ADULTERY - "Once upon a time...A happy home"


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ADULTERY - Once upon a time...A happy home

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ADULTERY - "Once upon a time...A happy home"

  1. 1. ADULTERY  <br />“Once upon a time… A happy home”<br />______________________________________________________________________________________________<br />JUNIOR OMNI<br />ADULTERY  <br />“Once upon a time… A happy home”<br />______________________________________________________________________________________________<br />* Based on actual events<br />©JUNIOR OMNI - 2011<br /> Roger was a prosperous man and lived happily beside his beloved wife. Mary, a very intelligent young woman, a mother of a gorgeous boy, only three years old. Together they form a very happy, very happy and healthy. Roger had always been devoted to working, very responsible, and never late on their commitments. A man faithful, honest, hardworking, a true warrior. Mary always praised him after his work shift. At home, during leisure time, they behaved like two teenagers, no worries, no stress, therefore, devoted themselves to each other without reservation. They went out together forever, and shared their dreams together, since they used to say to one another: "I can not live without you"!<br /> Though very young, he - twenty-five, she - twenty-three, were a perfect couple, full of plans and many projects. They were very close, in secret and did nothing, absolutely NOTHING! They loved each other for real, and could not bear to stay away from each other. One day, Roger decided to make a surprise for your beloved. Then he passed a florist, and smiling as always, chose beautiful flowers for Mary, always hoped to reach. When he arrived home, Roger, then kissed her with a passionate kiss. With much love, Mary received the flowers that her husband had brought. That man full of love always liked to surprise his wife, sometimes with perfumes, sometimes with jewelry, chocolates... Roger was a happy man, fully realized, beside his wife and his beautiful son, his firstborn. Living in a comfortable, modern and full of new technologies, they felt very comfortable. Enjoying together its beautiful heritage, won with great effort and work, a home blessed by God. The happiness of the couple was notorious because many people talked about their lives. They were a really perfect couple, and for this reason, aroused jealousy and envy of some people who lived in constant crises in marriage. In the luxurious hall, wedding photography was in a position of prominence, in a nice frame on the wall next to a comfortable sofa. And when they looked at that beautiful photo, remembered the oath they made within the church, each other, before many witnesses, therefore, have vowed to be "faithful until death do you part."<br /> One day, Roger told his beloved wife who, in the company, which was an exemplary employee, he was "promoted"! And from that day would receive great benefits, plus a good reputation and a good salary, playing a new position in a prominent position, coveted by many people in your company. Mary was happy with this news because he believed in the power of her husband who had always been a sincere and disciplined. Roger, when he took his "new role", he devoted himself to working even more, to give their best. And so, entering a new phase of his career, he worked with great enthusiasm. Everything was going very well in the life of the couple until the day that Roger, let yourself go with the "pride" to exercise a role of prominence. He was transferred to a sector where many women beset him. And over time, unable to resist the temptations that surrounded him, he came to "betray" his wife that he was always faithful. Roger went out with a hidden "married woman" who worked in your industry. A promiscuous woman, who betrayed her husband constantly, living in search of "new adventures". Sometime later, Mary began to suspect her husband, because Roger always found some "travel" at weekends, always leaving with an air of mystery to your look. Mary, knowing that her husband had, you knew that Roger was hiding something, because he has become more "nervous", but still bearing gifts this time that his wife did not suspect anything. Roger went on to complain of fatigue and stress a lot, every time he came to his "travel." Mary went to investigate carefully the possessions of Roger, before it was so tender, but after his promotion in the company, became a man "closed", "quiet" and very "mysterious". Roger fell in love with a woman "prostitute", which betrayed her husband and their children every weekend. Running away from his commitment as a woman committed. Abandoning his home, living a life of depravity and immorality, selling her body, lying in different beds, with many men "adventurers". They marked encounters in motels, beach houses, nightclubs, discos even in some luxury. Both were aware they had spouses and children as well. But they decided to jump in this sinful, destructive adventure! Roger was blind, but he felt "responsible" to be serving the needs of your family: bills to pay, expenses, water, electricity, telephone... Over time, mesmerized by the promiscuous woman, forgetting Roger out of his wife and his son, who grew up without the presence of his father at home. Roger was blinded by that "lover", which asked him to leave him once and for all, his wife and son, so that they could live together, anywhere. Roger even thought of throwing everything up, however, sometimes thought of his son, who did not see often because all of their time was being devoted to work and her lover.<br /> That lover invested with all the strength to destroy a marriage, their meetings became more intense and frequent. They were involved in an "unholy passion, evil and malignant. Both were enslaved by "illicit sex". On one hand, a man who swore to be faithful to God and his wife, the other a materialistic woman, ambitious, full of immorality in his heart.<br />Ouvir<br />Ler foneticamente<br /> <br />Dicionário - Ver dicionário detalhado<br />THE SEED OF ADULTERY<br />"She planted the ...seed deathAnd to germinateborn adulteryAt the hearta mangood and seriousEnteredbody and soula mysteryAnd he was lost,without shaftno North ... "<br /> Once, after many meetings in secret for anyone suspicious, Roger arrived in his company, and there, to their surprise, they handed him an anonymous letter, containing within it a "death threat". Inside the locker room of the company, with that letter in hand, Roger recalled the happy times spent alongside his legitimate wife. Also in his mind, came the scenes of their wedding, wedding night, in which he swore to his wife being a "model husband" until the end of his life. And through her tears, also recalled the birth of his son, an unforgettable and exciting moment, when together, he and his wife brought into this world, a pure and innocent child. In a corner, lonely, Roger cried bitterly afflicted, that place where he himself, in the company of friends, bragging about their sexual experiences outside of marriage, without realizing that he was with his own mouth, smearing her legitimate wife and son, dishonoring his home and his family, destroying their own home. Moments passed and Roger stood there, alone, with that letter in hand. Here was this working man, once so devoted and loving with his family.  