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JUSP and COUNTER Release 5 - update


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Information update from the JUSP team on progress with COUNTER Release 5

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JUSP and COUNTER Release 5 - update

  1. 1. JUSP and COUNTER Release 5 update March 2019
  2. 2. Session summary •COUNTER Release 5 •JUSP Release 5 status update •Transition timeline •Supplier data •JUSP Release 5 service and interface •Key changes •Introduction to user interface •Your questions 2
  3. 3. COUNTER Release 5: what and why
  4. 4. COUNTER Release 5: what and why • The R4 Code of Practice was complex • Inconsistencies in reports, metric types and formats • Needs have evolved and continue to evolve • R5 seeks balance between addressing changing needs and reducing the complexity of the Code of Practice to ensure that all publishers and content providers are able to achieve compliance
  5. 5. Consistency Improved comparability across journal platforms Better book usage statistics Flexibility Four Master Reports with detail Standard Views for quick analysis and cost per use calculations Date stamped compliance
  6. 6. Master Reports Release 5 of the COUNTER Code of Practice has four Master Reports covering a very wide spectrum of activities Platform Master Report Database Master Report Title Master Report Item Master Report
  7. 7. “Standard Views” Sets of pre-defined attributes and filters for the corresponding Master Report Address the Most Common Use Cases Platform Master Report Platform Usage Database Master Report Database Search and Item Usage Database Access Denied Title Master Report Book Requests (Excluding OA_Gold) Book Access Denied Book Usage by Access Type Journal Requests (Excluding OA_Gold) Journal Access Denied Journal Usage by Access Type Journal Requests by YOP (Excluding OA_Gold) Item Master Report Journal Article Requests Multimedia Item Requests
  8. 8. USAGE Investigations and Requests are the two Metric Type families which show user actions 25 metric types in R4 reduced to 12 in R5. Format-specific metrics eliminated! Release 5 metric types total_item_investigations total_item_requests unique_item_investigations unique_item_requests unique_title_investigations unique_title_requests searches_regular searches_federated searches_automated searches_platform no_license limit_exceeded
  9. 9. JUSP and COUNTER Release 5 (R5) Status update
  10. 10. What it means for JUSP 10 •Standards & protocols: COUNTER and SUSHI •Scale: around 250 institutions & 90 suppliers •Support: •Supporting libraries in applying and making effective use of the standard •Supporting library workflows and processes •Supporting publishers and suppliers in implementing the standard and transition from Release 4 to Release 5
  11. 11. JUSP Release 5 transition timeline 11 July to December 2018 •COUNTER CoP R5 published •Requirements specified •Publisher and supplier liaison commenced •Back end developments •New interface developed •R5 supplier services tested January to March 2019 •COUNTER R5 mandatory •R4 data collection continued •R5 supplier services tested •R5 reports evaluated & feedback provided •R5 data collection implemented •JUSP custom reports & views developed April 2019 •Soft launch of R5 service •Training delivered •Support materials available •R5 data collection implemented / continued May 2019 onwards •Summary, trend and usage profiling reports delivered •SCONUL report developed in consultation with SCONUL •Data visualisations delivered •R5 data collection implemented / continued •R5 service evaluated
  12. 12. Approach to development 12 Data •Working with suppliers to ensure R5 compliant reports are available as soon as possible •However, availability in JUSP is dependent on suppliers being Release 5 compliant •COUNTER Release 4 (non-compliant) reports to be collected to include March 2019 data (in April) •COUNTER Release 5 reports to be collected from January 2019 •Soft launch of R5 service •As services and reports become available we will back fill data to January 2019 •3 month overlap which will provide a means of comparison •Once we have a suitable aggregation of data, we will develop summary, trend and usage profiling reports to support known user requirements Reports
  13. 13. Supplier data: March 2019 progress update 13 R5 data in production • 2 services • Elsevier ScienceDirect • SPIE R5 data in pre- production • 59 services R5 service not yet ready for testing • 26 services
  14. 14. What you can do 14 •OUP: respond to JUSP request for OUP credentials sent to site reps •Keep up-to-date with JUSP Release 5 developments by visiting: •R5 services not yet available: •Remind suppliers of the importance of R5 compliance to encourage transition ASAP •A list of relevant providers will be made available through the portal in April
  15. 15. R5 service and interface
  16. 16. Key changes to JUSP R5 16 What will change? •Simplified login and authorisation– no second pop-up box and seamless access between areas •New reporting area for Release 5 reports •Updated home page after log in •Access to a smaller number of reports and visualisations but with more flexibility to amend parameters •Access to complete aggregator reports for journals in addition to books, databases and platform reports (Release 5 only) •JUSP titles and deals functionality discontinued for Release 5 service
  17. 17. Introduction to the UI 17
  18. 18. Further resources 18 Monitor the JUSP transition update: (Includes links to COUNTER resources) Watch Deep Dive into COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5 practice-release-5 Attend JUSP Release 5 training webinar on 30th April 2019
  19. 19. Your questions