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Year 8 sow 2012 2013


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Year 8 sow 2012 2013

  1. 1. Year 8 ICT 2012-2013Week No Objectives Detail Assessment Homework1 3/9 E Safety Intro Top 5 E safety Delete unwanted files rules The Vault Email refresh E Safety Intro2 10/7 E Safety Watch Discuss what the video tells us, and what issues it raises Movie maker: Create short movie using discussion and last week’s homework listing top 5 e safety rules3 17/7 E Safety Complete movie, adding transitions and animations. Movie completion Class vote on top 3 movies. / completed These will be uploaded to the vault for the whole review. school to see. Evaluation ***** this was run as a longer project last year. If more lessons are needed, include story board etc. Worksheet resources available.4 24/7 Introduction Watch: Logos: History of the Pepsi logo! Pen and paper Design Guess the logo needed to write Company Name answers and Logo on paper with (you may want to turn sound down pencil
  2. 2. Discuss what makes a famous logo stand out Discussion In pairs on paint draw a famous logo: let partner guess what it is. Research famous logos. Complete worksheet Famous Logos5 1/10 DTP Business Create Logo – on fireworks. Demonstrate fireworks Create Business Card skills. Card Create Business Card consider: Extension put in House Style picture of Colours yourself taken on Create Business card (Use digital camera to add digital camera photo of self)6 8/10 DTP Advertising Create A5 Flyer to advertise New company launch Create Flyer Database; Flyer (new shop, website etc) What fields should go in a customer database?7 15/10 Business Create single table customer database Database Database Consider worksheet Field Types validation Populate – no more than 10 records8 22/10 Business Simple Query Customer Write letter Database Report database inviting
  3. 3. Extension: Forms / More Complex Query available if customers to students absent new shop last week opening. Half Term10 5/11 Word Processing: Create letter head – discuss design and house style Mail merge Show example letters Write Letter11 12/11 Word Processing: Mail merge using last week’s database Mail merge12 19/11 Spreadsheet Spreadsheet including charts to show profit and loss Spreadsheet for your company Profit and Loss Use spreadsheet template. template.13 26/11 Spreadsheets Continued from last week if enough time Spreadsheet Customise spreadsheet, change font, background generic colour, add logo to make it house style. homework task14 3/12 Evaluation Complete Business Docs Evaluation Complete Evaluation Marksheet Complete Student Voice15 10/12 ‘Holiday fun’ Winter animations on Monkey Jam?? / PT to trial ‘Market Place’16 17/12 Christmas17 7/1 Scratch Programming Worksheets Scratch Curriculum Guide: languages Scenes sheet from KS 3 Dance Party resources About me Maze18 14/1 Plan own scratch Scratch Planning sheets project Scratch Sketch Sheets19 21/1 Create own Create own scratch project scratch project20 4/2 Create own Create own scratch project; Project Project
  4. 4. scratch project Extension add another Level, Music Completion Completion21 11/2 Print screen Print screen project project Produce Evaluation of own Review sheet scratch project Student voice Feb Half Term22 25/2 Introduce Concept What is an Ebook? Advantages of Think about of Ebook EBook on Word Ebook story, Class discussion on advantages of EBook bring ideas to Write up findings on Word Understanding of next lesson. Show example Ebook – who is the audience? Peer audience through discussion and feedback Q and A. Think about designing own Ebook – how would you make it appeal to children aged 5-8 years?22 4/3 Planning Ebook Recap last lesson - show example Ebook Task Completion Complete Advanced search Has to be on E Safety for an audience of boys / girls/ Planning Reliability / both aged 5-8 years. worksheet Trustworthiness Discussion: Appropriate internet searching Complete planning my ebook: Reserach23 11/3 Design Complete planning my ebook: Pathways Understand a variety of skills Skills for Ebook Recap / teach Skills: needed Ebook, Hyperlink, Autoshape, text box Pipette colour, text evidence on suitable for audience, removing watermarks, slide Fireworks numbers, autoshapes, Complete planning my ebook: Pathways24 18/3 Create Ebook Create Ebook fill, magic want, text box rotation, send to back, flip / mirror shape, fireworks blood, music clip, back to
  5. 5. start icon.25 25/3 Create Ebook Create Ebook Task completion Complete for Music and Testing Hyperlinks homework Easter26 15/4 Evaluation Complete Evaluation Complete Marksheet Evaluation Student voice27 22/4 Overview Watch: Making of Wallace and Gromit Add to animation section presentation Intro to Google Docs Presentation Create a Google Doc on ‘how to make an animation’ / the history of animation28 29/4 Watch Presentation Animation on Completion computers animation-of-movement-julian-opie/8233.html Watch: History of Pixar Complete presentation Peer review29 6/5 Introduction to Watch some example Alice animations Tutorial Download Alice, Alice Complete Tutorials on Alice Completion complete tutorials if not in class30 13/5 Start to make own Using skills learnt last week, storyboard an Add detail to animation on a animation. Talk through mark grid and level storyboard given theme e.g E information. Safety, Online shopping Once approved by teacher begin to make animation
  6. 6. advantages / disadvantages???31 20/5 Continue and Continue animation. Complete Complete complete Use he / She Builder animation animation animation Add sound Half Term32 3/6 Print screen Print screen animation, put in Word and write about. Complete writeup Complete animation Label sound, annotate code and include timings. 2 writeup final paragraphs stating how the final piece differs from the design and how it could be improved in the future.33 10/6 Self and Peer Self and Peer evaluation using evaluation sheet Complete Complete Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation34 17/635 24/636 1/737 8/738 15/7 Last week of term**2 Weeks needed for Kudos- IAG, put in to Feb, meaning 2 weeks left for overlap, showcasing of work.