive cash flows for the past six months , positive EBIDTA for the current financial year•Good support from the investors and financial institutions – can raise capital to the tune of 4 Million USD.Sourcing Capacity-•Strong team of 100 + recruiters , ability to source more than 1000 associates in a month•Tie ups with Educational Institutes , NGOs , training institutes , government bodies to source manpower .Payroll Processing :Zero % Error rate on till date, 100 % accuracy on maintaining on statutory compliances – recognized by the Bangalore PF Commissionersfor timely remittances of PF liability .
  36. 36. Key ClientList And Growing…36
  37. 37. Leadership Team 37
  38. 38. Marcel R Parker - Chairman One of the senior most HR professionals in the country with a career spanning over 38 years, an alumini of IIM Ahmedabad. Worked in several prestigious organizations like Voltas, VST Industries, Coromandel Fertilizers, The East India Hotels, Modi Xerox, Bharat Shell, SAP India and Raymond. Marcel is a Board Member of the National Human Resource Development (NHRD) Network. He also runs mentoring programs on behalf of the NHRD.Ajit Isaac - MD & CEO An industry specialist on Human Capital related issues in India with an experience of over 20 years, has been associated with Godrej & Boyce and Essar Group in various leadership roles. Founder & ex-Managing Director of PeopleOne Consulting, later acquired by Adecco, one of the largest HR services companies in the world. Ajit also serves as an independent director on the board of Intelligroup - a NASDAQ listed IT services provider. Ajit was nominated for India Forbes Leadership Awards 2011 for pioneering the enterprise under the category of an Outstanding Start Up.Subrata Nag - CFO Subrata Nag has over 20 years of experience in finance across various large corporations and was previously involved with the finance functions at Ilantus Technologies and Mindtech IndiaPradeep Mittal – MD & CEO Magna Infotech Pradeep come with over 20 years of industry experience including 12 years in USA. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communications from Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University, India and a Diploma in Management Information Systems from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.Ramchandran Balan - Managing Director – Avon FMS Pioneer in the Facility Management industry in the country. Comes with a vast experience of almost 30 years. 38
  39. 39. Thank You J Venkat jvenkat@ikyaglobal.comw w w . i k y a g l o b a l . c o m 39