Roger was downcast, pensive, dominated by millions of thoughts, trying with their own strengths, to find a solution to their problems. "Thoughts of suicide began to emerge in his mind because he feared being killed inhumanely by the author of the letter" anonymous "who was in his hands. In these moments of anguish, he no longer knew what to do. Roger walked toward his locker, and to open it, there was a photograph of Mary, with a cheerful smile on his face, a year-end party at his house. Roger nodded, trying to understand everything that happened in your life. And without answers, just sobbing, wiping tears from his eyes, very red. Guilt, remorse, anguish and a completely enslaved him. Leaving him without the strength to work. <br /> Later, Roger discovered that he was the husband of his mistress who threatened him with an "alert", since it was discovered that the man coming out with his wife to the motel. Roger's reputation was discredited, because many colleagues spread their story from all sides, and thus came the rumors everywhere. And days later, after a meeting with their leaders, Roger was fired from his company without any explanation. For him, began there, the worst day of your life.<br />Ouvir<br />Ler foneticamente<br /> <br />Dicionário - Ver dicionário detalhado<br />Ouvir<br />Ler foneticamente<br />Dicionário - Ver dicionário detalhado<br /> Mary informed by one of her friends, she was being betrayed by Roger had long ago decided to leave home, taking with her, her son. Later, knowing that Roger lost his good job, Mary decided to finish off their wedding because she could not stand betrayals, lies and suffering.       Roger, completely devastated at losing his job, his wife and son went to get drunk every day. His home, once so comfortable, luxurious and cozy, has become a big "dump", as Roger, depressed, sad and upset, was left to fly, living in filth. In his house had condoms scattered on the floor, packs of cigarettes, beer cans, dirty clothes everywhere. And so, Roger began to reap all that he planted himself, betraying his lawful wife, which God gave him, exchanging it for a prostitute.       Roger, knowing that though his wife was living with her parents, left to take care of himself, forgetting even to bathe and change clothes, sinking more and more on alcohol, then trying to run away from their problems.       What Roger did not know is that a photograph, taken from one of the motels, where he went with his mistress, went into the hands of Mary, which, after seeing the pictures from that photo, decided to ask for a divorce immediately. Full of problems and frustrations in your mind, unemployed, Roger decided to "sell the beautiful home," which painstakingly built, sweat and tears.       Over time, Roger discovered that his mistress, after learning of his "great misery", he arranged for another man with it to venture into the motel, as he had with him a long time. This made him even more angry.       And when Roger realized what he had done, he noticed that his home, once so happy and structured, was completely destroyed by adultery!<br />"... The link wassuddenly brokenAnd paradisebecame hellTwo bodies withina burning flameLater becameeternal enemies ..."<br /> Roger's adventures have cost him a high price: the end of your wedding! And with no direction in life, he thought about quitting to live. As soon, that is crazy passion cooled, and his mistress was in other arms, promiscuous, perverse as ever. She wanted more than just destroy a marriage, as he had done to their past lovers, separating them from their wives, their children, their families. That woman was actually a "seeder." She planted the "seed of adultery" she passed. Using her charm and beauty to get into bed, all sorts of married men. However, with all its beauty and charm, she was not happy, therefore, carried on his chest, much heartache, sadness and anger ... Roger bought a new house, very humble and very simple. And in the streets, wherever he went, he was the subject of "jokes" and "ridicule" among those who knew his history and his time as a luxury, wealth and glory. Mary returned to her parents' home, and they received it with much love and affection, because his entire tracked history of suffering with Roger, a man who, overnight, changed radically. After some time, after the separation and sale of the home, Mary also bought a new house, very simple, without luxury, but enough to house her and her son that she felt very absence of his father. And that humble dwelling, Mary, with her only son, began to "rebuild his life." Roger and Mary lived in different cities, far apart, far away. She lost confidence in him, but in his heart he desired, and so much crying. He tried to "reconciliation," regretted all he had done. However, Mary, full of sorrow in your heart, educated by their parents to show "proud" to the end, even willing to give him another chance, chose to be alone, quietly suffering because she loved him enough. Days passed, and Roger, after a long time divorced, remarried with another woman. But Mary, knowing that Roger had remarried, he was sorry for having denied him the pardon. Exasperated with the situation, Mary became involved with several men, among them, a drug trafficker who was arrested for conspiracy and murder.<br /> His days were increasingly sad and empty, for her, when combing the hair of her son before taking him to school, watched him with great affection of the world, and saw in his face, the image of Roger, the first man in your life! Roger, although married to another woman, never forgot the mother of his son, who also carried on its face, the image of Mary...<br />The End<br />__________________________<br />“I hate divorce,” <br />Says the Lord God of Israel<br />Malachi 2:16<br />* Based on actual events<br /> <br />“You shall not commit adultery.<br />Exodus 20:14<br />___________________________<br />The Author<br />Born in 1979, on top of Mooca in greater Sao Paulo. He lived most of his childhood in Sao Vicente, Sao Paulo coast. In 1986, his parents moved to the city of Suzano, in São Paulo, where they currently reside. It has always been passionate about the arts, music and literature. In 2001 he received the call of Jesus Christ, to preach the gospel. In 2006 he made theology at the National Seminar ITEJ-Brasilia-DF. As a simple Christian poet using the pseudonym "JUNIOR OMNI" - his poems and poetry - and its controversial testimony: "ROCK N 'ROLL - THE MUSIC OF HELL" - are spread around the Internet. <br />TO JESUS CHRIST - ALL HONOR AND ALL GLORY!<br />______________________________________________________________<br />Website:<br /><br /><br /><br />