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5 ways to demonstrate value using usage statistics


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Presentation delivered at CILIP Conference 2015 on 3rd July 2015 by Jo Alcock.

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5 ways to demonstrate value using usage statistics

  1. 1. 5  Ways  To  Demonstrate   Value  Using  Usage  Statistics   Jo  Alcock   CILIP  Conference  2015  
  2. 2. What  do  we  mean  by  value?  
  3. 3. What  do  we  mean  by  value?   Importance  that  stakeholders  (funding   institutions,  politicians,  the  public,  users,  staff)   attach  to  libraries  and  which  is  related  to  the   perception  of  actual  or  potential  benefit   BS  ISO  16439:2014     Methods  and  procedures  for  assessing  the  impact  of  libraries  
  4. 4. What  do  we  mean  by  usage  statistics?  
  5. 5. What  do  we  mean  by  usage  statistics?   Could  include:   •  Use  of  library  resources  (e.g.   books,  journals,  electronic   resources)   •  Use  of  library  space  (e.g.   study  space,  silent  areas,   group  areas,  bookable  space)   •  Use  of  library  services  (e.g.   librarian  enquiries)   •  Anything  else  people  use!  
  6. 6. 5  Ways  To  Demonstrate   Value  Using  Usage  Statistics  
  7. 7. Make  evidence-­‐based     collection  management     decisions   5  Ways  To  Demonstrate  Value  Using  Usage  Statistics  
  8. 8. JUSP   Journal  Usage  Statistics  Portal  
  9. 9. “The  library  buys  many  different  types  of  online  resources,  from   many   different   vendors,   and   all   of   these   resources   need   to   be   continually  evaluated  and  assessed  to  see  if  they  are  returning   on  the  financial  investment  DMU  Library  has  made  in  purchasing   them  for  DMU  students  and  staff”­‐e-­‐resource-­‐ usage-­‐cost-­‐analysis-­‐creating-­‐a-­‐template-­‐spreadsheet/    
  10. 10. Understand  usage  of     open  access  publications   5  Ways  To  Demonstrate  Value  Using  Usage  Statistics  
  11. 11. IRUS-­‐UK   Institutional  Repository  Usage  Statistics  
  12. 12. “IRUS-­‐UK   provides   standards-­‐based   usage   statistics   that   can   be   compared   with   publisher   reports,   so   that   the   visibility   of   open   access   repository  content  can  be  highlighted”  
  13. 13. Profile  usage  to  understand   broader  context   5  Ways  To  Demonstrate  Value  Using  Usage  Statistics  
  14. 14. “We   were   looking   at   the   year   on   year   comparison   of   usage,  and  it  was  interesting  to  find  unexpected  trends.   We  intend  to  look  at  the  usage  profiling  reports  to  see  if   this   is   a   national   trend   or   something   specific   to   our   institution  that  warrants  further  investigation.”  
  15. 15. “We   use   IRUS-­‐UK   to   get   data   on   activity,   usage   and   exposure,   for   example   trends   over   time   to   see   if   downloads   are   increasing…   Benchmarking   against   other  institutions  is  useful,  as  it  gives  us  some  context   about  usage  trends  we  see  in  our  own  repository.”  
  16. 16. 8anonymised institutions
  17. 17. Inform  discussions  with     key  stakeholders   5  Ways  To  Demonstrate  Value  Using  Usage  Statistics  
  18. 18. “The   usage   statistics   are   used   to   inform   important   decisions  and  we  really  want  to  be  sure  we  can  rely  on   the  accuracy  of  the  data;  with  JUSP  we  know  we  can.   We   will   often   present   this   information   to   academics   and  it  will  be  scrutinised  so  it’s  important  for  us  to  be   sure  that  the  data  is  reliable”  
  19. 19. “We   get   a   lot   of   requests   from   academics   asking   about  the  downloads  of  their  research,  particularly   at  annual  review  time.  Sometimes  departments  will   request  information  on  how  their  items  are  doing”  
  20. 20. Provide  information  to     support  advocacy   5  Ways  To  Demonstrate  Value  Using  Usage  Statistics  
  21. 21. “I   normally   make   the   point   it   is   important   to   be   archiving  full  text  and  that  we  attract  hundreds  and   thousands   of   downloads   per   year   and   these   are   COUNTER-­‐compliant  downloads  using  IRUS-­‐UK”  
  22. 22. “The  most  common  use  for  repository  statistics  is  in   presentations  -­‐  we  can  use  them  to  show  the  type  of   usage,  and  to  demonstrate  the  usage  and  broad  range   of  use.  For  a  particular  item  type  we  can  talk  about  a   news   story   or   blog   which   can   show   a   spike   in   downloads  that  corresponds  to  the  publicity.”  
  23. 23. Make  evidence-­‐based  collection  management  decisions   Understand  usage  of  open  access  publications   Profile  usage  to  understand  broader  context   Inform  discussions  with  key  stakeholders   Provide  information  to  support  advocacy  
  24. 24. JUSP       IRUS-­‐UK