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Knowledge Base+ and JUSP

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Knowledge Base+ and JUSP

  1. 1. 11/06/2015 Knowledge Base+ and JUSP
  2. 2. 2  What is KB+  KB+ Use Cases  KB+ and JUSP  KB+ R5 (2015)
  3. 3. JUSP 3 Benefits of a shared service • Reduced time and effort • Economies of scale • Data to ensure the best national deals for the academic community • Quality Assurance
  4. 4. JUSP 4 Collaboration • A user focused service for the community • Collaborating with libraries to influence design and development of the system • Working with publishers and intermediaries to deliver benefits for the community
  5. 5. JUSP 5 KB+ Usage  In April 2015, 59 institutions used KB+ .Total number of sessions: 1190  Use Cases: The core aim of this research was to gain a better understanding of how KB+ is used by the library community.This research was carried on by Lisa Charnock – Communications and User Research (Jisc)  Use Cases :  Sharing information across the teams.  Value for Money.  Populating Link Resolvers and LMS.  Keeping up to date.  Available at :
  6. 6. JUSP 6 JUSP and KB+ Where we have both the organisation and Journal IDs setup, JUSP statistics are displayed in KB+: » Viewing institutional statistics in KB+ › Title level » Downloading institutional statistics in KB+ › Comparison spreadsheet » Core titles
  7. 7. JUSP 7 JUSP and KB+ : CoreTitles  Core titles will be marked in KB+ .  JUSP will update core titles on daily basis (to start).  Migration still in progress (1371002 total data)  Webinar recording and user guide are available (https://www.jisc-
  8. 8. Joint KB+ & JUSP CAG 22/10/2013 12
  9. 9. Joint KB+ & JUSP CAG 22/10/2013 23
  10. 10. Joint KB+ & JUSP CAG 22/10/2013 24
  11. 11. JUSP 25 R5 (July 2015) » R5 (July 2005) › Ebook – Tracking Tool & Decision Support Tool › Financial information › Interface Enhancements » Aggregators data » Integration with other services e.g. Safenet
  12. 12. JUSP 26 Thank you Magaly Bascones KBPLUS-UPDATES@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

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    Hello, I am here to talk about KB+ and some of the ways we are working with JUSP. Id like to start with describing what KB+ is and what it can offer to help put it in context and then go on to talk about integration – hope that sounds all ok?

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